Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Birthday Haul

Holy Cow!!! I am the luckiest gal in the world!!! Not only do I have the sweetest family, but I have the BEST, BEST friends ever! And, the fact that they're all knitters, makes me even MORE happy!!!!! (do you like the tshirt that Ian got me?)

Wednesday was my birthday and now I am officially 34. (small cry) I can no longer say that I'm in my early 30s. But, now I am in my middle 30s. I have to say that I still feel 29, though. I still feel bright and young...and that's all that matters, right?

Ian and the boys gave me a small party the night before my bday with a PINK cake and...guess what??...Ian got me the coolest new CAMERA!!! It's essentially the same Canon Powershot as the one Ian has, but smaller, better quality, lighter in weight and all around BETTER! LOL! What a nice husband I have for getting it for me. And, an adorable bday card...with My Little Pony on it. (you see...for the past 4 or more years, Ian's been getting me cute little girl cards and changing the numbers on when I was 31, he got me a card for a 1 year old girl, added a 3 in front and wrote some romantic things inside. It sounds freaky, but it's actually very sweet.)

Here's my fancy ass camera: (it is sooo friggin awesome!)

Luckily, my birthday fell on a knitting night...Wednesday (I was born on a Wednesday, in fact) the ManchVegas crew had a birthday party for me! I have to tell you that this was the ABSOLUTE BEST birthday I've ever had and everyone was so good to me. And, it wasn't just because of the presents....that was super...but even if not ONE person had bought me something, I still would've had the best birthday. I was with every one of my friends that I love...we laughed, we knitted, we talked like crazy (or was that just me?) and the energy was so positive. Even Body Talk Guy said "Happy Birthday" to me! (I feel so privledged!) LOL!

But, also on that note, I got some KICK ASS gifts! Wanna see? Of course you do!

-My best friend of all time, Jackie, picked out this Hello Kitty "cupcake" cake for it is almost completely gone...DE-LISH!

-The HandMade bag that Jackie made for this gorgeous brown and turquoise's got pockets on the back and the most incredible "mirror" glass-like bird pin. I LOVE THIS!

-The most amazing yarn in the world...and I think it should have been named after me....from Beautiful Blogless Amanda....Artyarns Silk Rhapsody....

-Luxurious, handdyed fiber batts from the one and only fabulous Heather in all sorts of pinks AND, AND...a hand made orifice hook...(yes, snicker now..get it overwith)...that she made with glass and crystal beads for my spinning wheel.

-Sassy Laurin got me a super duper knitting backpack (in pink), an adorable Kiki cat, and a pink sunglasses case...and chocolate. Niiiiice!

-Donna got me the STR yarn I was dying for and a to-die-for skein of Artyarns Silk in varigated pinks.....sooo soft!

-GiGi bought me a totally cool Hello Kitty pen that is also a pencil....WITH an eraser..something I always talk about. (couldn't take pic...using pen!)

-And, as a whole, the group got me......duh duh duh.....A SWIFT and BALL WINDER!!!!!! Never had one and now, I can finally stop winding my yarn on the back of my kitchen chair! Woo-hoo!!!!!

Can you BELIEVE how lucky I am????? Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone!!! I love you all!

Oh, before I go.....a few things....

1. A pic of my family on my birthday....handsome, aren't they?

2. My parents got me an awesome bamboo fragrance oil set and a gift certificate to Home Goods! Wow!! Thanks, Mom and Dad!!! I love you!

3. The music that I didn't get to name on the NEW PODCAST (see right) this:

-The "Austin Powers"-like song by 123456 and the instrumental music is "Callahan Tunnel" by the fabulous and talented Citizen Six...make sure to check out their's awesome!

4. The Headband Contest is almost over so get your headbands done and send 'm to me!!!!!

Have a great day!!! : )


Jackie said...

What a great birthday! You are so loved. Don't let Riley see the My Little Pony card, she'll steal it

Cayli said...

Happy Birthday! (Wish I had known I hate being late.) Oh, to be 34 again. Looks like you got TONS of cool stuff from friends and family.

Amanda1 said...

Happy Birthday, Gina! I'm glad it was extra special for you. I'll miss you all these next few weeks!

Thank you for the jewelry bag... It with my overnight bag already. That was so thoughtful of you, and I love the softness of the yarn.

Anonymous said...

How come I didn't know it was your birthday?! I'm glad you had a great one. Ahhh to be 34 again :)

Your family is beautiful!

Sonya said...

You had one of the best b-days I have heard of in a long time!! But if I had been there I would have given you a real My Little Pony. No not really, it just sounded good. Glad you had a great day. 34 is not so bad. I know, I was there several years ago.

YarnB said...
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kimberly said...

Oh Gina, I had no idea it was your birthday last week. Happy belated birthday!!! What a fabulous group of friends you have. Great haul!

Donna said...

Happy B-Day Gina! Yesterday (the 25th) was mine! We Gemini's rock!

You got some serious gifts girl! Enjoy them all. You deserve it!

Going now to hear the latest podcast.....

Nichole said...

Happy Belated Birthday... glad you liked the card! Sorry I wasn't around to make it Wed - sounds like it was a blast! :) You are a special lady and deserve all of that wonderful goodyness! The bag Jackie made is gorgeous!