Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Whoops...tardy podcasting.

Thought I'd feel well enough to do the podcast last night but, alas, I wasn't. Definitely on the mend, though. Now, I only have a deep cough and runny nose...oh, and that lovely smokers-graveling-voice-thing going on. Ugh. I sound like a man.

I actually sent an odeo to the wonderful Brenda Dayne to tell her to feel better and I sound like I'm at death's door with my stuffy nose and crackling voice. Ugh!

Speaking of odeo....I have a new link on the right (above the podcast links) to send ME and odeo! Would love to add your comments to my podcast. Ready, set.....record!

I will try my hardest to get the new podcast out by Friday. If not, definitely sometime over the weekend. If I end up sounding terrible, I apologize in advance : P

Before I go to get more rest (must be able to go to knitting tonight!!!), I wanted to show you the awesome gift I got from Heather of Sereknity. Last week, she gave me around 1 oz of a gorgeous, wine red pygora/silk fiber. It is so soft and silky!

I was able to spin it up in an hour and a half (blissful spinning) into this:


2 ply, 18 wpi (fingering/sport), 38 yards of yummy goodness.

Thought it would actually make more so that I could make some lace wristlets, but I don't know what I could make with only 38 yards. I MUST get more of this fiber! I loved spinning it.

You know, I was thinking of all the fibers I've spun so far...

-Border Leicester
-Superwash merino
-Cotton (was only able to spin less than 1/2 was SO difficult)
-American Buffalo

The next step is for me to spin the merino/tencel I bought a while ago from Yarn Botanika. It's beautiful. I also have 2 pounds (!!!) of Cormo/silk that I got from the Sheep and Wool last year that I'd love to make into yarn for a sweater for ME! Wouldn't that be cool?

Of all the fibers I've spun so far, my favorite three are:

-100% angora (beautiful finished yarn...a little more difficult to spin)
-Pygora silk (excellent to spin, gorgeous finished)
-Superwash merino (fun as hell to spin and makes a great, squishy, soft yarn)

So, leave me some Odeo, okay? Would love some suggestions of new fibers to spin or hear what your favorites to spin are!

Happy Knitting and Spinning!!!

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Nichole said...

GORGEOUS handspun!!!!!!