Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I Rock, U Rock, We all...Rock!

Right after I blogged, I went to check out my favorite blogs...and, in my travels, I read THIS. The fabulous and ever-so-prolific Julie Noolie has given me (and four others) the Rockin Girl Blogger award. Well, what else can I do?? I have to award some of these babies myself!!!

And, although I love all my favorite blogs (see right), there are 6 that I just COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT. Luckily, Julie has already received the award (for she is definitely one of my ultimate favorites that I check every day), so I can pick 5 instead of 4 more.

Drum roll please!!!! (These are the gals that are in my bookmark BAR, not just bookmarks!)

I hereby award this button to:

1. Jackie for her classy & beautiful pictures and style of writing...plus she is so inspiring to me.

2. Cayli for such luscious handspun, fantastic pics and also her lacy (and spinning) inspiration.

3. Amy for always creating something utterly unique and wonderful...her yummy recipes and gorgeous yarn and fiber.

4. Ericka for her dry, laugh-your-ass-off humor and always finding something interesting to knit and blog about.

5. Kimberly for always blogging with grace, style and beauty. Every single finished knitted (or crocheted) object is a work of art.



Amy Boogie said...

xox You rock ladeee!
I can't wait to start knitting my Tulip sweater. My new niece is going to love it!

Cayli said...

Rockin', me? Wow thanks so much.

Kimberly said...

How much do I love thee?? Thank you!
How in the world did I miss this? Blame it on a lack of brain power.