Monday, December 18, 2006

I've been TAGGED!

How did you know that I have many weird tendencies, Julie? This will be a piece of cake for me to list and I only wish I had to list more...wait...maybe I don't....who knows if you'd all still read me if you really knew how WACKY I really am???

5 Weird Things about Me:

1. I am very particular about bathrooms....I really HATE dirty bathrooms...especially hair in the sink and soapy faucets. I am weird about having the bathroom trash can emptied pretty regularly. I don't go camping because I truly do NOT like peeing in the woods. EWwWWWW! Sadly, Ian must camp alone or with other "camping crazies", as I call offense to you, of course.

2. I sing approximately 16 hours a day...and, of course, the songs I sing are mostly made up ones that make no sense and bug the hell out of my hubby and my older son, Tim. Some titles include, "Hot Dogs in the Garden", "You are a Butt" and "Don't Put the Cheese on Louise." 'Nough said.

3. I'm a bit obsessive about my bed. I like it made every day and I like hospital corners. I like nice, clean sheets and pretty blankets and such. Drives everyone I know BONKERS. I just can't sleep in a messy bed.

4. I love hot stuff (crushed red pepper and cayenne, compared to jalapeno) and will put it on and in everything...including hot cocoa (my favorite hot drink) and in tuna sandwiches. Yummy! My tolerance is so high that most hot things in restaurants don't phase me. The XXX Mega hot burritos I got in Portsmouth were a GREAT disappointment, I must say.

5. I like to do the same things before bed at night....comb hair upside down (50 times), brush teeth, wash and moisturize face and then take out contact lenses. Boy, I sound even crazier than I thought I was! I mean, I always knew I was a bit odd, but I guess that was just the tip of the iceburg!

I am going to tag...Heather , Nichole, Lis, Laurin and Kimberly for this weird blog-thing. Remember to link to the person who tagged you, list your 5 weird qualities and then list your tagees....oh, and I think I'm supposed to comment on your blog that you're tagged. Hope I remember!

It's nice to know that other people are also weird like me. (you can try to sing the words "Weird Like Me" to that song, "Dontcha" by the something girls...forgot their name.....)


Anonymous said...

Don't put the cheese on Louise, heeheehee
I've been enjoying reading everyone's weird things - makes me feel less alone :)

heide said...

My rendetion of that top 40 single is just slightly different than yours...

Oh baby, baby puhleeze put some cheese on Louise... it will kill her fleas. Oh baby, baby please.

I listed 6 weird things and it was difficult to narrow my list down that far.

I am a bed Nazi too.