Friday, February 23, 2007

HandSpun-Ky Socks

Woo-hoo!!! My first EVER sock knit with my own handspun yarn!!!! And, I have to tell you, I am LOVING this first sock. I can't believe how soft this yarn is! I really owe it all to Amy of Spunky Eclectic. She has corrupted me...really she has....I absolutely adore her and her yarn and fiber. I am a total Spunky Eclectic groupie...oh, a blog button might be nice!....and I have to admit that I'm loving her yarn a tad more than Socks that Rock....(gasp!). Can it be true???

I'll show you step by step (kinda) I went from fiber to sock numero uno.

Wanna see?

First, bought "Swamp Monster" roving (after much drooling and babbling at Amy) at the NETA Spa.

1. Drafted roving...see here:

2. Spinning up the are laceweight....30 wpi.......on my Ashford Joy:

3. Finished one bobbin of each single.....2 oz on each bobbin. They look COMPLETELY different because I separated the roving horizontally instead of vertically...but it was cool because each half was fun with the unique colors....first one, more green, brown and white and the second one, more blues, yellows and pinks/reds (bobbins are reversed in pic):

4. Skeined each bobbin to set twist...finished singles yarns:

5. Balled each skein on my nostepinne:

6. Plied the two singles on my wheel to get this 2 ply: (at 16 wpi...which is sportweight or light dk)

7. Created my own pattern (which I may try to send to Spin Off magazine...not sure) using size 4 dpns (didn't have 2 circs, damn it!) and made this first sock!!!

(It took me from Saturday morning until Tuesday to draft, spin singles, set singles, ply singles, set 2 ply, and dry 2 ply. I knitted the first sock from Wednesday evening to Thursday evening. I started my second sock last night and I'm hoping to be done with it tonight or tomorrow morning. I am SOOO excited!)

Here's a close up of the yarn knitted up:

In other news, my own Spin to Knit pal (the one I was gifting), Cayli, sent me the roving I bought from her....a very soft merino fiber in her own, handpainted colorway, "Flowers in the Snow". Isn't it gorgeous? I can't wait to spin it up!

Not only did she send me a sweet note with the fiber, but also a skein of her own handspun!!!! I'm thinking, "She's not supposed to be sending to ME!"....but she had been spinning some merino and plying with a beaded silk yarn that she dyed herself and I'd said how beautiful it was. And also that I'd like to try that technique sometime. So, she was amazingly generous (and friggin awesome) and sent me over 100 yards of this gorgeous yarn with glass beads to inspire me. Look at this!

Here's a close up of the beads:

Cayli, thank you, thank you so much!!! Doing this Spin To Knit swap has been fantastic because of you! Many hugs your way!

And, a quick pick of the finished bikini panties (from the White Lies Designs Nichole Lingerie pattern) that I gave to Jackie for V-Day. They came out very pretty and soft...and, apparrently, nice smelling, since everyone at knitting on Wednesday was sniffing Jackie's panties (she hadn't tried them on yet.....). We kept saying, "Wanna smell Jackie's panties?"...just to get people to do a double take at the next table at Barnes and Noble! Hilarious!!! We are SO crazy!

Finally, a quick snack recipe that I find to be terribly yummy and "almost" healthy for you. The kids love it, too.

I call it, "Goldrush":

1 cup of whole grain Goldfish crackers
1 cup of dried cranberries
1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips
1/2 cup of unsalted peanuts or almond slivers (you can't see them in this pic for some reason...I think they sank to the bottom)

Mix all in a big bowl or ziploc bag and enjoy!

Happy Shnacking! (and Knitting...and Spinning!)


Nichole said...

Man, I missed smelling Jackie's panties?!?! Geesh... lol :) They came out beautiful - you are such a good friend! And your handspun sock... OMG, to die for!!! I'm going to have to go check out your spin to knit friend now... that beaded yarn is also to die for!

Amanda said...

I love Spunky Eclectic fiber too. Your socks look great. Thanks for photographing the whole process.

Jackie said...

WOW that sock is incredible. What a wonderful unique thing to do. I love the colors so much.

Amanda1 said...

Great socks! Please bring on Wed. and do a show and tell - or should I say show and smell???

What I do... said...

Gina, 1 comment and 2 questions...

that sock is GORGEOUS!!!

how do you knit a sock so fast?? It takes me a good week to knit one sock - and I knit every day and ALOT on the weekends!

how do I put other people's buttons on my blog? I tried following the directions on blogger and it didn't work... :-(

Heide said...

Swamp monster is absolutely gorgeous! I don't spin... yet... but it's intersting to see how taking the drafts in different orders creates such completely different yarns. The sock is incredibly beautiful too. The beads look wonderful. That would make a lovely scarf. I shall remain non-committal and silent on the panty sniffing, but I am curious about how they felt and what kind of yarn was used. It looks like Debbie Bliss' Baby cashmerino at first glance.

Ann-Marie said...

oh my word those socks are gorgeous.
i am just learning to spin and bought some SE in the Tahiti colourway.
I'm hoping to make socks too.
Your post has given me inspiration to get spinning.
Found your blog from doing a search for your podcast.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous socks, Gina!

ErickaJo said...

Awesome :) I need to have you teach me how to ply.

Spa was such a bad influence on me. Every day I find more roving that followed me home. I'm doing more spinning than knitting :D

Amy Boogie said...

Love the socks! and the pun "Handspunky socks"

Gigi said...

Those socks are amazing! Well done on the yarn and the knitting.