Sunday, August 05, 2007

Burnt Out

The last few weeks have been much more than I have been able to handle. I've continued having daily migraines and/or regular headaches and, despite the awesome power of Sarah's massages (oh, man, she has magic in her fingers!), I'm still pretty tense. Sadly, even my daily yoga is not doing as much as I hope it would.

I feel like I'm behind on life. If only I could press a button and stop time for a few days. Or weeks.... Then, I'd be able to catch up on all the things I should be doing and finishing. Anyone else ever felt like that?

I've given up trying to get the podcast out until next month. This month has just too many things I need to accomplish and, though the podcast is pretty much done, it's no good if I don't record it and publish it to the web. I think if I give myself permission to delay the podcast until all my major August events are over, I will do a better job and have MUCH less stress.

I have made SOME PROGRESS on a couple of things:

- My mom's lace shawl is down to the short end (only 9 repeats) and I'll be working on that tonight until late-very late. I don't want to say that I hope to finish it because that will only cause me NOT to finish it. (Believe me...I know how statements like that always work against me...sigh.)

-Tim's first sock (using the KP Felici in Clay) is 3/4 done and I'm using this to bring around with me for some simple, mindless knitting...though I must say that I probably should have kept MORE of my mind on it because I knit the sock with 1 1/2 heel flaps....don't ask me how....just accept it and we'll pretend it was intentional...k?

I have made NO PROGRESS on a couple of things:

-Ben's sweater is still unfinished, though I have both arms finished and attatched to the body and will start on the final yoke-ing stage after the shawl is done.

-All of my other UFOs are still waiting patiently for me in their respective knitting bags or spinning baskets. (Thank god yarn and fiber can't mouth off!!!)

In other news, it was Ben's 1st day of Preschool last Monday and he actually did really well. I, on the other hand, cried all the way home that day and felt horrible without him. When I picked him up, he said, "Mommy, I cried for you!" and I crumbled all over again. It was horrible. This could be another reason for my feelings of stress....

But, here is he all dressed up and ready for school. Isn't he a cutie?

He picked this backpack out all by himself.

And here he is after school (Tim is in the background) looking pretty grumpy.

He's been doing so well potty training and I feel like he's growing up so quickly all at once. My baby boy!!!!

On Wednesday night, we celebrated both Sarah (The Fantastic Massage Therapist) and Lora's birthdays after knitting. It was a truly fun evening with lots of laughs, gifts and yummy cake....mmmmmm.....

Sonya, Lora's friend from her Kentucky knitting group sent her the most wonderful birthday gift. (It was actually a surprise and she mailed it to me and I brought it along to the group here on bday night.) She used my Radiance Lace Headband pattern (The "Amanda", named after Blogless Amanda) to create a large scarf/mini shawl out of it! I believe that she used a bulky or heavy worsted weight (extra soft) yarn and size 11 needles. We were all totally impressed and loved it so much that Lora didn't get to wear it at all that was passed from Jackie to Mike to me to Heather and more. So lovely and warm!

Here is the birthday girl, Lora, wearing the Amanda Shawl:

And sexy Heather showing off the shawl AND her busty assests:

The pic that I wanted to show of Sarah came out so dark (as well as most of the other ones) that I'll just have to wait and take another one of her using her new drop spindle/fiber and becoming a newbie spinner! Bring it to Wed, Sarah!!

Happy Birthday to both Lora and Sarah!

A bit of sharing ahead....proceed with caution or turn back quickly!

[Before I go, I'll share a little TMI with you....since you've probably been waiting for some for, like, a week or more, right?? LOL! Last night was the first time Ian and I went skinny dipping in our pool! Jackie had mentioned it a few times but I didn't think I'd REALLY ever do it. Ian dragged me in last night and it was actually fun...for the little time we spent in it....I think it was a bit TOO exciting for both of us and we quickly got out to "dry"....if you know what I mean.....Oh, seeing Ian dive off the diving board in his "birthday suit" (let me just say it....buck *ss naked) was thrilling!]

Okay....Must go and get reaquainted with all the blogs that I missed the past week......happy knitting!


Nichole said...

Sounds like you've found a means to get rid of those headaches... lol! :)
Seriously though - hope you feel better... no stressing!

yarnophiliac said...

Well, never thought skinny dipping would be a cure for migraines, but it sure seemed you handled THAT well enough! lol
You certainly seemed a bit not-yourself on Saturday -- I was worried about you. Perhaps as you and Ben settle into a new routine things will get better. I sure hope so. LOVE YOU!

Anonymous said...

I love it when you share TMI :) You are so funny!

I hope they headaches get better soon; what do the doctors have to say about it? I used to take preventitive meds for migraines. Have you asked about that?

You are definitely making the right decision to let some things wait, like the podcast. We'll all live for another month without we certainly don't want you stressing over it.

Lora said...

For having such headaches you must have felt awesome for this post!! It is a great one.
I totally enjoyed the party you all threw for Sarah and I. You all are good friends!! Thank you!
OOOO Skinny dippin'. You sassy gal you!!!

Sonya said...

I will be sending my youngest off to kindergarten on Thursday. He is worried about ME being lonely.
I will tho, I have never been without them for more than a few days.
You and the family come first.
We will happily wait for "our" Sleepy Eyes Pod cast.

Jackie said...

Don't stress about the knitting, that will all get done. I think you need two things; 1. nightly massages, and 2. nightly s-dipping. Ian and Sarah will have to take care of you.

KimT said...

ben is super cute and love the shawl!

Amy Boogie said...

I hear skinny dipping helps alleviate headaches :) I hope if that doesn't work that you find something that does.

It's so hard when your babies grow up. He look so old :)

Gigi said...

Wow, first day of preschool. He looked so cute! I hope your headaches abate soon. Maybe more s-dipping will cure them!

Cayli said...

I sure hope those headaches get better. There is nothing worse.

It sure is hard when they grow up. But he sure looked cute with his backpack.

Glad you found something to make you forget about the headache for a while! ;)

Susan said...

Have you tried feverfew for your migraines? It's an herb that you can get in capsule form at most stores. You've got to keep it in your system if you've got lots of migraines, but I'm here to tell you that it really works. Before my hysterectomy (which also helped my migraines) I had horrible cluster migraines. Feverfew was the only thing that helped and even prevented them.
It's worth a try!