Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Podcast 9: I Heart Knitting Group

Hey Sweet and Sassy Knitters!

Another belated episode from yours truly. Hope you enjoy it! I'm adding links and a handful pics. For the next podcast, my 10th!!!!, please help me to write a mini theme song for my podcast and email me: gina@YogaGardenNH.com. The top 5 entries get put in another drawing for a FANTASTIC prize or prizes!!! (If you have an item or items you want to donate, please email me as well. I'd appreciate it!! If you donate, I will add you to my Super Silver Donator List....will add your name and blog, if you have one, to the podcast.)

Theme Song: Can be funny, serious, rhymning or not...be creative... but should sum up the "essence" of my podcast. ( If you record it in .mp3 form, you can send it to me and I'll put it on the podcast no matter if you win or not. Please include the words if you record it.) Should be short....about a minute or two at most.

Thank you and hope you enjoy the podcast!!!

Happy Knitting and Many hugs, Gina aka Sleepy Eyes : )

SPONSOR LINKS: (see right)


Podshow Podsafe Musick Network

Love=Action with "Everyone's in this Together"

Mossback with "Annalisa"


1. My second handspun sock

2. Wearing both socks

3. Down to Hearth soap (my Creamsicle scent) handmade by Ericka. (This pic shows the old packaging...the pics of new soaps in the muslin bags will be posted as soon as I can...)

Unrelated-to-podcast PICS:

1. Ben wearing his snowshoes...

2. Tim wearing his snowshoes....

3. Tim and Ben snowshoeing around the pool....


ManchVegas Knitters

Spunky Ecletic...home of Amy King's gorgeous creations

Julie of Noolie Knits

Heather of Yarnophiliac

My NETA Spa Trip blog entry

Gauge Lesson Shell from Knit Picks using the Twist yarn.

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Anneliese said...

Boo hoo, I can't see your pictures! They are merely little question marks.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to get home and listen! Damn work always gets in the way; but obviously, I don't let it get in the way of reading blogs :)

I love your handspun socks!

Creamsicle soap???? I must have some!

yarnophiliac said...

oo! can't wai tto listen! Your spunky socks inspired me to cast mine on, even though I swore I wouldn't start another new project. ug. But they are coming out AWESOME!

Jackie said...

BEST podcast yet! I laughed through the whole thing. I love those socks so much! Yay Wednesday! See ya tonight!

Oh, the kids are adorable with their snowshoes!

Lora said...

YEAH I squeezed listening to this in before I Drive like a mad woman to the airport to get my parents.

YES I feel spring coming on!! Actually my windows are open :):) I know crazy, but it feels good!

Love the socks Gina!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

The kids look like they are having fun in the snow :)

Amanda1 said...

Hey, Gina!

I have a couple hours all to myself this evening, which as you know from having kids/family, doesn't happen often. What did I choose to do first thing? Listen to your podcast! I really enjoyed it, it made me feel like I was at knitting group, if only for a half hour or so!


Nichole said...

I finally got to listen - another great installment! :) I love your Spunky socks!!!