Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I smell like lace.

Hmm...not a bad thing, I suppose.

This morning, Ben comes up to me while I'm knitting the lace border on my mom's shawl and says, "Ooh, nice, Mommy!" And I say, "Thank you, Benji!". Then, I said, "Feel this yarn..." and I bring his hand to the lace and show him how to nicely (and carefully) feel the chinese lambswool. "Ooooh!", he says. All of a sudden, he leans down and says, "Lemme schmell it." And, he leans over, smells the lace and says, "Mommy! It's smells like you!"

LOL! It was hilarious! He's been pretty funny lately.....yesterday, as we were in the car on the way to the library, he asked me to play a song by FreezePop on my iPod. (It's got a great beat) I don't know most of the words, but Ben was yelling from the backseat...

"Mom-my! Sing like a dancer!!!!"

I'm not sure what that means, but I was laughing so hard, I almost had to pull over on the side of the road. I love 4 year olds!

Okay, enough Ben-talk.

I am happy to say that I've accomplished one thing this week.

I got a request from my pedicurist/eyebrow-wax-inator (does it have a name?) to dye up some yarn for her new baby. Well, not for the baby per se, but for her mom who is going to use this yarn to crochet the baby-to-be a nice blanket. She found a yarn on Etsy that she really liked and asked me to try and make it similar to this yarn. The original yarn was called, "Austin Peacock", but mine is a bit different and I've called it "Princess Peacock".

Wanna see?


100% Superwash Merino Wool
Worsted Weight
220 yards
Dyed using Jacquard Acid Dyes
Colors: Chartreuse, Deep Blue, Teal and Turquoise

This extra skein is actually for sale in my Sleepy Eyes Etsy Shop, as well as this yarn:


50% Superwash Merino/50% Tussah Silk
Heavy Fingering/Light Sportweight
440 yards
Colorway: Baby Monster
Colors: Chartruese, lime green, spring green and a bit of creamy lemon
Dyed using Jacquard Acid Dyes

I had made 5 skeins of the "Princess Peacock" (see below for the skeins all wound), but this one was left over, so if anyone is interested, please go buy it now! There's only one left!

Here is all the yarn packed and ready to send off to Melissa's mother:

Speaking of yarn, guess what came in the mail yesterday???

Oh, yes....the amazingly gorgeous "Ravelry" yarn created by the one and only, Amy Boogie of Spunky Eclectic. Isn't it fantastic??? I love the colors - JUST LIKE RAVELRY!

And, one more thing.....

I've been working frantically on the knitted lace border of my Lace Shawl every day. I am happy to say that I'm halfway done with the second long side and only have that half and the short side before it's done.

Only 350 more rows (29 repeats) to go! (Hmmm...that doesn't sound very good, does it?)

And, since it takes me 1 hour to do 8 repeats (12 rows per repeat, all rows different), that means.....less than 4 hours to go.

I'm hoping to get all the border done by Friday night and be able to block it this weekend. Anyone have any tips on using the lace blockers? I've blocked lace before, but with pins, not wires.

Can't wait for knitting tonight...have I told you that I LOVE my knitting group??


Does anyone out there in Blogland have an extra skein of Rowan Big Wool or 2 skeins of the Duotones alpaca yarn that they would trade with me?? I could dye up some sock yarn or trade from my stash...I've still got some good stuff left. LOL!

Just email me if you do. Thanks!

Have a Wickedly Weird Wednesday!!!


Nichole said...

LOL - I love the you "schmell" like lace. Too funny.
The Princess Peacock is gorgeous.
I think I have some Rowan big print that I bought for a scarf from Yarn & Fiber, but would have to go stash diving... it was grey and something I think???
Mom-Sue uses the lace blocking wires and absolutely loves them.

Anneliese said...

Hi, I have one ball of light blue Rowan Big Wool in my stash, and would be willing to trade.

Anonymous said...

I've been meaning to order some of the Ravelry yarn; thanks for the reminder.

Four year olds are great! It's amazing how their little brains work.

4 hours of knitting left on your shawl? That's great!

yarnophiliac said...

hey cutie! great work on the yarn! the colors are gorgeous! See you tonight!

Cayli said...

Love the dyed yarn! Those are my favorite colors.
I use wires for blocking lace and it really is super easy. Thread the wires through the edges, pull and pin. If the edging is scalloped you thread the wires through the points and pin. Since it is a rectangle the wires should make it a lot easier to get straight plus if you don't like how it looks when you get it pinned down there are A LOT fewer pins to take out to adjust it.
Can't wait to see it.

Jackie said...

LMOA at sing like a dancer! What a cutie-pie! OMG all the yarn is gorgeous.

The person who waxes you is an aesthetician.

deirdre said...

I have a Rowan chunky Print.......or I could look at Webs to see what I can find. I am there once a week anyway.

I miss the podcast!

Amy Boogie said...

I love kidisms. I'll be so sad the day my girl learns to talk for reals :)