Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In the Meantime....

Before my next podcast comes out this weekend, I wanted to thank EVERYONE who listened and commented on my first podcast. Can't tell you how much it meant to me!! I was so nervous and wanted the podcast to be interesting, funny and relaxing. Hope I got that across.

I'll be talking about the main things I'm doing in the podcast, so I'll just do a short update here:

1. Spun up Heather's "Bonfire" bfl fiber and the yarn came out AWESOME! I've only done half, but looking forward to doing the other half.

2. Stopped working on the Tote'M bag for now...must take a break from the garter stitch.

3. Went with Heather to the Acker's Acres angora farm on Sunday and we had a BLAST! Looked at (and bought) the most gorgeous fibers, yarns and bunnies imaginable...went around squeezing and petting everything...sounds kinda kinky, doesn't it? Heather brought a girl bunny home and is having a contest to name her...vote now! I'll be announcing the winner on the next podcast. Have had no luck uploading photos today, so it will have to wait until next time...darn!

4. You can check out my designer bio on the Black Pearl Yarns blog and many thanks to Lis for doing this for me!

5. I'm in the process of designing another pattern...this time for Yarn Botanika in her handpainted, fingering/sport weight yarns. This one is going to be amazing and I'm naming it the "Jacqueline" after my close friend (and super blogger), Jackie. Will show pics as time goes on. Promise.

So, if you've had trouble downloading my podcast, try these links: (It's only 20 minutes long and would love some comments on it!)...or search for "Sleepy Eyes Knits" podcast.


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Thank YOU for supporting me!

Happy Halloween and Happy Knitting!!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006

SleepyEyesKnits...Podcast 1: Sweet!

Whew!!! It's finally done and I am a little bit happy with it! It took many, many hours of swearing and begging Ian to help me figure out terms like "rss", "feed", and "mp3"...but I survived and I think Ian's only the tiniest bit scarred...emotionally, I mean, not physically.

The sad news is, from now on, I think my blogs will be mostly like this...lists of links and notes from the podcast and pictures that you can see that I've talked about. It will be short and, hopefully, sweet...heh heh.

You will be able to "hear" my babbling from now on instead of "reading" about it....but I use those terms loosely...much like my commitment to not buy any more yarn...yeah, right...(STR, here I come!)

Okay...so PLEASE download and listen to my podcast and gimme some feedback! Grab my button on the right and link to my podcast page or this one....Thanks, knitters!



"Sweetest Thing" by Durango

"Sweetness from Nothing" by Zerobae


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Spunky Eclectic

One Planet Yarn and Fiber....coming soon!

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Sleepy Eyes Knits Podcast

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Happy Knitting... and don't forget.....Yarn, Get Yarn!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Podcast? What Podcast?

Before I talk about the title of today's blog, I wanted to get back to you with the project I'm working on....the one that looks like THIS:

As you can see, I've done a little more on it since yesterday, but not much. (You'll know why later on.) It is the Tote'Em bag from the newest Knitter's Magazine...designed by Suzanne Atkinson. So far, this pattern is incredibly easy to follow (great directions) and no mistakes yet. The bag will be felted when it's done and calls for Patons Classic Merino in 3 colors...main and two others. Been using my AC Moore coupons (see Gigi's blog for a link to MORE coupons) to buy the skeins, so...it's a pretty inexpensive project. (woo-hoo!)

I don't want to say TOO much about this project since I will be talking about it in more detail in....


at the end of the week.

"Podcast?", you say. "What Podcast?"

Well, I've been working on this for a while and I'm hoping I can get the "Sleepy Eyes Knits" podcast out on the web by Friday night...maybe Saturday.

It's not super high quality sound, but surprisingly good for one recorded in my bedroom....the site of many illicit (not sure WHY they're illicit) love makings...and, alternately, where my little son sleeps as well. And, yes, it's pretty much me...just babbling on and on about knitting...like I always do. But, this time, you can listen to me for 30 whole minutes straight! (I know....please don't cringe until you actually hear the whole thing, k?)

So, right now, I'm colllecting THINGS.....interesting NEW online yarn stores, blogs, gadgets, books, etc. to talk about and all of that.

I'll have 4 sections to my podcast...."Current Projects", "Wow...New Stuff", "YarnGasm" and "Friggin Knitting".

What I'd like from you, my lovely knitters, are....

*IDEAS of what you'd like to hear me talk about
*SPONSORS for my humble (very humble), little show...I gladly accept yarn as payment for advertising! (mmmm....yarn)
*MUSIC...anyone know a band who has a cd that wouldn't mind letting me play one of their songs on each of my shows?
*GUEST SPEAKERS.....anyone have a small story about yarn or knitting that you'd like to have me read or maybe do an interview with me?

If you would like to share ANY of these with me, please email me HERE.

Comments??? (he he he)

Monday, October 23, 2006

What'cha workin' on?


Anyone guess what it is?

It's fun, pretty and interesting...only drawback...LOTS and LOTS of GARTER STITCH.


So, what are YOU working on? : )

Friday, October 20, 2006

The Return of Amanda

It's FO Friday once again...yippee! Unfortunately, I have only ONE FO for this Friday. My Haiku Flower Socks in the Blue Topaz colorway of the Black Pearl Yarns 100% dk cashmere. Oh, these socks were fun to knit and oh-so-soft. I'm kind of sorry I have to send it out today. It's also strange that I have knitted up 3 of these socks and none of them match...I have 3 singles...I guess I should start knitting the others, huh? But, after knitting up three of the SAME EXACT SOCK, I'm having a hard time getting motivated to knit 3 more!!

So, let's see...what's new since I blogged last? Well...went to knitting on Wed night and had a great time, as usual. Missed having Jackie there, but I got to see her the next day with kids at the play place, so that was good. She brought me the wonderful bag I asked her to make out of the fabric that Laurin brought a couple of weeks ago and it's SO NICE! (of course, I forgot to take a pic of it..will do that for next time) The bag is a tote with at least 5 pockets inside lined with an avocado green color microfiber that feels like suede. AND...pink webbing for the straps! oooohhhhh.......

Laurin and I wore almost the EXACT SAME thing on Wed! Don't we look so cute...matching like that? It was spooky and strange (though, for some reason, no one else thought it was very interesting...Laurin even said, "You are SO weird!!") We both wore black blouses with black pants and black shoes (hers pumps, mine chunky heel clogs) Maybe we were in mourning together? Maybe we were mourning the absence of our beloved Amanda....for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! (the nerve of her!!! LOL!)

Speaking of the Amazing Amanda.....she returned to us that night! Yea!!! Was it that she missed our fun, bantering conversations? Was it that she was having withdrawls from not being in our lovely presence? (Or...was she afraid NOT to come because of my guilt-ridden emails and barely veiled threats?) Who can tell? But, the important thing is that she did come back to us (as someone said she became, "the knitting group step-child" or, as I was thinking..."the Prodigal Daughter of the Knitting Group").

Amanda not only finished the Jaywalker socks (using Knit Picks Sock Garden yarn in Pansy) for her friend, Erik, but also began working on this brilliant pattern of using fabric scraps (of which I hear she has MILLIONS) tied at the ends for yarn and knitting it up using BIG needles. The pattern originally made a scarf but Amanda, being the creative person she is, decided she was going to adapt it to make herself a bag instead. Cool, huh? Here she is hiding behind the progress she's made so far. Doesn't it look fun?

Oh, another milestone that night was reached by Mike the Newbie. He's working on a gift for his neice-to-be...a pretty, yellow baby blanket. And, you know what? He knitted through his first ever ball of yarn!!! Yea for Mike! Doesn't he look proud? (He's a VERY independent knitter, by the way)

Rose also stopped by and I was happy to see her. She brought yarn for me, too.....2 balls of Rowan Luxe (merino/angora/nylon with sparkle yarn....drool) in pink and purple. I will using these to make the tea cozies from the Knit 2 Together book. Can't wait. Here's Rose with a needle in her hair...cute, huh?

Guess what I have a picture of??? Yes, you guessed it! Body Talk Guy! It's a little blurry, but THERE HE IS! He showed self restraint last week and, although he knew we were sitting at the table across the cafe, stayed where he was and didn't harass anyone...mainly me. Yippeee!

So, besides Wed night's fun, not much else has been going on. I'm working on something TOP SECRET right now (well, I guess it's only Top Secret from anyone besides Jackie and me...since I told her yesterday) and it's FAB-U-LOUS! I will show some pics on Monday.

My sis, Kim, is coming over this weekend so that should be fun.

I haven't had any time for spinning while I've been finishing up the three socks for Lis and Black Pearl Yarns and also working so much. But, at least I'm making some extra money to support my fiber/yarn habit with some left over to deposit in the bank, right?

Before I go (and leave you all crying for more...ha ha), I wanted to show you a picture of my handsome-as-all-hell 13 year old, Tim. He had school pics the other day and looked so nice in his clothes (that I picked out). I'm so lucky...he's such a great son!

Happy Knitting to all and to all a good night....I mean, day : P

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Month-of-the-Sock-Contest Pic

Wow...it's me again already....it's a miracle! Ben is quietly playing upstairs, he used the potty (yippeee!), and there's only the soft ticking of my cuckoo clock...so, I figure, it's BLOGGIN' TIME! (similar to "Hammer Time", but much more fashionable.)

If you don't already know, Lolly of The Giving Flower is having a "Month of the Sock" contest. It's easy...just a take a pic of your handknit sock collection, put it on your blog, comment on her blog with your blog address and...you're in! I'm very excited to see all the other sock collections.

It's funny because, last night, Ian and I were just talking about this very thing. We didn't have the heat on in our bedroom (it was literally like 60 degrees) and my body was shaking with cold. So, since Ian doesn't like to "waste" money on turning on the heat for anything other than DIRE frostbite, he graciously offered to get me a pair of socks out of my drawer. (really...I couldn't have gotten them...even under the blankets, I was shivering like mad)

So, he pulls out the drawer and says, "Wow, you've got a nice collection of socks there." And, from Ian, that's a REAL compliment. I thought about it and realized how beautiful all those socks are...ones that I'd made. So, without further ado, here is a pic of all the handknit socks I have in the house at this time. Some of them are dirty (eeek!) and some were gifts, so they're living happily (I hope!) in that person's house or on their feet (which is preferable). What do ya think?

Description of socks (L to R), (T to B):

-Red Heart (yes, I have to come clean...this was my VERY first pair of heel-less socks that I knit) acrylic, Kids Knitting pattern
-Mountain Colors Barefoot in Ruby River, Barefoot pattern
-Socks that Rock in Sandstone, Classic socks pattern
-Celestial Merino ...Aquarius colorway, Classic socks pattern
-Rose Garden Fiber's Angora/wool handspun yarn in Rainbow, short row sock pattern from Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook
-Regia Ringel color...5048 colorway, Jaywalker pattern
-Trekking XXL, color 109, Moc Croc pattern
-Sleepy Eyesyarn in Easter colorway, my own pattern
-Cascade Fixation, purple varigated 9780, Knitty's Broad Ripple pattern
-Yarn Botanika's fingering sock yarn, Marigolds/Tiger Lily colorway, Jaywalker pattern
-Alchemy's Furry Kindness angora yarn in Boo's Garden colorway, my own pattern
-Sereknity's fingering weight sock yarn, Rainbow colorway, my own pattern

So....comment on my socks if you like and let me know your blog address if you do the same. I'd love to see YOUR socks!

Happy Socktober!

Monday, October 16, 2006

To Be Acknowledged

Where have I BEEN?????

Okay, I think my hubby brought home some alien sickness to the house (from work, where the aliens are) and we were all sick since Wednesday night (at least I got my knitting night in!!). First it was Ian, then me, then poor Ben. Tim had recently been sick with a chest cough, so he pretty much stayed the same. I think we're 70% better now. Poor us.

Buying stock in Puff Plus (with lotion) tissues and cold medicine. I easily get affected by drugs, so I was taking Children's Tylenol Cold with Cough....which actually worked pretty well. Today, I'm only "honking" (okay...to ME...this means blowing my nose loudy...to others, it means something TOTALLY different!) my nose every 10 minutes instead of every 10 seconds and my nose is running only every 5 minutes instead of every milisecond...BIG improvement.

Since last week, some really nice things have happened to me, so I will share them...

*Jackie brought over a Thomas the Tank Engine table for Ben that her son, Carter, wasn't playing with and had lost interest in. She gave it to Ben as a gift...FREE!!! Oh, the happiness she's brought Ben (as well as Tim...I see him sneaking into Ben's room setting up these elaborate train track set ups), she'll never know. If you haven't guessed it before, Jackie is WONDERFUL!

*Julie sent me a prize from her fundraising contest....oh, it's super...4 HUGE, GIGANTIC skeins of a soft, spring, leaf green laceweight mohair yarn. I LOVE IT! I love this color, mohair and laceweight. How can I go wrong? Thanks, Julie!!

*Had a blast at the CM Croptoberfest scrapbooking day on Saturday...yes, I did spend 10 hours scrapbooking...and, let me say, that it's REALLY not enough time. You'd think it would be, but it's not. It takes at least a half hour to pack, then unpack and then you need to eat lunch and dinner, etc. I got Ben's ABC scrapbook done and 8 pages of my 2006 scrapbook done...but, I was hoping I'd get the whole thing done! I know, I know, I was dreaming. Got to spend all day with Laurin, her friend Lisa (who is funtastic) and one of my best friends, Chris. We talked trash, got some work done, shivered on those cold, metal fold out chairs and just had FUN. (yes, my knitting friends will be forced to look at my albums on Wed...sorry gals!)

*Tried some of Laurin's yummy Pasta Salad, which consisted of spaghetti, some pepperoni and a fantastic "dressing". Oh, it was GOOD...but it's really not surprising since she is the most amazng cook. It's very frustrating that she won't quit her good paying job to come and live with me and cook for me every meal without pay.......what kind of friend is THAT??? LOL!

*Finished my Haiku Flower sock pattern for Black Pearl Yarns, sent in two finished socks in different sizes and I'm working on the last sock in the Blue Topaz colorway now. Oh, that yarn is orgasmic!!! It's so soft and like heaven to knit with. You really need to buy some...and my pattern when it comes out! (shameless, I know)

*Dyed two skeins of yarn...one for a winner of Julie's contest, Janice, which is on the right and called, "Juice for Janice". The other is more of a strawberry red with orange here and there...they are both in fingering weight superwash merino/tencel yarn and VERY shiny. I haven't put the other on Etsy yet, but if you want it, it's $15...so let me know. I will name it after you, as well! : )

Now to my mom, Karen. I want her to know that I've finally understood. I was thinking last night about all the times she came home from working all day and just asked my sister and I (we're only a year apart) to PLEASE, PLEASE for once, have the table set or part of the house picked up or some of the housework done WITHOUT ASKING. I guess I thought when I was a teen (and probably younger), that I had too much of my own IMPORTANT stuff to do (like homework, watching tv, talking on the phone, eating acres of salad with peppers) to spend a lot of time doing things like that, but I don't remember feeling this way in a mean way, just as a normal, lazy girl would think.

But, NOW, I completely and utterly understand. When, my voice is raised, my throat is hoarse and my stress is high, I feel so FRUSTRATED that no one in the house will take any initiative to help me with housework or even every day stuff that they need to do (brush teeth, go to the bathroom, pick up dirty clothes, pick up dirty dishes,etc.) I think "Why do I have to be the one to always be the motivator?" I mean, sometimes I don't feel like being the "drill sargeant (sp?)". I get tired of having to ask, "Can you PLEASE pick up your dirty underwear?", "Can you PLEASE not leave your dirty dishes in the living room?", or "Can you PLEASE take out the garbage bag when you see it spiling on the floor and the cats eating out of it????"

I had the brilliant, insightful moment when it all became clear what my mom was asking all those years ago and I want to say:

"Mom, I'm so sorry for not helping more. You were wonderful (still are) and I wish I'd helped you more and was less selfish. I love you."

I want to acknowlege not only my wonderful, loving, super mom, but also all of us other moms (or dads) (who are knitters, spinners, dyers and just all around awesome ladies) who, though we don't get paid high salaries in check form (or any, for the most part), we keep things running with love and care.

We are the family MANAGERS, ACCOUNTANTS, MAIDS, CARETAKERS of our lovely children, LOVERS, REFEREES, COOKS and, most of all, CARING people.

I know you'll agree with me when I say that we are very grateful to our husbands (or wives) for working so hard for us, fixing this and that when needed, carrying the heavy loads of wood, keeping fires going and, in my case, checking my oil and changing the litter boxes. But, sometimes, I think we need acknowlegement, too. Don't you think?

To all of us, I give you a great, big HUG!!!!!!!!

Have a super knitting day and I would love to hear some comments on this!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Potty Time!

The BIG NEWS!!! Ben went pee in the potty this morning! Woo-hoo! He got a yummy gift of a mini Hershey bar for being such a big boy. Ever since I went shopping with Jackie on Saturday and found his "Once Upon a Potty" potty, I've been having him sit on it...and reading even more books than usual...our normal amount is 20 books a day, but now, it's MUCH MUCH more....

A good thing was that I'd found a book at the library called, "Knitting Nell" and was able to read about this little girl who knits...pretty great! Ben, sadly, did not find this book as interesting as "Don't Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus!". Which is hilarious, by the way.

Oh, here's an adorable pic of the kids at the private playground a few houses down....they look so happy!...or Ben would look so happy if he wasn't such a BLUR!

We did tons of stuff this weekend:

-Got more apples, cider, pie ingredient makings, donuts and cookies (a well balanced bunch of stuff, right? LOL!) at the Sunnycrest Apple Farm

-I worked at the nursing home and had fun gabbing and doing yoga with the older ladies

-Dyed 2 skeins of yarn...which are drying now, so pics soon.

-Did 4 loads of laundry....ugh....most of it was clothing of the MALES in my household (3 including the cats)...this is why I never have any clean clothes...."WHERE ARE MY CLEAN PANTIES????"...don't worry, I usually find some buried in the bottom of my drawer.

-My parents visited and we had tons of fun with the kids....my mom gave me a very much needed break from the kiddies...and brought them a HUGE box full of Halloween goodies....what a SUPER grandma my kids have....what a SUPER mom I have! (love you, mom!)

-Worked on my Yoga website (Ian helped ALOT with this one...thank you, my SEXY NERDY COMPUTER GOD!) and it looks GREAT! I would love some feedback. Go here: Yoga Garden NH

and, finally,

-Knitted up my first and second sock for Black Pearl Yarns using the lace pattern that I created (designed?) called "Haiku Flower Socks". I didn't create the lace pattern itself, but adopted it and added things here and there to create my own sock pattern out of it. Here's a pic of the 100% cashmere sock...

Isn't it lovely? It's SOOO soft. (Did I already show this pic?) It's not a wear-with-your-shoes sock, but more of a wear-when-you're-sitting-and-knitting sock. A COMFY sock! The cuff/leg area is not fitted, but soft and open. The foot part is worked so that your foot is cradled by the sock and you can say "Ahhhh!" when you put it on. There are two sizes for the sock....one is small (like 5-6 size...maybe 6.5) and the other can fit up to a size 9 foot....with a bigger leg. What do you think????

Finally, I will leave you with ADORABLE, SQUEEZE-THOSE-CHEEKS pics of Ben and Jackie's kiddies (Carter and Riley) when we went to the Discovery Stop on Thursday. Oh, I wish I had the pic of Jackie sliding down the slide and going through the rollers (or as I call them "The Body Size Mammogram")!! I think she deliberately "forgot" to send those to me because she knew I'd blog them! (don't think I'm not on to you, J!!! LOL!) We knit and played and...boy, it was FUN!! I guess I'll have to go down the slide next time! Woo-hoo!

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dyeing To Spin with The Simpsons

So, how do you like these?? (didn't dye the iguana..thought it looked cute, though) On Sunday (going backwards here), Ian gave me time to myself (eeee!) and I tried a new dyeing technique...it's more of a hot pour watercolor method. LOVED it! You can't tell how shiny and super-licious these superwash merino/tencel sock yarns are until you see them in person. I'm calling them the "Mermaid" Series.

The first is "UNDINE"....more turquoises, softer greens and purples.
Next, is "Water Nymph"....more tealish with deeper blues and purples.
Last, is "Sea Fairy"...more mossy greens and plumy purples.

One of these is for lovely Jackie for being her wonderful self (and for driving me home when I'm tipsy on a Wed night!) One is for me and one is up for grabs...hoping Donna, the "Knitting Angel" will like one of them!

I was super, super busy this weekend being PRODUCTIVE...woo-hoo! Friday, Ian took the Tim and his friend hiking up north and Ben and I had some fun at home. It was all wet and rainy out all day, so we mostly stayed inside, watched The Simpsons (yes, I am a bad mommy...Ben LOVES this show...I do, too...and I let him watch it), and played. After a while, he was building with blocks at my feet, so I decided to get out my spinning wheel. I spun these out of FiberFly's Rainbow Pousse Cafe 100% Ramboillet fiber. Yuuummmy! Soft and sproingy.

These are the balls of single ply waiting to be plied together...and then the finished two ply...gorgeous!

This is a close up on the 2 ply and then a comparison to the Navajo ply that I did on the leftover singles. Personally, I fell in love with the Navajo ply...even though I liked the 2 ply very much...I was jumping for joy at the 3 ply...too bad it's only a very tiny amount. I'm calling it "Turbulence".

I also was a "good" wife and got tons of housework done....3 loads of laundry, washed all the bed sheets, vacuumed, put away dishes, did a HUGE overhaul of Tim's messy room, made all necessary "secretarial" calls, and got my new CABLE INTERNET ADDRESS up and running!!! (well, Ian did all the wiring and adjusting...I just made the call)

Last week, I spun these yarns. The one on the left is "Morning Dew" wool blend fiber with nylon sparkle from Spunky Eclectic...boy, is it a great online store....not only for fiber, but yarn, too! I spun it bulky and added....listen closely here....100 glass beads to the yarn!!! It's amazing! I'm calling it "HoneyDew" and it's up for grabs if anyone is interested. The pic next to it is of some pretty tussah silk I spun and plied, which was much nicer BEFORE washing....I don't know what happened, but lots of the dye "leaked" and the finished 2ply silk is more "greyish", though you can still see the original colors. Wish I hadn't set it. The deep rose and teal colors together were more impressive.

The one below on the left is a 50/50 merino/silk fiber that is more than beautiful...more than delicious. It's slightly soft and fuzzy and out of this world...it's going to be a special gift for a special couple. Also, couldn't resist a pic of Ben playing outside and being his usual adorable self. (I mean, can any mom resist???)

A while ago, I bought this book which shows you how to make knitted greeting cards...no, the cards themselves aren't knitted, but you knit mini items (such as scarves, socks, sweaters) and add them to the front of the card. They're really cute, but I think you would only make one for a fellow knitter and if you had LOTS of free time and motiviation. Also a pic of the adorable sock-blocker-sock keychain that I now have...sock knitted by me with yarn leftovers and blocker courtesy of the super Heather of Sereknity Yarns.

On the above center is yet ANOTHER yarn that I dyed last week (while I was simutaneously cooking dinner, cleaning, reading and maybe even going to the bathroom...who knows!) called "Birthday Cake". It's a worsted weight merino in sweet, bright pastels...it's very possibly self striping...I set it up that way, but I may have made a mistake, so we won't know until Marion knits it up. Hint, Hint.

I also received my package from Berlin, Germany from the Fantastic Lolly. We traded...I got her a subscription to Interweave Knits and she sent me these lovely needle bags (better pics of it here and she's also selling her pattern for them as well. Get them NOW! Being the super person she is, she also sent me handmade stitch markers made into a Giving Flower, mug of beer, hamburger (Ben's favorite) and strawberry (Tim's favorite). So pretty! Thanks, Lolly!!!

Above center is the Black Pearl Yarns I have been waiting for!!! The creamy colored ones are called "Jasmine Pearl" and are 100% cashmere. I CANNOT tell you how beautiful these yarns are. I can try to describe them in three words:

Buttery, Creamy and Orgasmic.

Okay...I guess that could also describe some sort of dessert but, hey, I LOVE dessert! Buy some of this yarn immediately. The other colors not only have fabulous names (like Chai Tea, Bamboo, Cherry Blossom, etc), but are truly pretty oriental shades.

The other yarns pictured are from Yarn Botanika and are in the "Bluebells" colorway. I'm using both the Black Pearl Yarns and the Yarn Botanika yarns to knit my patterned lace socks for Black Pearl. One will be fully in cashmere and the other will be in dk sock yarn so you could see how you could also use my pattern for yarn in your current stash. I'm working on those right now....and I'm loving EVERY minute of it!

Hmm...is there anything else I forgot to add??

Oh, yes.

I found this great blog (and also bought a skein of his hand dyed yarn called "Sesame Street").....Adam Knits. You should check it out...it's cool.

So, to sum up my weekend....

I knit, I spun, I cleaned....I dyed.

The End.