Wednesday, August 30, 2006

It's Fine to Rhyme.

It's hard to blog when I have no time. So, how do I have time to rhyme?

No idea. That's what I do. I truly do these things for YOU.

Here are my boys, Tim One...Ben Two. I've blogged them here for you to view.

This is my Tim and my mother. They look happy sitting with each other.

This is Ben and his guitar. He likes to play both near and far.

Here is my almost finished cami. Just have to grin and knit the panty.

Here's a book Ben found, I think. It's all about...yes...DOUBLE PINK.
I read it to him one night in bed. Ian's eyes rolled in his head.
Ben liked it, though. No doubt about it.
I had to return it where I found it. (library...boohoo)

My socks are finished. Fi-na-lly.
I used Lisa's yarn, Tiger Li-Ly. (ugh)

Here's some yarn I found online. No, you can't have it. It's only mine.
The ribs make tracks both up and down. I will not wear these with a gown.

I got my swap kit the other day. It had great yarn, I have to say.
The handknit bag is super nice. The clover hand salve...I sniffed TWICE!

Today I'm happy. It's the day to knit. With all my girlfriends...we like to sit. I'll get there early...I'll knit and blink. I'll read a mag and have a drink.

To the "body talk" guy who's up and about...sorry, buddy, you FREAK ME OUT!

(look tomorrow for the FREE Handdyed yarn giveaway!!!)

Friday, August 25, 2006

Let's Talk about Cups...

No, not these cups. Bra cups...bosoms...breasts and such and such. For everyone who was asking "What was in the Fredrick's of Hollywood package???", I can now answer.....DISAPPOINTMENT! I had ordered some sexy lingerie...panties and bras. The "everyday" bra I bought (plain microfiber) fit nicely, but the set that I REALLY wanted to fit (lacy pink bra and panties with matching camisole) all did NOT fit. The panties and camisole, strangely enough, were too big and I didn't actually like the style on me as much as I liked it on the "so-skinny-she-could-fit-through-a-crack-in-the-door" gal on the website. The bra, on the other hand, was like many, many other bras that I've encountered since the age of 10 1/2.

It was TOO small.

Not the circumference, but the damn CUP!!!

Shall I reveal what size cup didn't fit me? (now, keep in mind that the smallest I ever wore was a C cup as an adult and, since then, I've had...and nursed....two children?)....okay, take a deep breath!

DD! (which is actually an E). This did NOT fit me. (the "everyday" bra, though, was an F....dare I say it...I guess I already did...does fit perfectly.)

So, now look at the SUPPOSED "D" cup (which I modified to be bigger) for my Nicole lingerie that I knitted up....

Does this look like it will hold a size F breast? NO! (time to cry and make pathetic, whiny noises)

This is how the rest of the lingerie looked before adding the "cup" (snort)....

This part fits perfectly and, now that I've sewn both the cups and bodice together, it looks beautiful (finished picture next entry) and the Lion and Lamb yarn is even softer than I thought it would be. It was a dream to knit with!

So, now I'm working on trying to add the elastic under the cups and find some REALLY special buttons for the back. Any suggestions?

To cheer myself up, I dyed up some superwash merino and tencel yarn for me and Jackie. Jackie, a super friend and who is absolutely amazing at sewing (and I'm NOT just saying this so she'll make me that adorable bucket bag! LOL!), saved me a couple weeks ago by coming to the scrapbook party my sister was hosting at my house after everyone else bailed on us. Now, THAT is a true, she also made this beautiful photo card with her kiddies (Carter and Riley...I could eat them both up!) at the ocean.


Here is the yarn I dyed....hers is called "Good and Plenty", which Jackie thought up herself (perfect name!) and mine...which is more lamely called "Ghostly Sea"....gimme a break...I was stressed out after the "FOH Cup Incident".

(You can see a swatch of the "Good and Plenty" on Jackie's blog, here.)

Oh, you HAVE to see the SO CUTE needles that I bought from Heather the other night at knitting....

Froggies!!!! OH, I LOVE them! She also made me two copper and pink/crystal beaded hooks for my spinning wheel that are the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Will post those next time, too...just to keep you in suspense! (By the way, Heather is in the process of creating a NEW website, so keep an eye out for it....called "Sereknity"! Such a cool name. Her current website might not work now, but it may direct you to the new site.)

Finally, a pic of my baby boy, the new rabbit cage that Ian built (our angora bunny, Miss Tubbsie, is growing at an alarming rate...she's less than a year old!...and she needed a bigger cage.) Ben has decided that the cage is not hers, but HIS! And is spending a good deal of time in there.

I asked him, "Why didn't you ever want to go in the play-yard when you were little and I needed to take a shower?" and he looked at me very seriously and said "Cage, mommy." So, I took that to mean that the play-yard in pinks, blues and soft greens was MUCH too childish for him and needed a more manly play-yard, such as this chicken wire and wood with nails CAGE! (males!)

Knitting Update:

-Am 1/2 way done with Jaywalker Number 2 on pair number 2 in the Yarn Botanika "Marigolds" colorway, which I call "Tiger Lily".

-Am 3/4 done with the Nicole Lingerie...need to sew in buttons and elastic and knit the panty/thong (depending on how much yarn I have left!)

-Still have the Toe sock to finish (number 1) and many other UFOs.

-Just ordered some Finland fingering weight wool in a snowy white so I can either design my own shawl pattern or make one of the 100 lace shawl patterns I have in my "To DO" binder. (sigh...never enough time, is there?)

Spinning Update:

-Have not done any more on Rose's fiber....will work on it more next week....sorry, Rose!

On the last day of this month, I'm finally having my "Yarn Giveaway" will be a grab bag of all the rest of my hand-dyed yarns from the store (and my house), as well as a knitting book of your choice, from a list I'll give in a few days...with pics of the yarn. (I'm trying to clean out my Etsy store so I can start adding new yarns, which will be accompanied by Rose's stitch markers, as well.) Stay TUNED!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Help Betty, please!

A totally "unrelated to knitting" request....but a super lady and fellow blogger, Julie is asking for donations for her friend and co-worker, Betty...who has Multiple Myeloma cancer. Julie is offering wonderful, generous prizes to raffle if you donate some money to this cause and a double chance to win if you link to this page on your blog. You can find out more about Betty and the raffle here. If you have some extra money, please consider donating to help Betty. Thank you so much!

A totally "related to knitting" note...I'll be posting pics of my lingerie (almost close to done...with the camisole part anyway), my new Froggie knitting needles made by Heather, and two new sock yarns that I dyed in a superwash merino/tencel blend fingering is for my friend, Jackie and one is for me!

Happy Knitting!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Done Good...

This week, I've gotten a nice amount of work done with my knitting. (good girl!) I've bypassed the "Black Hole" of knitting my lingerie....also known as the "butt hole" of knitting (sorry, I'm being vulgar)...when you knit and knit and knit...measure 9 inches...knit for, like, another hour and measure again....9 inches. WTF?? At some point, the knitting gods get tired of jerking you around and move on to something else...the perfect time to knit one more row...AND.....then you're up to 10 1/2 inches! Imagine that...the miracles of knitting...(b*stards...) Anyone else have this experience?

At knitting group Wed (which Lora and her children adorably call, "knitting practice"! it...which it really is sometimes, right?), Marion brought leftover favors from her daughter's wedding (nice pictures, too), which consisted of hand crocheted flowers around a net of JELLYBEANS!!!! Yummy! Here are some of the flowers...had to keep them...

So...on the sly, I've been working on the Moss Grid Hand Towel from Mason Dixon Knitting with Euroflax Linen in Emerald. This is for the bathroom upstairs (the one with the jacuzzi tub!!!!), so it MUST be worthy.

Didn't realize until I was halfway through the pattern (6th repeat of grid) that I was almost out of, as many of my fellow knitters know, I'm FAMOUS for never having enough yarn (that darn Noro Kuryeon!) at the end of a project...but the pattern says knit 12 (yes, 12) repeats. I look and I have only 1 yard of yarn left. Hm. What should I do? What the hell happened? While contemplating the thought that maybe Ben was eating my yarn (Ericka has suggested this numerous times...she might not be wrong either), I happend to look at the materials list again.

Then, I looked at my label.

The book says 1 skein. I have 1 skein. Same brand. Same fiber content. The book says 370 yards. My label says 135 yards. Ahhh! That's what's wrong. I had no idea that this yarn comes in two size skeins. Did you? So...what to do?

Make a half size hand towel...."yeah", I'll say..."I planned it that way." (snort)

Here's a close up on the pattern and yarn:

There are 2 nice traits and 2 naughty traits of this yarn (much like me, I must say)...

1. The yarn easier to knit with than cotton, which I was surprised and pleased with.
2. Linen is not hard on the fingers and is almost like a hard silk....and the finished product is super nice!

not good 1. This yarn splits and knots very easily.
not good 2. This yarn comes in TWO DAMN SIZE skeins!

Okay, trying to let it go....

Finally, had to rip out the Toe Sock from the leg (I'm doing toe up) back to the foot (oh...oh...not the heel! yup) back to the foot. The women's medium size said to knit until the foot is 7.5 inches (which I did) and then start the short row heel. When I was done with the heel, the foot was 10 inches long....not humongous, but not nice and snug like I like it. So, I had to cry a bit, rip a bit and now, I'm back to where I was last week. (long sigh)

Also, did a little spinning of some fiber for Rose today. It's a beautiful merino fiber in purples, blues, pinks, whites, grays and more....coming out nicely!

Guess what I got today??? A package from Fredrick's of Hollywood....I wonder what's inside??? (you perverts!...only joking.) It's almost (and I say almost, not quite the same) as having a package of yarn come in the mail. So excited to see what it is! (well, I know already....but you don't...nah nah nah nah nah!)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Where Was I?

This past weekend has been PACKED with stuff for me to do....

-Friday: the closing party for Ben's Summer Reading program (which we tried to go to, but Ben was scared of the Pirate Man), my sister visiting from RI and teaching yoga (my sister got to take my class, so that was fun).

-Saturday: weigh in at Weight Watchers (lost 4 pounds!!! almost up to losing 40!), try to give a Reiki treatment (my client got mixed up on the time...but not a big deal....missed seeing her, though) and going to Donna's 50th birthday party. Pictures? Well, no, I forgot my camera. Luckily, Jackie is the new picture taking fool...out with Gina Papparazzi and in with Jackie Papparazzi! (I'm kind of relieved...but I will still be taking pictures, don't worry)

-Sunday: clean the house frantically, get the kids ready to go out with Ian for a few hours while my sister and I host a Creative Memories scrapbook class....put out food, make little goody bags to give out and had to beg Kim (my sister) to go to the store because I ran out of napkins. Finally, everyone arrrived (thank you, thank you, Jackie for saving me!!!!) and we had a great time...or at least I did. We all made a "card" with some of our pictures and I bought a ton of stuff to make another album for 2006. I have 2005 almost done. Just have 2 more pages to fill up and that album is FINI!

After my sis left (sorry to see her go), I could breathe again and had all this delicious food left over to give the guys for supper and for Ian to have for lunch the next day (thank you everyone!!!...especially Chris and her amazing Chicken and Rice dish, which is ALWAYS the hit of any party).

Knitting updates? Well, not much. I have to redo part of my Toe Socks...they were almost done, but the foot came out a bit too big and I just have to rip it back (waaaah!), got another 1 inch done on my lingerie and started a bath towel out of Euroflax linen...will link in the next blog. I'm pooped today...and lazy.

Pictures? Well, again, a few, but more next time...

1. My Tigerlily/Marigolds sock in the Jaywalker pattern using awesome sock yarn from Yarn Botanika.

2. The AMAZING (and sexy) Jackie last Wedensday at knitting (holding the glass I got from Amanda...see both below).

3. The ADORABLE (and lovely) Amanda, who is determined to finish up a few projects by the end of the month. I KNOW she can do should see the cardigan she's made that's almost done....awesome!

4. The GLASS...a gift from Amanda to symbolize my drinking half a marguarita two weeks ago and acting like a fool...also can be used as a glass for drinking if I really wanted to get totally drunk (and perhaps go into a coma from all that liquor). Love it!

and, finally,

5. The MOHAIR (in rainbow colors!!!) that I want to knit up into a sweater for myself...maybe with bell sleeves and a nice, boat neck...must ask Denise or Donna how I can do this. Might use the pink mohair that Ericka bought me a year ago at the Sheep and Wool for the collar or arms or something. I love that stuff!

So, what're you all knitting on right now?

Also, if my KSKS (sock kit pal) is reading right now....where are youuuuuu????

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Introducing Lolly of "The Giving Flower"!

Remember when I made that adorable Mr. SockFish Bag? (So cute and it's the perfect size to fit all of your sock projects...with two side fin pockets...oh, and I was's where the pockets are...)

Well, the creator of this sweet pattern (and writer of a wonderful blog) is Kimberly (Lolly) Gintar of The Giving Flower. Hi Kimberly! According to her blog, she is "A dislocated American mama in Berlin sharing a little international inspiration: knit, sew, and be happy."

Not only are her patterns fantastic (very clear and well written with lots of detail and pictures) and her knitting awe-inspiring, but she is super friendly and has graciously accepted my invitation to answer some of my questions for today's blog.

So, without further she is!

1. What is your favorite dessert? Anything sweet is good for me. I'm partial to chocolate and just love brownies. My favourite home-made brownie recipe came from a great blogger-Nikki Shell who makes great things-both food and crafts.

2. What has been your best accomplishment in knitting/sewing/crafts so far? Oh this is a tough one because I feel I have so much to learn and with every new project I take on I learn so much. I have yet to accomplish this-I would love to design something for I just love what they do and the patterns that are published there that I'd love to be a part of it.
I guess if I had to pick one thing so far it would be my sockfish pattern that really went well and I was quite surprised at how many I sold.

3. Whom do you admire and/or who inspires your work? Oh there is not just one person that I admire, rather many. The blogs I read inspire me so much. If I had to pick my favourite designer I would say Nancy Bush. I so adore the patterns that I've made from Nancy Bush. She's amazing.

4. What is the most enjoyable thing about living in Berlin? What is
the most difficult? I would say the most difficult is the mentality of the people-they are very blunt and quite rude. Of course, this is not true about everyone but it’s enough to make you a bit aggressive sometimes. The best thing about living in Berlin are the friends I’ve met. And of course, my husband and family.

5. How are the yarn stores there compared to the US? I have to admit, I'm not a big expert on the subject-I have 3 yarn stores in the area I love and have yet to drive across town to visit the other 3 stores that are supposed to be great. I do see that we have tons and tons of sock yarn. Because of this I love anything you can knit with sock yarn. I do miss the inexpensive yarn that’s found in the States though.

6. Can you explain to everyone the title of your blog? I have a page on my blog which explains why I chose this title. I think that explains it the best. Look in the sidebar under Hence the Name.

7. What is your favorite yarn? I don't really have a favourite yarn brand-yet. I do adore alpaca and can't wait to get a friendly Llama for the balcony so I can shave him once a year to spin into yarn. ;) I’m also waiting for a spinning wheel to land on my doorstep. ;)I guess I’ll be waiting for a while.

8. What is your favorite brand needles? To be honest, I don't have a favourite needle-Every yarn is different and I think you need to use different needles for different yarn. I do love my Addi double points though-for knitting socks, no less.

9. Where do you find you knit the most? At night when the kids are in bed I love to watch ER, Sex in the City, Friends or Little House on the Prairie re-runs while knitting in bed.

10. What is a future project that you'd like to but haven't had the guts to try yet? It's never really a question of guts, because I'm willing and ready to give just about anything a try, rather it's a question of having the right yarn. I would absolutely love to knit the Peacock Feathers Shawl from Fiddlesticks knitting. It can’t take that long, can it?

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Kimberly!

If you would like to visit Kimberly's "Aquarium", featuring photos of Mr. SockFish bags, click here.

Please visit her blog, check out her patterns and knits...then, make a Mr. SockFish of your own!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pictures Speak 999 Words...more or less.

Tired. Very tired. But, want to blog what I've been up to since Friday night. Short sentences. Nice pictures. Hoping for many nice, friendly comments. we go!

1. Went Saturday night with Ian to Hampton Beach to see Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood (from Who's Line is it Anyway?). Each seat had literally 14 inches per person (with no wiggling room) and we were squashed in like sardines, but I've never laughed so hard in my life and it was worth it. They were even funnier in person...and kinda cute, too! My parents were up from RI and put the kids to bed for us...the best, most thoughtful gift ever. (they also gave us $100!...shhh!)

2. Received my Greenwood Fiberworks hot pink cotton/lycra sock yarn in the mail with pattern for socks with short row heel...just what I wanted! Color is great, yarn is soft and springy....added letter was very friendly and such a nice, personal touch.

3. Worked on my Nicole lingerie a bit more. Have 5 more inches to go before I start the "boob holders", also known as the "cups"...more like "bowls" in my case : P

4. Lovely Donna was kind enough ("friggin' awesome!) to send me the "Toe Socks" pattern from P.G. Roberts so I could start my toe-socks. Laurin bought me the Sockotta yarn (in pinks, oranges and yellows) for my birthday, so this was the perfect time to use it (also it's the yarn called for in the pattern....fate!). And Jackie made me this adorable pink/green sock bag that I've been using to hold it in...pretty nifty. (you should check out her blog and see her GORGEOUS hand made bags...she has an Etsy shop as well.)

5. Last, but not least, a very cute picture of my bunny, Little Miss Tubbsie, sitting near the bush in our backyard. She's still a bit dirty, but very cuddly....I think she gets more kissing action from Ian than I do, darn it! She loves to hop around the backyard and hide under bushes. I think she's contemplating hiding under this one...who knows?

Okay...that's it. Back to the world of "not-having-my-face-pressed-up-against-the-laptop" for a while. Happy Knitting out there! Interview with a special, international blogger next time! Keep checking!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Yarn that Makes the Sun Come Out...

Yes, oh, yes.....the Socks that Rock yarn arrived today! No more animosity towards my mailman anymore! (or at least until the next time I order a big load o'yarn) Woo-hoo! As soon as the box showed up, the sun LITERALLY came out and it stopped raining! Is there anything this yarn CAN'T do???

I will post with mostly pictures and few words...since I think the pics explain everything...but I will do sound effects, okay?

1. Ta-DA! Slit...rrrrip.

2. OOOH!

3. Oh, more? Nice! Crinkle...lift...

4. Hmmm...what're these colors?

(Seal Rock, Sherbet, Seastone and Highway 30)

5. about these?

(Harvest Moon, Azurite, Blue Moonstone, and Lucy in the Sky)

6. I guess these are the last ones...

(Watermelon Tourmaline, Scottish Highlands, Lemongrass and Apple Valley Road)

7. Oooh...shall I arrange them like THIS?

Oh, that's fun.

8. Do I dare show you my Cleavage Hugging??? (not for the faint of heart....I'm in my damn bra!)

(and, yes, for those in my knitting group....this is MY yarn...the you don't have to worry about me rubbing my sweaty (they REALLY aren''s cooler today) boobs on YOUR yarn! lol!)

Any comments????

Something that Really only interests ME!

This is what my horoscope said from Crazy Aunt Purl:

"GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)
No matter how many vacations you take, or adventures you have, there's always a desire in you to see more, do more, know more. Know-It-All-Ism is a real Gemini trait, but because you're so likable nobody really minds letting you pontificate and excitedly explain things. The problem comes when you get bored, and need new inspiration, and you're stuck without a vacation to plan or anyplace at all to roam. In these times, like, say... August, you have to get creative with your escapism and take a new look at your home, your own city, the people around you who might Know It All about something you'd find totally fascinating. Then of course you can pick their brain for info, and you'll Know It All. As it should be."

Okay, let me tell you that CAP must know me personally and is masquerading as either Ian or one of the cats or my knitting bag....she is eerily accurate.

Do you think I'm really "so likeable"? Dare I believe?????? (small giggle)...ah, hem....back to reality!

No pics today....will only report that I am 4 or so inches into my Nicole Camisole and that red silk/wool yarn is absolutely yummy to work's the STROKING kind!

Must practice yoga and get ready for my class tonight. I love yoga and I love my students, but sometimes I just DON'T want to be working on a Friday night, ya know? Darn that nasty Salem traffic, too. Ugh.

Impatiently waiting for the STR order to come in the mail....that red jeep that delivers my mail each day is beginning to become a target in my mind....everytime he doesn't bring the yarn related package and hang it on my mailbox, I get MAD!, I'm waiting with a water gun and will be aiming at his chin....though, I guess he won't feel it much since it's RAINING!!!!!


Does anyone else have this sort of animosity/love struggle with their mailman (or alternately the UPS guy...who is strangely ALWAYS more attractive than the those legs and slightly arrogant but aloof manner), hm?

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Last night, I was NOT drunk....

Despite what everyone thinks (my knitting friends, my husband, etc), I was NOT drunk last night. Okay, I have to admit...I felt a little seemed like everyone was saying funny things MUCH too quickly and I couldn't keep up....I felt words coming out of my mouth that I didn't mean to say (except for that moment of clarity where I calculated math perfectly, right Chris?)...and I couldn't stop giggling...which, in itself, is not shocking, since I do that normally...but, well, not as MUCH.

I've never been drunk either...the absolute MOST I've ever drunk in my life is one glass of Sprite mixed with some vodka. Usually, I can only drink half a glass of something. Last night, at Pizzeria Uno after knitting group, I had about half of a MARGARITA! That has tequila in it!!!

Holy shit.

I consume about 3 drinks per year and, like I said, a half at that. I couldn't believe how STRONG that Pomegranate margarita was. Crap....I'm sure I made a fool of myself and I ALWAYS say things I shouldn't (if you ever want to hear about my sex life, it's pretty much a normal topic at knitting...probably more so last the way...if you haven't's GREAT...oh, yeah...especially last night...ooops, TMI....sorry, Ian!) He gets embarassed easily.

Okay, where was I?

Oh, I drank, giggled, kissed and cuddled with Amanda (on the cheek, people!) and ate a delicious Rattlesnake Pasta (which was DELICIOUS!!!...not hot enough though...needed more jalapenos) friends (Chris, Ericka, Amanda and Sarah) decided I SHOULDN"T drive home. I thought I was fine, but...I guess not...since I had to keep stopping to bend over and laugh on the way out to the car...hard to drive that way, I guess.

Luckily, Chris and Ericka had come to knitting in one car, so she drove his car and he drove my car and took me home. Ian wasn't angry or upset....come to think of it, he was pretty blaze (sorry can't find the accent mark for the e) about the whole thing. Damn him.

But, it ended up being a night of giggling, saying "I'm NOT drunk!" and having AMAZING sex. This morning, I'm not at my head feels like cotton, I'm kinda dizzy and feel like a dried out prune...ugh. Not throwing up (thank GOD!), but I don't feel like me. At least I can pretty much type and think coherently, right?

Hey, isn't this supposed to be a knitting blog???

So, I will show you pictures and more pictures and hope you will be impressed, inspired and will leave me many comments, right?

1. The red silk, Lorna's Laces yarn...Lion and Lamb in Bold Red...this is for making my White Lies Designs lingerie.

2. My finished Trekking XXL socks on time on July 31!!! Woo-hoo! They fit perfectly and, now that they're done, I do like the pattern and yarn. I didn't think that this pattern and yarn coordinated well, but now I think they do.

3. Two finished "Notions in Motion" bags that I made for Rose and Lucille. These don't have the divider, but are a little bigger. Each had an outer embellishment, zipper charm and cute lining fabric.

4. And last, but certainly not least, my finished, ADORABLE Mr. SockFish bag!!! Isn't it great? It even has 2 outside pockets (which in the directions shows to sew them upside down, which would NOT work, so I just have to let Kimberly know, but besides that, the pattern was clear and easy)...perfect for carrying around your sock projects. What do ya think?

Here's a close up on the inside lining...OPEN UP, fishy!

So.....that was my night and what I've been doing that last few days. What's been up with YOU???