Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dorkus Malorkus

Yes, here I am. An utter dork. Trying not to look devastated. Trying to put on a brave face.

I knew that I needed new glasses. I knew that I picked out my own frames. I knew that I liked the blue Vera Bradley style frames. I knew that my vision was pretty bad. I thought that if I knew all these things that I would be LESS shocked when I tried them on.

HOLY SH*T...they are like mini magnifying glasses on my eyes. I'm serious. (Lora, you know what I mean, right?) It's like I grabbed baby sized microscopes from Ben's toy collection and glued them into fancy ass frames. (whoops)

Ian will put them up to his eyes and say, "I can see through TIME! Cool!" and then, after a minute of trying to look into them and looking confused...then slightly pained, "Damn, how do you see through these things?"

To distract you from my hideousness (I do have contact lenses to wear during the day....thank god!), I will show you a couple things I am working on.


Here is my Sahara in it's upper chest stage...up to the armpits....well, 2 inches below the armpits going down to the middle of the chest. I'm lurving this yarn (Tilli Thomas Pure and Simple) and could knit with it forever. The colorway, Ruby Wine, is sooo luscious and it's a semisolid colorway....creating a very nice varigation throughout the tank. mmmmmmm.......

So far, the instructions have been clear and easy to understand. I'm about done with 3 out of the 4 sides of the booklet (very nicely made....hard cardstock and full color) and looking forward to adding that lovely Disco Lights (silk with sequins) trim. Double mmmmmmm.......


I'm creating a new lace pattern and this is the Sleepy Eyes Hand Dyed Yarn that I'll be using for it. Laceweight merino, 2 ply....super nice yarn. I dyed another skein (880 yards) for Melissa in a very similar colorway....hers is more lilac and less blue.

I have another skein of this same colorway (the one pictured above) to sell once I get my lazy butt going and post it in my store. If you like it, please email me before I post's $20 with free shipping and, once the pattern is done, the pattern will be sent to you free of charge as well.

I'm calling it "Tanzanite", after the gemstone used in one of my favorite gifts from Ian, a tanzanite, teardrop pendant. I think it was a gift for our 10th wedding anniversary. (Can you believe we just had our 14th anniversary last month???? Whoa.)


I went scrapbooking with my long time friend, Tammy, on Monday night. We went to the fantastic store, Scrapbook Island and made Birthday Books.

This is my birthday book...

It's got 12 heavy, cardstock pages with a vertical calendar of each month, leaving the facing pages for pics of the birthday guy or gal. It's so cute. We had a lot of fun making it and it was inexpensive, too. Once I grab my book back from Donna (I threw my book in her knitting bag last night to "keep it safe" and forgot to get it from her when she left. Well, at least it's safe, right?

I'd show more pics, know...Donna's got it. LOL!

Okay, so I'm looking for reassurances about my dorkishness vs. contact lensed self and feedback on the tank and yarn. Who's first?


Jackie said...

I'll be first; you look adorable! I love glasses on you.

That Saraha tank is so freaking gorgeous. I love the scrapbook too!

Gigi said...

Me! Me! I'm first! You look great in your glasses. Good choice. (As one who just picked out new ones, I know from which I speak! LOL)

The tank is looking awesome. I'm looking forward to seeing the sparklies. =-D

BTW Blue yarn...yummy!

Cayli said...

The glasses are cute. Ireally like them on you!

The Sahara is beautiful and that yarn is just what I was expecting...GORGEOUS!

That lace yarn is beautiful...but I must resist.

LMardenNH said...

hey - chill. They make you look brainy. Brainy and busty. It's not fair.


yarnophiliac said...

I LOVE the glasses -- I think they look fantastic on you. In fact, I say ditch the contacts.
Can't wait to see the design you come up with for the lace!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I'm with Heather - ditch the contacts and stick with the glasses - they're awesome!

kkg said...

the glasses look fantastic! as a fellow spec wearer, I've noticed that the "brainy" look is back in style!

The Sahara is looking beautiful, as is the lace yarn! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

Lora said...

Gina, the glasses look great!! I know what you mean's just odd seeing them on your face and I know myself that I feel better "looking" with my contacts in, rather than my glasses.
And please people...don't tell me I look intelligent with my glasses on...I can only assume you think I look like a dingle dork with out them LOL I like the glasses Gina...but know the feeling, don't ditch the contacts yet. ;) (Sorry Heather, I feel her pain! tee hee)
All those distractions should help though!! Man that yarn is soft that you're using for the Sahara.
The birthday book is toooooooo cute!! Loved it! I used to be into book making sometime favorite binding is coptic stitch.

Sonya said...

My son Alex can start things smoldering with his glasses.

I've thought about getting contacts but think they are a big pain in my ass.

Sonya said...

Hey Gina


Blogless Amanda said...

I'm so jealous. I wish I needed glasses. You've got that sexy librarian thing going on. I know that doesn't sound hot, but it totally is. Please educate me Mistress Gina. They're perfect. I think they need a knitted case.

Nichole said...

As a fellow contact lense wearer who only wears her glasses at home for the most part, I understand how you feel... but I honestly have to say they look GREAT on you - you picked out THE perfect frames for your face!

Margaret said...

I think the glasses look great! As a mostly-blind person without glasses too (as in - can't see the clock next to the bed -- my side of the bed), I think we notice the thickness more than anyone looking at us. And the frames are sassy.

And the Sahara is going to be beautiful! What a color and pattern!

HollyEQQ said...

Hey - what a cutie dorkus you are!
And that sign for Sereknity... perfection.
You are so sweet.
On that note, bust out your spinning wheel baby and blow off the dust - you gots bamboo (and more) on the way.

KSee said...

You look perfectly knitterly. Great choice on the frames. Glasses are now back in fashion.

knit chick said...

I think the glasses are cool. They look very chic on you. Keep 'em.