Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's ALL about JACKIE......

Introducing the BEAUTIFUL Jackie wearing her namesake, "The Jacqueline" Radiance Lace Headband!

Can she look any more vibrant? Jackie, did you know you were vibrant? She used the merino/tencel fingering weight yarn that I dyed for her a while ago, called "Mermaid" and created a truly better looking beaded fringe than I wrote for the pattern.

I'm so excited...this is the second Radiance Lace Headband to be completed....shall we try to have at least 8 more done by the end of May???? Come on, I know you can do it! (I mean, I AM bribing you with yarn, soap and knitting books!) Amanda, can I hope that you'll be third??? Perhaps wearing YOUR namesake headband??? (pweease?....lip out...)

Do you know what I spent this lovely Saturday doing? Would you believe that 7 of us Manchvegans went to Barnes and Noble in Manchester to teach beginners knitting? Even more you know how many we taught? NONE!

Either it was our lack of advertisement (well, besides the little write up that B&N put in their fliers)....we had no big sign saying "Stop Here and Learn to Knit" or the crazed look we all had while we were all (mostly) knitting on socks. Ericka did her very best by creating a small sign out of notebook paper and using my pink (!) pen to make a mini sign...hung it on the balloons we had on the table....but no dice. (or maybe it was the STENCH of all the acrylic yarn) Look how pretty our table was!

Chris, Ericka, Caroline, Jackie, Lora, GiGi and I did our best with trying to get people to come over but, sadly, it wasn't meant to be.

Only two people really stopped to talk....Blogless Amanda's little protege, Rachel (she is SO cute and the recepient of my gift bag full of beginner knitting books/patterns, VERY nice wool mini balls, bamboo needles, accessory bag and bigger knitting bag) and a woman whose name I completely forgot. First, here is the adorable Rachel....(Amanda, she asked for you and I gave her that yarn you gave to me to give to that right?)

The Woman-Without-A-Name came up and started asking us about our knitting...we babbled on and on and then I asked her what she was working on. Here is the resulting conversation...not quoted, but as I remember it....(which could be COMPLETELY different from bear with me):

WWAN: I'm working on a lace shawl.

Me (very excited): Oh, which one?

WWAN: It's from the Victorian Lace Today book....

Me (cutting in, shouting): REALLY????? Which shawl?

WWAN: Um, I think it's the Myrtle Leaf Shawl.

Me: (HUGE GASP, jumping out of my chair) Oh, Wow! I was going to make that, too! Actually, a few of us in the knitting group are going to make that! What yarn are you using?

WWAN: (stepping back slightly) Uh, it's the Misti Alpaca Lace in black.

Me: (practically jumping up and down) Wow! (again) Our friend Mike is using that SAME YARN!!

WWAN (stepping back more and looking at me wearily): Yeah, well, there's a mistake in one part of the pattern...yada yada yada.....

( I started writing things and went into a lace zone-out, so I forget what she really said....something about k2tog and it being a knit 1 not knit 2 or something.)

Here she is, that poor soul....who probably won't ever come and visit our group again (even though I gave her our card.....):

Ericka and I chatted with her more about spinning and things like that and then she left...looking a big relieved, I must say.

Guess who else came to the knitting "class"? Our very own, "LITTLE JACKIE"! Complete with her mini Wicked and jeans...just like "Grown Up Jackie"....but not known as "Big Jackie". Aren't they adorable together? (psst...I think Jackie may be planning evil deeds with her tiny counterpart...I believe they want to RULE THE WORLD!!!) Not that that would be BAD.....especially since I will be Mrs. Jackie someday!

Two more Show and Tells....

1. A rare and wonderful shot of the beautiful GiGi, modeling a lace scarf knit by my SpinToKnit pal, Naomi...who had given it to Ericka when THEY were pals. Doesn't she look great?

2. A fantastic surprise I got in the mail on Friday from the always lovely and prolific, Cayli. A skein of Mountain Colors Barefoot (one of my favorite sock yarns) in a super older son has already put his name on it for a pair of socks!

All in all, a fun, if not successful day. I'm working on so many knitting projects at once (can't seem to get my mind focused on one thing at the moment) and I'm SOOO behind on getting the next podcast out! ARggh!

Ian's putting the little guy to bed tonight, so I hope to get more of SOMETHING done! (while having a delicate cup of Wild Sweet Orange herbal infusion with clover honey...usually it's peppermint tea only, but I went wild tonight with something new)

Good Knit! (oh, I mean, Good Night!)

P.S. I forgot to tell you!!! BTG (Body Talk Guy) was at B&N....and it wasn't even Wednesday! Someone in white shorts, a white tshirt and a bandana (YES, a BANDANA!!!!) said hi to me in line at the cafe...I said hi and then realized it was HIM!!! He's like, "Fancy seeing you here on a Saturday!" and I'm thinking...oh, god...where is someone I know?? Luckily, Lora came quickly to my rescue and I only had to talk to him about his idea to write a book about his pet peeves for a couple of of them being people talking too loud on their cell phones...but only when the subject isn't about "body talk". EWWWW!


Amanda1 said...

I'm glad that Rachel came to the group today. My Mom and I were just talking about how we think crafts are so important for kids, and we hoped that she would come to group again someday. YAY!

Sorry we didn't represent today. The weather was really nice, and Mom and I went on a yarn crawl.

Heide said...

Sounds like a fun knitting experience even if nobody could be assimilated. Love Jackie's headband and your new sock yarn is lovely too.

Jackie said...

Wow, that's a lot of Jackie. I loved knitting that headband. I love wearing it even more. So comfy and sassy. You rock!

OMG how adorable is that little girl?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you would have had some takers if it wasn't so nice outside. Everyone was probably just in a hurry to enjoy the sunshine; it's been so long! Sounds like you had a good time anyway :)

Melissa said...

I would totally have stopped to knit with you guys. I'm sorry no one did.

Sonya said...

Did ya'll happen to look "too" eager with the knitting?? An enthusiastic knitter can be a scary person. Next time knit casual. Try to channel Fonzie.

Nichole said...

Aw man, you guys needed better marketing! Or... worse weather, after all I'm thinking most people were outside playing on Saturday instead of poking around a bookstore. Looks like you had fun though! I forgot all about it (had planned to come by with lots of stuff to "donate" to the cause!).

Cayli said...

Sounds like fun even without any takers on the lessons.

I think Little Jackie needs a headband to match too.