Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sock One Done...Sock Two in the Queue.

Very quick post...finished the Argyle sock #1 last night and started the cuff of #2 today. Do I feel excitement for number 2? No. Will I finish it? Hopefully. I still have two more argyle sock classes to go to and I should be able to get lots done there. Did I tell you that I left my handknit Northern Lights mittens at the yarn store last Sunday??? Ugh. Last time, it was at A.C. Moore...I think my mittens like places with yarn...hmmm....

Wanna see pics?

Here is sock numero uno done (and using my spinning wheel sock blocker for the first time)'s kinda a dark picture, though:

And here is a look-see at the INSIDE of the sock...please don't judge me for my messy's very cool, though, I think:

I dyed up another batch of fiber (superwash merino) last came out less great than the first batch. This time I used turquoise and yellow there's some green, yellow and blue, but lots of white patches, too. When it's dry, I'll show you pics of it. My third experimental dyeing includes 8 oz of merino/tussah silk and lots of red and fushia. We'll see how this third technique works out. I'm having LOTS of fun with this, I have to say : )

UPDATE on UFO contest:

I was so happy to get entries so quickly for the UFO contest. I know it was a last minute thing and has to be in by 4: 30 pm today, so if you don't win, there'll always be another contest!

Ticket Points: 1 for emailing me your list, 2 more for putting my FO button on your blog and 3 more for a very unique way of listing the UFOs.

We have:

Jackie with 3 ticket points (emailing list and FO Friday button)
Nichole with 1 ticket point (emailing list)
Carol with 3 ticket points (emailing list and button)
Jen with all 6 ticket points (emailing, button and VERY unique list)...her blog is being fixed at the moment, so you can check it out later on in the week.

Here is the unique pic Jen sent with her UFO list:

This was so excellent! What creativity! You have to see the pic of her 4 1/2 month old baby girl, Rory. She is ADORABLE!!!! I want to eat her up....and her little toesies, too.

Winner to be announced on Friday's post along with pic of the great LOOT and my own UFO list. Maybe I'll have pics of all three of my dyed fiber rovings, too. Yipppeee!

Oh, and here is the simple hat I made using Malabrigo yarn. It's the softest thing to cashmere that you can get. I loved every single minute of knitting with about YARNGASM! I'll be posting the pattern (it's the Starfish one I made first for Felice, my sis-in-law) tomorrow, if I can.

Have a great night! I know I's knittin' night!


Nichole said...

Oooh... I NEED the hat pattern please! I have some malabrigo that's just itching to be knit ... and I SO need a winter hat (I realized that when the temps took that big dive last week -argh!)...

Anonymous said...

I really like the toe on your argyle sock!


Anonymous said...

If you want to call the Yarn Basket and make sure your mittens are there; I can go pick them up on my lunch hour tomorrow and mail them off to you. Just let me know.

Your sock looks great! What will you be doing at 2 more classes if you've finished the socks?

jen said...

ok the hubby fixed the blog so i did it, the list is up...yikes!

Jackie said...

The argyle is awesome! Thanks for letting me try it on last night, I may just have to get some Regia Silk, it's divine.

Theresa said...

How did you do that argyle? It looks great. I tried. Once. And it was an unmitigated disaster. So I am very very impressed.