Friday, June 08, 2007

Invisible FO Friday

Let's pretend that you are looking at a picture of an adorable (and PINK!) finished object. Let's say that it's also knitted in a delicious merino/cashmere blend yarn. Can you picture it? Okay. Good. Do I WANT to show it to you? YOU BET YOUR SWEET A*S!! But, I'm going to wait....and I can tell you why- soon. But, for now....just ooh and aahh and imagine you are viewing something fantastically cute. K?

Now, where did I get this lovely, scrumptious, baby-butt-soft yarn? At Joanne's wonderful store, A Knitter's Garden. (She not only has really great yarn, but local fibers, soaps and nice patterns and books, as well. Make sure to check it out when you're near Chester, NH....oh, and seeing the sheep and angora bunnies on her farm is a total treat, too! The sheep don't say "Baaaaa"...they say "Buuuurrrp"...or at least I think so.)

Hmmm....where was I? Oh, yes, the pink cashmere blend yarn. It. Is. So. Nice. Jackie and I both fondled it, but I was the one who took it home...YUM.MY. There are about 85 yards per skein for $7.00 and it's 17 stitches per 4 inches for gauge on size 8 needle. I truly love it. My "invisible" project that I just finished only took 1 skein, so I have one more left to cuddle with...mmmmmmm.

What else did I get when I visited the yarn shop? Well, a set of lace blockers (which I sorely need) and THIS:

Isn't it the cutest thing you've ever seen???? Well, at least for an accessory case. Jackie got a dark pink hippopatamous and I got the frog. It unzips around the mouth and you can put your scissors, darning needle, stitch holders, stitch markers and all sorts of stuff in it. The longer the hippo and crocodile...could even hold your dpns! You can find them HERE, though the price was better at A Knitter's Garden. And no shipping to pay either.

Guess what I got in the mail today??? Cayli sent me the most gorgeous fibers from the Fantastic Fiber Queen, Holly EEQ of Oceans of Fiber for my birthday!!! Super soft and brilliant turquoise/aqua mohair locks and a shine-tastic pink/peach roving of BAMBOO!!! I haven't spun either of these before and I'm thinking of trying to do some tomorrow night. (You have no idea how much fiber I have to spin and how much I'm hoping to get started again....really.) THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Cayli!!!!! (you always know the perfect gift!)

(for some reason, this one is upside down or something....weird)

Still working on my lace stole. Doing on repeat every single day and it's really coming out nicely. The longer it gets the more motivation I have to work on it. I think my mom is going to LOVE it!

Other things I've got on my "Knitting Mind" at the moment (besides my stack of UFOs on right):

-The Tulip Sweater shown on the Yarn Harlot's blog. (Going to use KP Swish instead of the yarn given....both are superwash merino, worsted weight)

-The Baby Pea Pod sweater by Kate Gilbert....(I'm thinking of seeing if I can join the Pea Pod Knitalong, too.)


-Baby size version of THIS.

No, I am NOT pregnant....perish the thought! But, I AM having those "baby feelings" to comfort myself, I am knitting for a baby (well, toddler really) girl of a friend of ours.

Still trying to work on the next podcast, too. OH, and if you've been having trouble downloading them from iTunes, do this:

Unsubscribe to my podcast on iTunes. Then, immediately resubscribe and you will be able to get all the episodes you missed. I had my xml feed wrong and the dates never got through, so it might have seemed like some were missing. There are 13 now and 14th on the way, so catch up if you can...(grin)

Well, I guess that's all for now...not a GREAT post, but doing it pretty late and had a hard day. Hope you all have a fab-u-lous "Knitting in Public" Day tomorrow!!!!


Jackie said...

That pink yarn is to die for. Whatever you knit with it must be adorable.

That fiber is so perfect! What a nice gift.

Baby sweaters are always needed somewhere. They're the perfect instant gratification project.

Nichole said...

Can't wait to see what you made with the pink cashmere! I was fondling that on Wed night! I also almost scooped up Mr. Froggie but couldn't decide which of the critters I liked best, lol Too funny!

Amanda1 said...

Can't wait to see what the mystery pink project is!

Missing you.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see what you knit with that beautiful pink yarn.

You really are on a baby knitting kick, aren't you? I'll be doing the same very soon!

Cayli said...

Glad you like the fiber! Enjoy spinning it.

LMardenNH said...

bummer - your blog made me think it would be cool to stop by Joanne's today, but it's Sunday and she isn't open. O well.
I actually like this pink - although not typically a fan of the color. Very pretty. Looking forward to seeing what you did with it.

jen said...

oh i love the invisible FO! I am working on the baby pinwheel sweater...only one more sleeve left, I just posted some WIP pics of it on my blog.

Amy Boogie said...

love the froggy thing. I saw them a week or so ago on someones blog and have been dying for my LYS to get them.

I've been having great urges to knit that Tulip sweater too. Although I have absolutely NO urge to have another kid. Maybe I should make it into a dog sweater. I'll have more of those. :)