Monday, May 14, 2007

Help....I've Lost the Will to Knit!

Yes, you've read correctly. I-have-lost-the-will-to-knit. I think it has 100% to do with the fact that I am knitting "Lace in FrigginLand". I've been living there since May 1st, when I cast on for the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. There are three things wrong, as I see it:

1. The Lacey Lamb laceweight yarn, though truly lovely, is like thread. Thread, I tell you! I've knit with laceweight before. I've knit shawls before. I've knit laceweight shawls before. And this is totally different.

2. The pattern, on row 13, is incorrect. I've read the corrections, wrote them down, seem to understand them...and, yet, the row never comes out right. What's up with that?

3. I can only do a maximum of 2 rows done at a time while Ben is in the house. I think he hears when I pull out the chair to sit down and the slight "whip" and metallic "tink" as I knit the lace row. Not that it's his fault, of course, he's just a little guy wanting attention, but I'm getting up every few moments and that causes MAJOR screw ups. MAJOR. I've ripped out the 13 row repeat approximately 3 times. I may be going for a 4th soon.

Blogless Amanda, how are YOU doing on this?? Help me, please!

Everytime I take out my knitting, I'm cringing. It's even affecting my spinning. I haven't been able to start spinning any of the gorgeous fibers I got from Sheep and Wool on Saturday. (pics later on in this post)

Any ideas? Can someone "jump start" my knitting enthusiasm? Should I try another lace pattern? Should I try another yarn? Hmmm...???? Whatza Whatza??

Okay, now that I've whined a bit....I'll go on to the good stuff...

Exhibit A: Flowers from My Garden

Lovely Lilacs almost in bloom

Beautiful Tulip, not sure what kind

Exhibit B: My New Fridge

Yes, I know...I'm lame...but I love my new bottom freezer fridge.

Exhibit C: My Wonderful Mother's Day

I had the most wonderful, relaxing and sweet Mother's Day ever. Ian bought me gorgeous flowers, Ben made me a homemade card (with his very own scribbles), and Tim created an animated-and-totally-awesome card on the computer. Tim and Ian made me dinner (using Tim's cookbook from school) pizzas and ham/cheese cups with blueberry ice cream and brownie crumbles for dessert. YUM! Ian even took the kids out so I could have some time to myself. I am SO lucky!

Exhibit D: NH Sheep & Wool

Jackie and I met up with a bunch of the ManchVegas Knitters (GiGi, Amanda D, Laurin, Ericka, Chris, Melissa, Vicki, and Heather) for lunch after shopping. Wow! What a difference from last year's flood/downpour! The day was cool, sunny and gorgeous. I even got to see the llamas, alpacas and other adorable fiber animals. They are SO adorable! Here's the group at lunch:

Here is the adorable, "teddy-bear-like" alpaca that I loved:

And here is the fantastic Spunky Amy...who I was thrilled to get to see and meet her sweet family, too

Exhibit E: New Stash Aquisitions

I was much better this year than last year. I actually could SEE over the load of stuff I bought (unlike last year, right Laurin?) and I didn't get any yarn. Jackie was my "Stash Officer and forced (I mean, helped) me not to buy things I didn't need. Like more drop spindles, yarn and excess fiber...oh, that lovely kid mohair I didn't buy! Here is my fiber haul (one of the fibers is for a Blog Friend):

(2 bags of llama from West Mountain Farm, batt called, "The Mystery Bump" (LOVE THAT!), wool/angelina batt from FoxFire Fibers, 2 bags of baby camel/tussah silk from the same place, and Lambspun Merino/Silk roving in a beautiful fern green)

Also got an alpaca coloring book for Ben, some honey sticks for Tim and handknit finger puppets for both of them. So cute!

Oh, and here is the new Weavette that I's a 2x2 weaving loom frame...and I'll be using it with my leftover odds and ends of handspun to make small squares of woven fabric to make flowers. Cool, huh?

And, lastly, I got some adorable bunny cards and a Heal My Hands cream in Lavender Mint....wonderful stuff!


The weekend was chock full of fun thing to do, enjoyed myself immensely and only wish I could revive my will to knit. Will be accepting all cyberhugs, ideas, suggestions and virtual (or actual) yarn gifts (LOL!) to restore my love of knitting until midday on which time I will be freaking out trying to decide what I will do at knitting group. So please, HELP ME!


yarnophiliac said...

Oh queen of the sock yarn -- wind up your favorite skein of Socks that Rock and start yourself a sock. NOTHING else can jump start knitting mojo like that can. (Alternately, I can order up some of that luscious lace weight cashmere and dye it up for ya! hehehe)

marion said...

Socks, socks, socks, they cure everything.I know you can just turn them out blindfolded and it will get your mojo back. Marion

Amanda1 said...

I was so glad to see you all, but I didn't know what time you were all met up for lunch :-(

Nice haul! I can't wait to see what creations you come up with!

Melissa said...

The thing to do is just put aside the shawl for now...accept the fact that you can only work on it when you have total quiet, no one else around. I can only work on my little simple shawl when no one else is home and I can't have the tv'll get it back...socks will help!!!


Nichole said...

You've been tagged!

GREAT stuff you got at the sheep & wool!!!

Heide said...

Oh no! We need to hold a telethon or something to "Help Gina Find her Mojo"! Great haul though.

Jackie said...

Okay, if YOU can't knit that shawl, how the heck do you expect ME to do it??? There's your reason; you need to be an inspiration to others.

Cayli said...

Step away from that yarn! 825 yards in 2oz that is sure to ruin anyones day. New yarn, new yarn...that's what I would do. But I don't knit socks ~;)
Nice new stuff and the weekend sounded great. Oh and the shawl I am working on is the Flower Basket from IK Fall 04.

Donna said...

Gina Gina Gina........the perils of lace knitting! If it makes you feel any better, I started Icarus last summer and it is still in my cabinet on row 24. I just can't do it.

However, I do intend to tackle some lace again this summer. I dyed some of my own lace weight and I hope that will inspire me to complete a lace project.

In the meantime, pick up something simple - especially for your knit group so you can knit without having to think. Socks are always good for that.

Lace definitely takes some undivided attention which is not easy when you are the mom of a little one.

Great haul - LOVE the purple. Hope to meet up with you next year at the blogger meetup!

Anonymous said...

I've come here to tag you and see you've been tagged. Oh well, consider yourself tagged again :)

I agree with putting the shaw aside and do something else; socks are sure to help you get your will to knit back!

SleepyEyes said...

Thank you everyone! I think some socks should be started soon...trying to find the right pattern, though.

You guys are so supportive! Hugs!

eyeknit said...

I just finished the Myrtle Leaf Shawl (last night--it's blocking now). Now, granted, I used Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere, which is on the slightly heavier end of lace yarns. Still, I also had a fit on that corrected pattern row at first. Maybe this is obvious to you, but when it says to "knit that first red st. on the first repeat only, then K2tog after that", they mean the first horizontal repeat, not vertical (as I assumed). So, knit it the first time, at the right edge of the piece, then k2tog for the whole rest of that row. Do this each time that row comes up. Also, when you get to the edging, if you do as many repeats of the willow leaf border as it says, there's almost too much edging compared with how much center panel you have. I couldn't block it fully out, so that the willow leaves show to their fullest effect. More on my blog this weekend.

Karen said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the Weavette squares. I have several of the really old (perhaps original) looms - they were called "Weave-Its" then. I once made a scarf out of the two inch squares - crocheted around each one - and then it accidently got felted. I bet it is still rattling around the house somewhere. I never thought of using the squares for flowers. Please show us soon!