Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I've been TAGGED!

Here's the deal: Each person tagged gives 7 random facts about themselves. Those tagged need to write in their blogs the 7 facts, as well as the rules of the game. You need to tag seven others and list their names on your blog. You have to leave those you plan on tagging a note in their comments so they know that they have been tagged and to read your blog. I've been tagged by not only Julie, but also by Nichole. Okay, here goes....

1. I love green beans/string beans. I've loved them all my life and they are my favorite vegetable. Mostly, I love them stir fried with a spicy, asian sauce and lots of garlic (sorry, Ian!) and served over rice (god, I'm hungry!).

2. I am a total obsessive person about my bed. I have to have the sheets and blankets the "right way" and I must make my bed every day. I like to have a whole "bedtime routine"...I know...I'm so wacked...strangely enough, this bed thing doesn't extend to other if I go somewhere else. Just my bed at home.

3. Before getting pregnant with Ben, I was on Weight Watchers (as I am AGAIN now, but not as motivated) and lost 132 pounds. After having him and gaining the 60 pounds of pregnancy, I lost more. Then, I gained. Then, I lost....the vicious circle of weight loss. Now, I have to lose a lot again (not the 132 pounds, thank goodness) and I'm finding it twice as hard as last time.

4. (once upon a time I was smart and geeky...though now...?) In high school, I graduated 5th out of 282 students and got scholarships to Boston University, Renssalear (I never spell this right), Worcester Polytechnic Institute (where I ended up going), Stonehill College and Northeastern. I now have a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics (which is not being used) with minor in Art History....oh, where did my brain go????

5. I used to have a horrible speech problem when I was little. I had to go to speech therapy (being pulled out of class in elementary school is NOT fun) and I was incredibly shy and couldn't talk to anyone. Now, I can't stop talking! LOL! In junior high, all of a sudden, I just "remembered" how to breathe before talking (though I sometimes forget this nowadays) and go more slowly. If I'm REALLY excited, I still do have a bit of trouble. But, boy, that air in the lungs truly helps.

6. If you know me personally, you know that I'm incredibly sensitive. Not always a good thing because I take things to heart easily and the smallest things sometimes hurt me very deeply. Being sensitive is good other times, though. I feel like I can more easily be understanding and compassionate. Doing Reiki helps to keep me more balanced, but on the whole...I feel like my feelings are all out in the be cherished or crushed. Most of the time, they're cherished, so I'm lucky : )

7. My favorite doll growing up was Raggedy Ann. My great-aunt, Roberta, was a talented artist/crafter (I have some of her paintings still) and I learned everything from her. She made me my very first sewing basket (filled with goodies!), taught me to crochet, paint and "be crafty". Before I was born, she made me (hand sewn!) a Raggedy Ann doll which I love to this day. I slept with her and held her every second until I was in grade school. She even went with me to college! She is still arms, head, and clothes, though. (I used to always get her head stuck in the back of my chair...!) She is filled with all my childhood fears, tears, dreams and happiness. This doll was made with love and I hope that my aunt, who passed away when Tim was 4, knows how much she meant to me and how much I loved her.

Whew...time for a little sobbing....okay...better.

So, now, I will tag Jackie, GiGi, Laurin, Ericka, Melissa, Amanda and Heather.

Knitting group tonight! Can't wait!! (did you see the new Interweave Knits? It's awesome!)


Nichole said...

Wow - you had more time to write than me, lol! GREAT and fun facts I learned about you today... :)

Amanda1 said...

OK, I found 7 facts to share. That was kinda hard! ha ha...

Amy Boogie said...

I'm with you on the whole weight watchers roller coaster. It was easy after the one kid to lose but something happened after having number 2 and it's impossible.

Anonymous said...

WOW Gina, 132 pounds? That's amazing. I think we need to start a support group to help us get motivated again. If we did it before, we can do it again :)

I enjoyed reading your 7 things; thanks for playing.