Saturday, July 21, 2007

Too Eager

This is Ben when he is looking very eager. Eager to play, eager to eat "chips with green sprinkles" (Sour Cream and Onion), and eager to do new things.

With me, I am usually very eager over one thing. ( other thing as well...TMI, right?...LOL!)

Yes, you guessed it.

Buying Yarn

Before entering into the TKGA Knit and Crochet Show last Saturday, I said to Laurin, "Please don't let me buy a lot of yarn. I don't need it." After snorting loudly, she says in a tone I know only too well, "Ha!"

And, you know what happened?

Yes, you guessed right again. (You know me SO well!)

I bought more yarn than I meant to...or at least price wise. (Ian, don't read any further)

As soon as I found this Judith (I think) yarn, Reflections, at the first booth, I bought it. Oh, is it sparkly and gorgeous!

Then, I saw some hand knitted holiday stockings and just HAD to get the patterns for them. They are very unique and fun....

Then, I went to the Yarn and Fiber Co. booth and saw this shawl:

I just HAD to get it...the pattern is from the new book by Cheryl Potter of Cherry Tree Hill yarns, "Special Knits Using Only One Skein"...or something close to that. Isn't it beautiful???

Here is a closeup of the figure 8 design in it:

And, of course, I needed the laceweight yarn to go with it...

At the same booth, I got some of Heather's new hand carded batts: Coral Reef and Smouldering can see them in her shop HERE. They're not only super soft, but the colors are LUSCIOUS!

(Heather also surprised me with this fantastic sock bag, too. I am in LOVE with it! I wish I hadn't already finished Ben's socks. Will just have to knit more, I guess!)

The other fiber I got (I cannot remember at all what the company was...I WILL find it...somewhere...) is, I believe, a super sparkly (golden) mohair/wool blend roving in the colorway "Autumn Leaves with Glitz". You can't tell how sparkly and lush the colors are from this photo, though. It's so nice.

Hmmm...what else did I get? Oh, a pattern (and yarn) to make the kids a soft as hell Teddy Bear.

It was a great day (despite my headache) and we all got to sit in the vendor area "cafe" to have lunch. They had nice, big tables and our group all fit at one. Some other shoppers sat there with us as well. I think it was Heather who asked the woman (sitting two seats down from me) what she was here for and she said, "Oh, I'm signing books for the Elegant Ewe." (That's a LYS around here.) And we said, "Which one???" She says, "I wrote, 'Never Knit Your Man a Sweater'." and we almost fell over. ( I MAY have squealed.)

We were so excited to be eating lunch with Judith Durant!!! She was sweet and friendly as can be. I'll just have to find a sweater Ian likes from her book so I can knit it up! That book is GREAT! (please go buy it and support Judith!)

After lunch and much laughter, Jackie, Laurin and I were knitting at the table. Jackie and I happened to see (aka drool over, stare at and envy) a woman from the Dream Weavers Yarns table wearing the sweater we've both wanted to make.

It's the Sahara by the very, very talented Wendy Bernard. I always knew it was the most beautiful and flattering sweater pattern I'd seen, but it was even BETTER in person. Oh, I was weak. Very, very weak.

I ended up buying the pattern and the yarn...actually only 4 skeins of yarn total....3 of Pure and Simple and 1 of the Disco Lights in Ruby Wine. 100% silk. YUMMY! LOOK....

Actually, that was a huge mistake. Not because the pattern isn't fabulous...or the yarn...but for the fact that I am a.....


(This is not in ANY WAY belittling the people who have the very real condition of bulemia nervosa.)

The wise and witty Ericka came up with this phrase the other night and we couldn't stop laughing because it totally fits me to a T.

I get so super, overly excited about some yarn, I buy it impulsively and then have buyer's remorse the next day. I do love, love the Sahara...but, although I've never knit myself a sweater or tank top or anything, I did overspend on this. Yikes.

So, the Manchvegas Knitters came to the rescue. I sent out a "Yarn Distress Signal" and they came running. I brought some of my most luxury stash yarns to knitting group and sold them all to my friends so I could go back and put the money back for the Sahara "kit" I bought. All even and much, much less guilt. Whew!

Speaking of knitted luxury items....while we were at the show, Jackie almost bought the Mermaid Jacket kit. Look at how beautiful she looks!

The most fabulous Donna (our overseas yarn connection) told Jackie that she could find that kit for $100 less overseas and Jackie was thrilled. Woo-hoo for Donna! And Jackie!

Last, I have to show you this photo of our "Crochet Master" of the group, GiGi. She is holding a kit called, "Knitting with Gigi" and I knew I couldn't leave without taking her pic holding it.

Am I caught up now??

Not sure.

(I'm almost done with Ben's sweater, but have done nothing on my lace trim. I have to get motivated, dammit!)

Hope you're having a good weekend!


Anonymous said...

I was all excited when you said you bought the Pure and Simple silk; that's the yarn I'm using for my Simple Knitted Bodice and it is THE SOFTEST YARN to work with. I totally understand your buyers remorse about it though. The only reason I have no remorse is that I used "money" from teaching for it. I have Patti pay me in store credit so that I can make extravagant purchases every once in a while and not feel the least bit guilty :)

Nichole said...

You got some nice stuff. It was a fun day!
When we found you guys at lunch time, it didn't appear there was room for anymore of the group and no one invited us to sit, so we ended up going up front... thought we had the "cheap seats" til we spotted the rockstar herself, Lily Chin!

Gigi said...

Oooooo, despite the "yarn belimia", I think the yarn you purchased for the sweater is just GORGEOUS. You will look amazing!

Fun pics, thanks for sharing. =-D

kkg said...

That figure 8 design is super cool! I have one skein of Pure and Simple in my stash that I pet every once in a's so gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing your finished Sahara--that is a gorgeous top!

Sonya said...

Ok, I am a little dizzy.
You did get some incredible things!

Cayli said...

Nice stuff, but I know what you mean about feeling guilty afterwards. That sweater is going to be gorgeous and I love the batts from Heather.

LMardenNH said...

Well, I will take the teeny-est bit of blame here - I was too busy blowing my own money to keep a close eye on you. A junkie should never be put in charge of someone trying to go cold turkey. Just doesn't work.

Sonya said...

How could anyone resist such temptation!!!!!

Jackie said...

I love that picture of Ben. Oh my goodness that top is going to be GORGEOUS on you!!!

Amy Boogie said...

Holy cow. What a haul. You must have a fantastic stash! And that shawl. I want it want it want it.