Monday, June 11, 2007

Knitting in Ourselves.

Despite the off and on pouring rain on Saturday morning, my knitting group (The ManchVegas Knitters), still tried to knit out in public for "Knitting in Public Day". A different park was picked (one with a gazebo) and it was damp and chilly, but still knit-able. At least we weren't getting rained on...and Marion's daughter brought a big container of Dunkin Donuts hot chocolate and muchkins to share, so it took all the unhappiness away....LOL! I wore something completely unsuitable (capri pants and a short sleeve tshirt) that day...not really thinking that the temperature of the gazebo would be MUCH cooler than the temperature in my house...duh.

But, Chris and the fantastic Melissa came to my rescue. Chris lent me his Zelda sweatshirt and one handknit sock that he'd just finished and Melissa gave me one of her handknit socks (using one of the Knit Picks faux fair isle sock patterns). I was very warm and cozy after that. Thanks, you guys! Look at my cozy toes!

Wonderful Jackie took her adorable, cute-as-a-button little one with us and she was SO GOOD! She watched us knit, sat on our laps and played with Lora's little boy...they ran around with Chris for a while, too. Very cute watching them.

I was not only able to work on my Angel Sweater and get quite a few rows done, but also showed a fellow knitter/spinner how to do the navajo ply on her wheel. It's something you just have to see and, since someone was nice enough to show me, I wanted to do the same. I thought of bringing my own wheel that day, but it was just so damp...I thought I'd probably get lots of fiber well as my wheel. Next time, though.

Didn't her handspun come out GREAT? She's used Sereknity's "Clownin' Around" fiber. Extremely soft, bright and easy to spin.

Here's what the Angel sweater looks like right now:

Isn't it sweet?? Fabulous Jackie made one last year for her little one and I was dying to make one..but didn't have anyone to knit it for. Now that our friends' baby is a year old, I said to myself, "Now I can make an Angel Sweater!". I'm using the luxurious, super soft Knit Picks Elegance in Wild Rose. I am LOVING this yarn! I may even use this yarn to make myself a sweater sometime.....

Let me show you some pics of the group in our "wet house":

Chris, Ericka, someone with her back to me (Who is this? Someone email me. Is that you, Marion?), GiGi and Jackie

The lovely GiGi, Caroline and Lora

Jackie holding up her Sereknity "Rock Lobster" yarn and Melissa taking her pic

Not one person came to see us knit in the park, but who can blame them? If I wasn't a knitter and my group wasn't meeting together, I don't think I would've been going out in the pouring rain either. I usually try to avoid situations where my lovely knitting projects might get soaked. We had lots of fun by ourselves, though, and it was worth going. As for promoting knitting and's not like we don't knit and public every single Wed night at Barnes and Noble...AND that's how we got a lot of our members! (see "Not-So-Newbie" Mike if you don't believe me)

And, as I am a proud mom.....I have to brag a bit. Tim took the IOWA tests in school about a month ago and got the tests back...and guess what????

He scored higher (in all 5 subects) than 83% of ALL the 8th graders in the country!!!!

Great job, my big guy! I am SOOOO proud of you. BIG HUG

Today, I'm a bit exhausted. I've got both kiddies to myself for the next 3 days. Ian is out working on a NASA satellite thingamabob for work in New Mexico. And, the poor guy.....he's got a terrible cold. He's miserable. He was telling me that he had a 4 hour lay over in Texas and I said:

"Don't you wish you'd brought some knitting?" (I taught him the knit stitch about a month ago.)

You know what HE said?


Guess he's not really into the knitting-thing, huh?


ErickaJo said...

That's Catherine with her back to you. I was going to say Lora, but she's got her pants rolled up.

Chris said...

In the words of The Yarn Harlot:

"He probably just wasn't doing it right."

Jackie said...

Great wet pictures! It was much more fun than it should have been.

Way to go Tim! What a smartie you got there.

Cayli said...

Mime would of said the same thing even if he wasn't feeling awful!

Sorry about the rain but it sounds like you all made the best of it.

LMardenNH said...

Hey G - I still think you were all nuts to go out there and risk getting your narns all wet! But I also knit a bit in public on Saturday - at Famous Dave's for lunch, and Great Buffet for dinner!
Tell Ian I am trying to get Mark to learn how to knit too, so he has something to do in the airports. Just remind him of all the chicks who will come over and ask him what he is doing!!! :-P

jen said...

that looks like a lot of fun! rain and all, i can't believe there was even spinning going on. one of these days he might just get the bug and say "ok, how do i do that knitting thing again." or at least we can hope:) hope he feels better soon! oh and congrats on tim kicking some major bum-bum on the tests!

Amanda1 said...

Looks like you all had a great time knitting!

Good for Tim! YAY!

Sonya said...

He must be terribly sick, to be talking out of his head like that.

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it but that backside is me. It was an outstanding time, knitting in the outside. I told Debbie she made the blog, but she still doesn't want to learn to knit, even if it does lead to fame. Marion

Nichole said...

Looks like you guys still had fun! :)
Way to go Tim!

Heide said...

Kudos to you all for braving the elements to KIP! Congratulations to your eldest son, you should both be very proud!

Amy Boogie said...

I completely missed KIP day. You looked like you all still ahd fun.

Congrats to your smart guy. That's excellent.

I tell my guy all the time "should've brought some knitting" One of these days I might wear him down and get him knitting.