Friday, February 02, 2007

Transformation: UFO to FO (on Friday)

The dilemma for me is always, "How do I find more time to finish my UFOs?" I could:

1. Stop cooking and eating (both sound more washing dishes OR gaining weight!)
2. Stop sleeping (not so great...I'm just catching up on sleep now that Ben is sleeping through the night)
3. Stop blogging (noooooooo!)
4. Stop talking (impossible)
5. Teach Ben to knit at my level (ummm...probably not gonna happen)

So, of course, I'm left with just knitting (or spinning) as much as I can without completely ignoring my family and responsibilities. It's hard, ya know?

Anyway, here is my list of UFOs that I'd like to become FOs by Decmeber 31st, 2007. (Is anyone else STILL writing 2006 on their checks besides me?)

(in order of importance/deadline)

1. Project # 4 for One Planet Yarn and Fiber
2. Other argyle socks (most likely both are going to Jackie, who fits them perfectly and will be the one to most appreciate them)
3. Wavy Scarf from Knitty
4. Tim's sweater
5. Jackie's socks in my cool pattern
6. Nichole panty
7. Tote'M Bag from Knitter's Magazine
8. Rock Star scarf from Knitty
9. Mary Jane Lace cardigan from Knit Picks
10. Sunset Pullover from Knit Picks

(*I found it strange that both of these Knit Picks patterns are no longer on the website. Did they decide to stop selling them? Weird!)

Will I get these done? Only time will tell. Will I knit OTHER things? (of course! Especially the Lizard Ridge afghan...) But, these 10 things I want to have completely and utterly OUT OF THE WAY!

I don't even want to think about the handspun yarn UFOs I have....maybe another day!

And, now...dum dum da dum....the WINNER of the UFO contest!!!

Jen of Red Curls Blog!!!!

Whose birthday, coincidentally, was yesterday! So Happy Birthday to you, Jen, and I'm very glad you won!

Here are the goodies:

and let me know what your favorite candy is so I can send everything out to you!

Check out her blog (and her beautiful baby girl)'s super fun...

Yipee! I love having contests!

Will I get the podcast done today? Not sure. I'll try. Most likely this weekend, though. ARgh.

Happy Friday Knitting! (and finish something, will ya?) (LOL!)


Jackie said...

OMG You cannot give me those socks! I know what kind of work goes into them!!

I was cracking up at #4. Stop talking? Ya, right! Seriously, you finish so much that I'm beginning to think you have a maid.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it just stink that we have obligations and can't just sit and knit whenever we feel like it?

That's quite a list of UFO's to transform, but I'm betting you'll do it.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

I keep telling my DH that if I am part of the "reduction in force" after my company's merger, I plan to finish at least 4 UFOs! I know, wishing sometimes makes things happen, so I better be careful...