Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bags and Rags

Well, maybe not quite bag(s) with an "s". More like BAG...check out this hot mama of a bag!

I bought this new knitting bag from Knit Picks called the Total Tote and it is WONDERFUL! It's even better than the picture.

The outside is very soft, suede-like microfiber (mine is in the Chocolate colorway) and the inside has such great, fun print material. This picture shows one of the three pockets (this is the smallest in the front) that holds your dpns, straights and circulars. The circulars fit perfectly in the zipper, mesh pouch.

This pocket has the biggest space and features four inside smaller pockets....two mesh and two with elasticized tops.

The last pocket is medium sized and has a terrfic, vinyl accessories bag that snaps out so you can use it easily when needed. The opposite side has a stretchy elastic with places to hold yarn or other chunkier-than-needles things.

I LOVE IT!!! (I'm kissing it right now)

Oh, I forgot to mention that the middle is separated by a hard divider (one side has the elastic and the other has the 2 mesh pockets) that you can take out of the bag completely, making the center HUGE and room for more than a sweater's worth of yarn. AND it has feet at the bottom, so you can easily put it on the floor without worrying about it getting ruined.

Right now, I have all my knitting bag stuff (5 circ needles, 2 crochet hooks, tape measure, row counter, tapestry needle, scissors, etc), my address book, my Monster make up bag, my knitting notebook, my current sock project (see below), my current "rag" project (see below), a ball of yarn, 4 baby socks and THIS PROJECT in the bag as well:

I have been SUCH a good girl the past week. I have lots of FOs to show you! (Didn't have time to do it on Friday....whoops!)

First, my RAGS!!

(all knit in Lily's Sugar N Cream cotton with size 7/8 needle)

-Garterlac Dishcloth by Criminy Jickets....very awesome pattern:

-Knitability's No Holes Dishcloth:

-Maggie's Rags Chinese Waves Dishcloth...still in progress:

-Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth...done last week:

(see last post for the link to the Grandma's Favorite "rag" I made)

I'd like to have 7 total, so I can have a different one for each day of the week for the kitchen...I know...kinda lame, but there it is.


-Yarn: 1 ball of Rowan Big Wool, 87 yards (though I had yarn left over) Colorway 24 (wine)
-Needle: Size 15 24" circ/dpns
-Pattern: Knit Simple Fall 2007, page 77 and cover
-Size: 22" Large (it's too big for me and I have a 21" head....there is the small size for a 19" head, too)

It's totally comfy and soft, so I might make another one, too. I love the earflaps and crochet ties, though the tassel didn't impress me too much.

Third, sock one of TIM'S SOCKS!!

-Yarn: 2 balls of Knit Picks Felici, colorway Clay
-Needle: Size 1, 2 24" circs
-Pattern: My Own
-Size: 10" long foot, 5" tall leg/cuff

This yarn is really one of my favorite sock yarns....not only is the superwash merino really soft, but I love the way it knits up so evenly. Only things I haven't liked about this yarn: it's tendency to knot/tangle easily and the white/undyed spots in the color.

And, finally, my favorite of all my FO's so far....


[These pictures are of sample socks that you knit as you read along with the book to get used to the new "pathways" of knitting socks on a smaller level. Super fun! Top: Little Skye Sock and Bottom: Little Coriolis]

Skye Sock:

-Knit cuff down
-No traditional heel flap or gusset
-Pyramid shape along instep
-Star Toe

Coriolis Sock:

-Knit toe up
-No traditional gusset
-Beautiful spiral pattern travels from top, side of toe across instep to the other side of the leg
-Whirlpool Toe

The fantastically genius Cat Bordhi (I have all her books...and I love them) has published a new book on socks with 8 completely new "pathways" of knitting socks...different from what you've ever seen before. Not only different, but beautiful, unique and fun to knit. This book, "New Pathways for Sock Knitters: Book One" is more than just a sock pattern book, it's like a workboook. I was drooling ove every single page.

The fact that she uses popular and wonderful sock yarn (including Socks that Rock, Trekking, Cascade Fixation and Mountain Colors, just to list a few) makes the book even better. I love seeing how the colorways I've always admired knitted up in a new way. I found myself tempted to grab the computer and start buying sock yarn then and there...especially STR. But, I restrained myself. At least for now.

So far, in the 6 years I've been knitting and the 5 years I've been knitting socks, this is the BEST sock book I've come across. The patterns are so inspiring and Cat continuously gives tips throughout the book (shown next to acorns) about knitting socks....things that I'd heard of, but never tried or tips that I've always known, but which are invaluable to a sock knitter.

There is a section in the back just for finding out the Master Number for yourself and others you knit socks for so that, once you know those numbers, knitted up the sock patterns are a breeze. The way that Cat organizes the book is very user friendly and I found the indexes of the sock patterns and tips/techniques to be extremely helpful. The print and style of the book is simple and easy to read...not a lot of squinting involved at all. LOL!

So now that you know how much I love this book...please go and buy it. One of the best features of it is you can use any method to knit them....she gives directions for not only 2 Circs, but dpns AND Magic Loop. Can it get any better than that???

So...have I been productive or WHAT??? LOL!


Nichole said...

Look at all those yummy finished objects! I was going to do that hat myself but couldn't decide if I'd look like a major dork with ear flaps AND a tassel... lol. The sock book sounds great! And the bag... very cool. Now what is that very pretty pick shiny yarn for??

Sonya said...

Wow, yes you have been very productive. I have heard lots of great things about the new CB book.

Cayli said...

Wow! Lots of finished stuff. I can not wait to see Sahara under way, that sweater is so beautiful and the color you chose is yummy.

Love the new bag!

I have heard nothing but great things about this book. Too bad I just can not get into socks.

Gigi said...

Holey crap! Have you slept AT ALL? lol Everything is just beautiful. The yarn with the spangles is yummy. =-D

kkg said...

yay for FOs!! I can't wait to see the Sahara when it gets underway...I love the color your chose!

Anonymous said...

You certainly have been busy! Great FO's!

You convinced me; I MUST have that book!

Jackie said...

You rock! I love the bag. I can't wait to see your sahara - the color is soooo you.

The washcloths are so fun and addictive, aren't they? I've only done two so far, but now that I have the Lily striping (whee) I am going to start some bibs!

Michelle said...

Wow you've been busy! I love that bag! YOur pictures are better than the ones of the knitpicks website! I also love the color you chose for Sahara!

yarnophiliac said...

wow -- that's a lotta bloggin' I'm gonna have to check out that book. I love that you take the time to actually TRY all these learning projects they put in the books -- it inspires me to get off my butt and do the same, instead of simply reading them and saying "huh...neat." Prob. won't see you this week, unless you go to spinning. :( OH! I met a listener this weekend, btw!

Nichole said...

You've been tagged as a Rockin' Girl Blogger - see my post today! :)

NH Knitting Mama said...

Great post! You have some great FO's here... I have FO envy!

That bag looks awesome...

KSee said...

Oh, just love EVERYTHING! I'm into bags. Tim's socks are great. You & I are both in the mutual admiration society on this yarn. Cat's book in on my list to buy. I've heard nothing but good things about it. I like that she has included two circs and ML that I will try again.

knit chick said...

Thanks for the review of the tote. I've been trying to decide if it was worth it.