Friday, December 15, 2006

Podcast 5: Bing Bong

Alright sweet and sassy knitters....another podcast is up and running. Woo-hoo! Hopefully, I will not turn you off with my incessant babble and never -ending questions/answers. If so, please don't hesitate to shut this one off and try next week's instead : P

Here are some of the links and pics that I mentioned on the podcast:


(some pics were posted last blog, so scrolll down and you'll see them there)

-The modified Fetching mitts with angora/lambswool edging:

And a pic on me...


-Spunky Eclectic fibers:

-KM Stitchery zipper bag, Monty the Monster:

-Row counters from the lovely and talented, Kimberly of The Giving Flower:

-Yarn balls from Danielle at Mystical Vibes Candles:

and also Donut tarts that smell like Baked Apple Pie!!!....

-I completely forgot to mention the beautiful stitch markers that Heather of Sereknity made...which I gave as part of my holiday knitter's gift. They're BEAUTIFUL!!!:


Lora (so sorry I didn't have your blog address handy!)


Deidre Flint with "Food" and "The Boob Fairy"

Mossback with "Askin' Why"

Thanks for listening you wonderful knitters and spinners! Have a SUPER KNIT-A-LICIOUS weekend!!!


yarnophiliac said...

YAY! I'm the first! Great Podcast, G, and not nearly as x-rated as I had hoped -- errr -- I mean feared. lol But sex over knitting and spinning?? I just don't understand (and yes, say it -- my poor husband!). I LOVE MY SPUNKY FIBER! I love it so much I'm afraid to spin it! AHHH
Thank you Thankyou thank you!

Jackie said...

Awesome podcast G! (as usual). I love the boob fairy song!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the podcast (I cheated and listened at work while my coworkers were at lunch)!

I love the blue trim on the Fetching.

Anonymous said...

I love the blue on the fetching mitts. Lovely!

I enjoyed your podcast today too - I cheated and listened at work while my boss was at lunch :)

Gigi said...

Oh my, where do I start? That podcast? AWESOME! You had me in giggles more than once. (boob fairies, willie warmers and "hormone balances" Oh My!) You were very brave to answer those questions live. :-D

The blue border you added to Fetching is just soooo feminine. Love it!

The row counters are so cute! I couldn't find them on her blog though. Is she selling them? (I think the hippo is my favorite!)

sopranospinner said...

When will the sock pattern be available for download?

YogaGardenGirl said...

HI Soprano Spinner! The pattern is available to download now...I'm sorry I haven't had time to put up a link to it. If you want the sock pattern, it's $5 and I can send you the pdf myself. Just send me your email, okay?

Would love to see the socks when they're done...send me a pic! I'll start a sock gallery....

toshka sol said...

Wonderful podcast! You had me giggling away.
Thank you for answering my question, you did a great job with not only my question, but with all!
Love your cabled mitts too! So pretty and innocent looking.
To answer your question, I am located in BC Canada.
Thanks again for a great podcast; keep em coming!

Christine said...

Do you have a promo that I could play on the Pointy Sticks podcast? I'm working on getting some show stuff together, and would like to include one if you do! You can e-mail me at podcast at Thanks!