Friday, January 26, 2007

FO Friday: "Lucy Goosey" Bunny

Introducing my first attempt at a "curious creature" from the "Plush-o-Rama: Curious Creatures for Immature Adults" book by Linda Kopp. This book is SO much fun...Ben and I spent the entire morning yesterday in bed, snuggled under the covers....just looking at the pics.

(Tim has already put an order in for the Apple Tree and Omimushi dolls)

I made "Lucy Goosey" from the Moopy Bunny pattern (though, really, it was one of the few dolls without a template and you mostly had to follow the directions, which were a tad confusing) and it only took me 4 hours on and off....between cooking, playing with Ben, eating b&l and changing Pull Ups. Not too bad. I slightly altered the pattern by making her arms the opposite as what the book called for...and doing my best with the materials I had at home. Jackie and I may make a fabric-run this weekend, so I can pick up more materials for MORE DOLLS!

After I took the pics, I noticed that LG's ears were slightly wrinkled (even though I'd washed and ironed the fabric earlier), so I decided to use my NEW ROWENTA IRON to smooth those earsies out.

Isn't it awesome??? (my thoughtful mother-in-law got this for me for Christmas)

Now, as per my last podcast, I decided to organize my STASH. I said "HELLO!" to my stash and then almost immediately said, "HELL!" and then went into a mini state of shock after I counted all the skeins in my stash. Now, is there a way for me to give THE NUMBER without the hubby knowing??? (he read my blog last night and may be tempted to do it again) How about this...mulitply the number of books that the Yarn Harlot has published at the moment by 100, add in her age and subtract the number of Barbera Walker Treasuries multiplied by 5. Wait a that right?....hold on....(getting calculator)...I think it's right.

ANYWAY.....there was this certain number that slightly bothered me and now I'm re-thinking Wendy Knits' plan of knitting from your stash for 2007. Not that I won't be tempted by new yarns and all the yarn-knitting-spinning events I'll be going to this year...but I will be LESS tempted. I hope. So, I arranged every skein by color....(the greens & yellows shared the same bin, as well as the browns&reds&oranges and gray&blacks) It was surprising that the colors I had the MOST of were:

(in order of largest to smallest amount)


This is where most of the purple/wine colors are (see above).

Then, of course,


Here is the rest of the stash...all sock yarn that I didn't want to move to their respective color areas:

I'm figuring: 25% blue, 20% pink, 18% cream, 12% purple, 10% yellow/green, 8% brown/red/orange and 7% grays/blacks

How about you??? What's YOUR color percentage for yarn stash?

I've finished with design pattern 3 for One Planet Yarn and Fiber and sent it off today to the pattern editor, Melissa. I'm looking forward to seeing the items photographed and I will let you know as soon as they're up for sale. They'll be available from me in .pdf form only and in hard copy from One Planet and possibly 2 other yarn shops...I'll have to wait for confirmation about this. I'm VERY, VERY excited!! I started on the 4th pattern last night and, so far, it's coming out beautifully....I'm very happy with it so far. We'll see once I get halfway!

Also, wanted to add that I've been trying to use the Odeo myself and I just can't get the record button or play button to work. Not sure what's wrong with it....maybe it's a problem on the Odeo end? But, I'll try and email them and see what's up. So, I'll be waiting to do the "message giveaway" until it's actually up and running. Very frustrating. So, far, I have gotten one written message (from Odeo) from Rositta, which was great!

Have a fun (and warm) weekend everyone! Gina : )


Anonymous said...

Hey, look! I'm commenting! :) That bunny is really cute. Cocoa is cuter, but this one comes pretty darn close. Also, I am in awe of your stash-organization.


Anonymous said...

I love Lucy Goosey!

Nice looking stash! I'm sure it will increase in, say three weeks :)

Jackie said...

Lucy is awesome. Great job.

Kimberly said...

Oh my, look at that stash!! That is my whole apartment full of yarn. I could jump right in.
Great job on the bunny, by the way!!

Gigi said...

That bunny if fantastically cute! Well done!

Nichole said...

Cute Lucy! Nice stash too... I don't dare actually COUNT my own... but I am trying hard to adopt the "work from your stash" but I keep getting tempted by the yarn fairies... HELP ME..