Thursday, January 04, 2007

Podcast 6: Wuving Wool

Hey, sweet and sassy knitters! Thanks for checking out the latest's been at least a couple weeks since the last one and this new one has updates on my knitting, new ideas and GREAT yarn! (click on right sidebar for new podcast download!)


Tim before dunking in the ocean and Ian after dunking:

Tim coming out of the ocean:

Tim's hat (using the Insubordiknit "Monster Hat" kit and Ian's "Space Invaders" hat:

The Swarovski crystal magnets from awesome Amanda:

"Sleepy Eyes" colorway, sportweight superwash merino yarn from Sereknity:

Roving hand painted by Heather of Sereknity:

"Famous April" socks knit with Cascade Fixtation-like yarn hand-dyed by Heather and using my weird arrow pattern...better pattern to come soon, I promise.:

Adorable Hello Kitty toaster and yummy toast:


Jacey with her Monster Hat kits of Insubordiknit blog.

Malabrigo Yarn

GiGi of Adventures in Crochet blog.

Ericka and her soap of Armed with Pointy Sticks (coming soon!)

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Hope you all had a wonderful New Year and looking forward to hearing your favorite wools, hello kitty infor and online stores! Email me or comment and I'll add you to the new contest for next month.

Happy Knitting!

Gina : )


toshka sol said...

Thx again for a wonderful podcast.
In my home town we have a polar bear swim that occurs on New Years Day in the iced over river. I have never had the courage to attempt it.

To help you on your search and be an enabler, I have a suggestion for your search of Hello Kitty goodies.
Just type in Hello Kitty into the search and there are at least 14 pages of kitty goodness. There are bags, pendants, earrings, magnets and a bunch of other things. And best of all they are all handmade!

Nichole said...

I'm at work so I have to wait to get home to listen - can't wait! Those boys of yours are crazy!!! lol

Holly Burnham said...

I love the Kitty Toaster. I have never seen such a thing. Thank you for broadening my world.

kimberly said...

Great podcast!! My MP3 has gone missing so I listened on the computer for a change. I found this nice little hello kitty to knit. thought she was adorable. I love pink so I can understand your love for hello kitty.
I love theidea of a flight knitting kit. :) knit on!!
I do wuv wool.
I'm so sorry to tell you this, but my favorite part of the podcast is your son saying that's the end. ;)He's sooooo cute.

yarnophiliac said...

I'm on it! *ello kitty needles/crochet hook on the way! lol I can't wait to see the Sleepy Eyes yarn knit up. (And thanks for not threatening to strangle me "wink").
Another great podcast!

Lora said...

ok here's my hello kitty link for you Gina... Hope you like it, hope you haven't seen it and you just have a fit over it!

Bonne said...

I have recently discovered your podcast, and along with Lime & Violet, it is going to be a regular on my new PINK Ipod Nano. (Pink? Do I have to take a shot now?) You asked about the Fixation yarn--I've used the Elann Esprit for several pairs of socks and my favorite pattern is Rob's Broadripple from Knitty. They work up really quickly and look great in either a variegated or solid.
Keep up the great work!

knit_tgz said...

Wow, nice toaster! One yarn I love is, but I'm trying not to buy too much yarn!

Nichole said...

I FINALLY got to listen - another GREAT installment... love the traveling fiber kit idea!

BeccaU said...

I just listened to your podcast today on my way to work and wanted to let you know about the Hello Kitty Knitalong:
I tried to participate in this, but had some trouble with the chart / colors (that's just me though!) I'm sure you could use the pattern to create something for you!