Monday, January 15, 2007

I'm a Pushover...when it comes to books.

Alright...and yarn, too. Oh, and life in general. (happy now?)

I got this meme from GiGi's blog. Here is what you do:

Find the nearest book, flip to page 123. Find the 5th sentence. Record the next 3 sentences on your blog. List the book's title and author.

Here's mine:

The Knitting Circle by Ann Hood

The quote of 3 sentences:

"Staring out the airplane window as they headed east, toward home, Mary thought of the new year without Stella. Sighing, she pulled down the shade on the window, blocking out the endless clouds. Dylan snored lightly beside her."

Now, you'd think from this quote that the book is horribly boring, but it really isn't. It's pretty good. I already finished reading "Knitting Under the Influence" by Clare someone (sorry, I'll find it later) and it was surprisingly great....a very easy read and very girly, but I really got into it. It was difficult going from Lisa See's "Snowflower and the Secret Fan" (which is now one of my favorite all time ever books) which is fabulously well written and deep to this one, which is more fun and light...but still very enjoyable.

I've got a horrible sore throat today and I've tried to not talk. For me, VERY hard to do. For my huband, BLISS.

Here is a pic of a tree in the front yard of our house COMPLETELY bent over with ice and dangerously close to the windows....

Oh, also a pic of the sock blockers I got HERE. Aren't they awesome?

UPDATE: I've finished one of the patterns I designed for One Planet Yarn and Fiber and I'm almost done with the second. When they're up and available, I will let you know and you'll be able to buy them here off my blog in pdf form OR from One Planet Yarn and Fiber in pdf form and also hardcopy. I can't wait to tell you all about them and how much fun I'm having knitting them. I should be starting the third design soon...and that one I'm REALLY excited about. Wish I could tell you more....

Happy Knitting!


GamecockDoc said...

Love your sock blockers. Very nice. I also just finished reading "Knitting Under the Influence" and enjoyed it. Makes me want to whip up a cozy brown afghan, the knit and the drink.

So mad that I missed you this weekend. This would be the time I get felled by a Pediatric GI bug. Hope you got some good stuff though. We'll have to try again sometime.

Anonymous said...

Yikes - That tree looks very dangerous!

I love your new sock blockers. I have a couple pair that I got from her. Very cool.

kimberly said...

I wish you could tell more too! Hope you feel better.

Lora said...

I can't wait to see more patterns by you! I love your freebies on your blog, so I bet I'll love the others!! Those sock blockers are too cute!! And oh your house!! Picture postcard worthy...Scarey with all the ice but has a beauty to it too!

Rositta said...

Wow, I thought our storm was bad but yours looks worse, way worse. I covet those sock blockers big time...ciao

Gigi said...

The sock blockers are wonderful. Hope you feel better sooooon!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Am curious to see the pattern. Those sock blockers are cool! You might want to get that tree taken down asap. I should show you the photos of the tree that fell on my house during a huge wind storm.

Nichole said...

Feel better soon - love the sock blockers! Did the tree end up breaking??