Friday, June 01, 2007

Lace'm Up, Cowboy!

Okay, so that's not REALLY a well-known expression, but who cares! I've got lace updates!!

So, you see above how it's the moment, I am 2 repeats short of the halfway mark. I can't believe I've made this far!!! (remind me to put in a lifeline, PLEASE!.

Details...if I forgot to add them last time.

Yarn- Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb (used doubled)
Needle Size-US 7, 32" circular needle from Knit Picks.
Pattern-Large Rectangle with Center Diamonds from Victorian Lace Today.

This is marked as an EASY lace 10 row pattern and it is. Very quick to memorize and every other row is just purling. It seems easy, but looks much fancier than I thought it would. I wouldn't take it to knitting group, but it's easy to work on if you have some time to yourself. It takes me 30 minutes to knit the 10 rows and I knit fast...just an idea of the time it takes, if you were wondering.

Here is the project 1/4 finished:

And then also spread do people block only partial lace for pictures? I tried to do it, but it never worked. Hints?

I'm very happy so far and I'm even thinking of trying to make another lace stole after this is done. This year has been a lot of lace knitting for me! (socks, 2 headbands, tablerunner, this stole and something-that-shall-not-be-named.) May I dare and go so far as to design my own lace stole??? Not sure yet.....we'll have to wait and see....

As for the Headband Contest, which ended last night, I have some good news....everyone who sent me pics of themselves in their headband will receive gifts!!! I will be sending these gifts to you this coming congratulations!!!!

I want to thank wholeheartedly everyone who bought the pattern and completed it during the contest time. Also for anyone who tried to knit it and get it done in time. I can only hope that you enjoyed knitting the headbands and will continue to wear them. I bet they look great on you! Please keep sending me pictures for the gallery, too.

Special thanks to:


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend....I know I will....going to Spunky Eclectic's new shop tomorrow!!! Woo-hoo!!! Amy, here we come.......!


Daisy said...

Thanks so much Gina! The headband was a really great project and I've been wearing it often. That lace pattern looks beautiful. I definately have Victorian Lace Today on my to-buy list.

Sonya said...

I won! I won! I want to thank the academy.. no..sorry..wrong one.

Thanks Gina!
Oh by the way I have CO for my Amanda scarf. Triple CO was too wide, so I just doubled it.

Gigi said...

Oooooo, the lace is looking wonderful. I cannot wait to see it in person again! At this rate you will be done in no time.

Amanda1 said...

Your lace is coming out beautiful!

Someone at ManchVegas night had suggested hanging lace patterns in front of a window so it "backlights" the piece. May be hard to see color that way, but you can see the pattern.

Thank you for the card, I really appreciate it!

Jackie said...

Yay for lace! That wrap is so gorgeous in person and soft! If you design a lace stole I would HAVE to knit it! I love all your patterns. The headband is such a pleasure to knit. I'm going to be doing the Amanda soon.

Have a great time at Spunky's!

Nichole said...

Your lace is coming along great!

Patty said...

Hi Gina. I'm a huge fan of your podcast and your blog. In fact, of the many knitting podcasts that I listen to, yours is my favorite by far. But, I haven't been getting any updates through Itunes and haven't heard your voice in some time. Am I doing something wrong? I think it's been a couple months. I'm not very tech savvy, so maybe it's something simple. Anyhoo... miss hearing you! :O(

Cayli said...

Love the lace. Great idea to double up that thread you were using.