Monday, March 05, 2007

Who ARE you people???

That was kind of a silly title, I know... (I was dramatically shaking my fists up to the sky...see above...and yelling this question to the Internet Gods)....but I was just checking my podcast logs recently...and I was shocked!


The last podcast, Cold Balls, had almost 1,000 downloads from the release untill now (less than a month)!!!

And, this one, I Heart Knitting Group has gotten almost 800 downloads in the past 5 days!!!

Again, I shake my fists and scream...."Who ARE you people????" (and why aren't you commenting on my blog? LOL!)

Crazy, wacky, "what-the-hell-are-you-all-listening-to-me-for?" feelings......but, of course, don't stop (something I say pretty often....LOL....TMI...)! Because I am EXTREMELY grateful to anyone who listens...even if you can't stand the sound of my voice or my chit chat, at least you TRIED, right?

But, besides that wonderful, shocking, incredible news.....

Here is a gratuitous photo of Ben and the cute Duplo "street scene" we made today with his Heros set....The Hulk, Mr. America, Wolverine and 2 (yes, two) Spidermen. Aren't we talented in the House household?

And here is a pic of my second and final Spin to Knit package I got from Naomi of An Ent Knits. I was again sad that this second package was also late and hoping for some small, extra goody in the package, but I was grateful to get such well made yarn. Nice colors and pretty card, too. Not sure what I'll do with these mini-skeins, but I'm sure I'll figure something out. Thanks, Naomi.

I'm finally working more on my Tote'M bag from Knitter's Magazine (keep forgetting which issue). Jackie is going to start hers and that gave me the perfect excuse to finish mine. I'm trying not to let the 408 rows of garter stitch intimidate me or the 3 sections of 2 FOOT i-cord, but...hey, I'm only human. Right? (or maybe not.....mwaahhaaahaaa!)

Any other news???? Hmmmmm....well, last night was the last Argyle sock class and I'm very sad it's over. Jay Allen of The Yarn Basket was the best teacher I've ever had (funny, relaxed, patient, and inspiring) and I hope she'll do another class. I was trying to convince her to do a Norwegian sweater class with steeks (almost wrote "steaks" there) and colorwork....we'll have to wait and see, though. I love that store...tiny as heck, but really warm and wonderful. Jackie had to rip some new Step sock yarn away from me as we were leaving....(it was pink and purple STRIPING!!!!!) I REALLY don't need MORE sock I?

Have a great night!


yarnophiliac said...

omg -- 1000??? You rock!!! lol
Guess what? I got my yarn from Spunky Eclectic! Hoping to cast on my sleeves tonight. YAY

Amanda1 said...

Wow, that is a lot of downloads of your podcast! Does it count as a download if we just listen to it over the internet by linking from your site, or only if you actually download/save to your computer?

Congrats on such big numbers!

I was commenting to my friend over the weekend how it sometimes feels like we "blog to ourselves" - and she said that she reads a lot of blogs but doesn't comment... so, you have a lot more readers than you think!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Hey Amanda....actually my hubby wrote his own PHP program to count the actual downloads of the podcast, not just people who link to my site or anything...but it retrieves (and registers) the addresses of the computers who grab the actual mp3. (I don't actually see any of that "computer-y" stuff. All I see is the number of downloads next to each podcast. So far, it's been over 4,000 total since I started in October.

He also created the program so that it will only count "unique" computer addresses...and not duplicate downloads from the same computer. It's pretty cool, actually. He's really talented in the programming department!

Thanks for your comment!

And, Heather...woo-hoo for your yarn! Bring it Wed!!!

Lora said...

Hi, I'm Lora...I listen to your blog. I knit and .... oh wait... you know me already..
Never mind.

DANG GIRL!! What great numbers!!! Keep up the good work!

ErickaJo said...

I'm seeing a lot of new faces over at my blog, and your podcast is the only thing I can attribute them to. So they are definitely out there. You're being heard, that's for sure.

Jackie said...

Comments are fun, but do you really want to read 1,000?

Your podcast is awesome. That's why you get so many downloads. Face it.

The Tote 'Em is in the Fall '06 Knitters. I've got five stitches on the needle, you feel me breathing down your neck yet?

Nichole said...

WOW - that's impressive Gina! Way to go!!! :)
I have the counter thingy on my blog but it doesn't show you who actually visited, just the ISP addresses and how they got there. I wish we could actually see WHO visits (they have a thing on My Space for that)... I'm with Amanda1 on wondering if we're blogging for no one sometimes, esp since my comment counts have been down lately. :/
OK- I'll stop whining, lol...

Donna said...

I have your podcast in my I-Tunes. I think we just all get busy and forget to leave comments. I LOVE your podcast - relistened to it on the way home tonight.

Don't feel lonely - you are loved.

I know the feeling of "I am so lonely - nobody is commenting". I have a commentless blog.

Visit "me" when you can -

Looking forward to the next podcast!

kimberly said...

Hey baby,
I'm always here listening, in fact I just listened to your latest podcast today at work and loved it, as always! I love your socks that are two different yarns. At least the one finished is awesome!! I can't wait to make my first socks from my handspun. Your package is quietly and patiently waiting for someone to add some red silk/merino. I hope to get it to you soon.

Ian said...

Hahaha you used internet slang in your blog (LOL, TMI).

You're a bigger geek than me and I wrote your download counting php script!

Yes, it will count listening online as well as downloading.

Stephanie said...

hey, I just started listening to your podcasts and just recently started looking at the blog so *I guess* I could post some comments here and there ;) your podcast is entertaining, keep it up!

comette said...

Hi Gina! Silly Rabbit! Trix are for kids! Just whip up a Frappr map and find out where we live. Then sign on to Google Earth and zoom in REEEEAAAL close and you'll see us waving at you with our earbuds in and our needles clacking! Luv Ya! Christine -Las Vegas