Friday, September 14, 2007

FO Friday: New Sleepy Eyes Patterns!!!

I'm SUPER excited to share two new Sleepy Eyes Patterns with you today. The first, is named after one of my closest friends, Laurin aka "La La", whose love of the Karabella "Boise" yarn (and the color purple) inspired me to design these mittens. (Well....also a new shipment of this yarn to Yarn and Fiber Co....he he)

The second pattern was a wonderful opportunity to spin up some of Sereknity's gorgeous hand painted fibers....which was a pleasure to spin as well as to feel. I used the handspun yarn to create a simple, but beautifully elegant scarf pattern...which reminded me very much of the owner/creator of Sereknity, my dear friend Heather.

Below are the new patterns and descriptions. Please feel free to download both (links on right under Sleepy Eyes Patterns) and I would love for you to email me pics of your finished projects. Both are also listed on Ravelry, so I'd love some comments on the patterns there, as well.

La La Mittens

Scrumptious, orgasmic yarn and a simple slip stitch cable pattern make these mittens perfect for a holiday gift for that very special someone. Takes only 1 skein of Karabella "Boise" and size 5 or 6 needles. Luxury and beauty without breaking the bank!

Note: I used size 5 needles because I am a pretty loose knitter, so try both in a gauge swatch and see which size is closer to the gauge. The pattern is written so that it's easily adaptable for dpns, 2Circs and Magic Loop. (I used ML for test knitting these.) The size shown is the smallest size, but comes in a larger size as well. The mitten is easily made longer on the wrist/arm by adding an extra inch or two to the cuff and making another repeat of the slip cable pattern on top of the hand. Very adaptable for any size hand.

Roman Princess Scarf

A perfect scarf pattern for your handspun yarn (or any light bulky yarn you are keeping for something unique/special) and knits up especially well with handspun of a semi-solid colorway. The ribbed/drop stitch/cross pattern is very elegant, but also simple and easy to remember. If you've been dying to try knitting up a project with your handspun or one skein of luxury yarn, this would be it. Looks wonderful for any occasion....I've even made a couple to go with various outfits I have. You deserve to feel like a Princess for a day!

Note: I used Sereknity's hand painted fiber in the "Bonfire" colorway for this pattern. I fell in love with this fiber and the way it transitioned from one subtle color to the next. Also visit her Etsy Shop for more fibers. For the pink scarf, I used a handspun angora/merino, which creates a soft, fuzzy halo the more you wear it. Very quick to knit!

And, finally, I finished spinning up, setting and finishing my handspun that I created from Oceans of Fiber's "Geronimo" wool/mohair blend. Did I tell you how much I enjoyed spinning that fiber? I MUST get more of this in another colorway. It practically spun itself!

What do you think? It came out to be almost 190 yards of 2 ply light worsted. I'm planning on knitting Tim a hat for the winter with it, to match the green mittens I'm making him in November (Month of Mittens!!!). I'm calling this yarn, "The Jolly Green Giant".

And, now, onto my two in-progress spinning projects:

1. Sereknity's "Lilacs in Bloom", 50%lambswool/50% angora fiber. I'm spinning it at a fine wpi....probably between laceweight and fingering. It's softer than clouds and I can't wait to feel the finished yarn when it's done. Sooo lovely.

2. Sereknity's "Smouldering Embers", romney/corridale/merino/leicester lamb/silk blend in such rich, deep colors. This yarn will end up being a bit "tweedy" and since some of the fibers are a bit on the short side, I'm spinning it more of a sportweight single at the moment. I'm in love with the way it's coming out and think that this might make a really gorgeous sock yarn for the winter, once I'm done with it.

After I finish these two, I still have to finish poor Donna's Ashland Bay merino from WEBS and I'm DYING to spin up more Lambie Locks (in aqua and fushia) from Oceans of Fiber. Mmmm.....

Having a bit more trouble with my "tennis elbow" and it gets worse the more I knit. I'm trying desperately to finish up my Sahara and Tim's sock is just about at the toe. I'm frustrated because, after organizing all of my pattern collection, I realized how many fantastic patterns I have and want to knit and.....THERE'S NEVER ENOUGH TIME!!!!

I guess I could stop reading, but....that would be MADNESS! I tell you, MADNESS! Speaking of reading and books, Laurin has finally enabled ME for once and got me to join the new site, Good Reads, which is like Ravelry for bookworms. Not quite as spectacular, but I'm addicted none-the-less and have been going there almost as much as on Ravelry. Eeek! If you're ever on there, add me as a friend- I've love to see what you're reading.....

Okay, well, it's almost time to get ready for work and, if you can believe it, I am REALLY excited about it! Well, of course you can believe it. The Yarn and Fiber Co. is soo great. Remember, if you're ever in the area (Exit 3 off of Rt. 93 in NH), please pop in for knitting and shopping on a Friday night. Would love to see you!

Have a great weekend! G : )


Cayli said...

LOVE the new patterns. I have plenty of those handspun what do I make with this one skein yarn sitting around. I might even try the mittens just because I never have.

Thanks so much for sharing.

Sonya said...

Wow, you have been a busy bee! Both patterns are wonderful.
I will have to add them to my ever growing list of things I must knit.

NH Knitting Mama said...

Nice new patterns! I love the scarf... and youy description of using the yarn that you have been saving for something special is exactly what I needed to hear to convince me! We all have those beautiful skeins that we are saving for the right thing.

Sorry I'll miss seeing you today. Allergies or a cold have invaded my family, so Mom and I won't be going to the dyeing class today. I'm not happy about that!!! But, there is no way I can stand on my feet for 3 hours snorting all over everything. Sigh.

I. M. Knittified said...

Ooh, La La! Love the mittens!