Thursday, February 15, 2007

Romantic Valentine's Barnes and Noble.

Yesterday started off with an icy, freezing snowstorm (well, and also ended that way) in the morning and ended with me driving home in it after knitting group. Yes, I was crazy enough to go. After a whole day of a house full of males (doing the testosterone-y things they tend to do), I was DYING to go to knitting group. I was willing to risk driving in all that ice, sleet, snow and badly plowed roads. When Chris and Ericka called me, I almost jumped for joy that someone would be there so I could go.

I know, I was Valentine's Day. (I am a VERY dedicated knitter.)

But, Ian and I (and the kiddies) celebrated in the morning (after Ben's potty time), so the rest of the day Ian spent working from home...and, with both kids at home (plus Mike), there was very little (aka NONE) time for romance.

I am a very lucky gal, I have to tell you. Ian got me a super romantic and sweet card, actually writing (using his own fingers and not typing it out) lovely things to me. (The card is now by my bed.) He also got me the BEAUTIFUL pink (he knows me so well) roses shown above, a small box of chocolates and (BEST of all!), a gift certificate to the website where I can get the crystal beaded Tilli Thomas yarn!!! (not the sweater yarn...that would cost many hundreds....)

A small story about the roses...well, Ian had thought he'd surprise me with the roses.....he snuck them into the house on Tuesday night and put them in his closet. Not realizing that all the water had spilled out and the closet was dark and warm. So, in the morning, when he went to present them to me, they were pretty much on the brink of death....rose heads bent over double, petals falling with a slight breath of air and greens turning brown.

But, I immediately (after hugs and kisses) cut the stems on a diagonal (much shorter) and plunged them in very cool water. (Jackie told me later that I could have also refrigerated them to revive them.) Today, they are much better and almost fully fresh and alive. Here is one of the roses that I had to cut very short...I put it in a little jam jar....looks cute, doesn't it?

Anyway, after our gift giving (I got Ian a Nintendo tshirt in green with a little 1up Mushroom on it, a sort of dress up long sleeve shirt, new socks, a gift card to Dunkin Donuts, candy and a Suduko book), Ian spent the day working and I spent the day (while the kids were busy playing), working on knitting the bikini underwear in silk/wool for Jackie. Here it is almost done. I just have to knit the strip that holds the front and back together and put in the elastic. Looks pretty, doesn't it?

After I heard from Chris and Ericka and knew that I'd be going to B&N after all, I raced over (well, actually went as carefully as possible in the snowstorm while not actually wasting a moment of time) there. We knit and looked at knitting books for a while, then Mike showed up. We (wickedly) convinced him to skip work (since the roads were so bad) and stay and knit with us. After an hour or so, we headed over to Famous Daves for dinner and I was shocked to find that there were lots of customers there! (we always go at 10 pm when the place is almost closed)

I managed to finish the False Entrelac scarf in the brown colorway (the pink one is on hold for was too big) and I LOVE IT! It was so simple, fun and looks way more complicated to make than it really is.

It was a fun night, but it was nice to get home to a cozy, warm (though very messy) house and my hubby and kiddies. The drive home was VERY slow, very icy and the roads were barely plowed. On a good night, I can get home in 10 minutes. Last night, it took me 30 minutes. I thought it was better to drive 20 mph than risk getting caught somewhere alone at 11 pm.

Spending today getting the house cleaned, doing laundry and packing up. I can't tell you how excited I am to go to the NETA SPA tomorrow!!!! Yipppppeeeee!

I'll try to take pics while I'm there.

Hope you all have a fabulous (and warm) weekend! Will post again on Monday!

Happy Spinning/Knitting! G : )


Jackie said...

I'm glad you have fun last night. Thr roses are beautiful!

Heide said...

What pretty roses and what a sweet guy to do that! I'm impressed that you are knitting a bikini! Please keep posting pictures of it. My guess is that it's a quick knit? Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I'm counting the hours until it's time to hit the road for SPA!

Nichole said...

The roses are beautiful - and so sweet that he "hid" them! Matt did something similar, but my roses were made of wood this year... pretty cool! Jackie's bikini bottoms look great!

Amanda1 said...

Have a fun weekend! Hopefully the weather will stay "nice" and we can all meet next week. My guess is that we'll take up the whole cafe.

Gigi said...

Your hubby was so sweet! Pretty roses and a beautiful scarf. Have fun at Spa!