Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Flaming Hatred of the Web

Now, I'm not one to be incredibly angry over life in general, but the ONE thing that makes me more angry than anything...angrier than if someone stole my yarn stash....is when my email doesn't work. Might sound completely ludicrous to you, but it really makes me wish for the days when I would receive an actual letter in the mail....some pretty stationary with a person's handwriting (and not typed) message and maybe a sticker or two, if I'm lucky. Boy, those were the days, huh?

So, I'm sure you can guess that my WEB email doesn't work (the gina@YogaGardenNH.com one that I just told everyone to use for questions...it's the sick sense of humor of the parallel universe, I think) and I have not been able to get email from anyone there. Because of this harrowing event, I am extending my questions deadline to tomorrow night and I will be posting the new podcast, "Bing Bong" on Thursday night...since I cannot possibly give up my Wed night knitting group....right, everyone?

I think the ONLY way I would give up going to knitting group is if one of my children (or maybe one of my close family members) was seriously ill or something....God forbid) Does that sound horrible? I feel like my Wed nights is therapy and rejuvenation...where I can breathe and remember that I am ME again and not just Mommy/Honey/or Bum Wiper. When I have two knit nights a week (very rare, but happened this week b/c of my party), life just seems BETTER, you know?

Oh, and there will be 2 prizes for the "Questions" contest...one is a skein of STR, which I mentioned before (will be sent so you can receive it BEFORE the holidays) and also a Vogue Knitting on the Go book, Shawls with a little trinket thing as well.

Send many healing energies to my webmail, k? (woooo-oooohhh-arrrllll-oooooh-wwoooo) (that was supposed to be magickal like energy noises....)


Anonymous said...

So, should I post my question here?

trek said...

Well, crud on your email issues.

YogaGardenGirl said...

Julie...yes, I'm sorry, I should have mentioned that! I'd be happy if you commented your question! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, here goes:

A while back you were posting about a sexy little number you were knitting. My question is 3 parts: 1) Did you finish it?
2) Do we get to see a finished picture?
3) Did your hubby jump your bones the minute he saw you in it? hehehe you don't have to go into too many details with this one ;-)

(maybe you already posted a finished picture and I missed it?)

yarnophiliac said...

:( sorry sweetie. Aren't these darn electric boxes supposed to make life easier? grrr

toshka sol said...

I do have a question for you for you questions contest being hosted on your blog. I had first emailed it to you, but have now seen that you didn't receive it.
I just wanted to say that I love your podcast and think you are doing a wonderful job.
I am a knitter, crocheter and am learning how to spin at moment. I was taught how to knit at a young age, but didn't pick it back up again until a few years ago. But since I did, I have become totally obsessed with anything fiber related. So much so, that I opened up an online store to sell yarn and supplies. It has been a slow going process, but an enjoyable one.
I was raised believing in the metaphysics of life. For example, aura reading, tarot readings, crystal work and dream analysis. It is so nice to see someone who loves knitting, but practices yoga, reiki and tarot reading!! You are definitely my kind of knitter!
By opening an online shop, I wanted to combine the fact that knitting is a meditative process that provides much needed healing. When I knit, I feel more in tune to myself, nature, and others around me. I become whole, balanced, relaxed, calm and super content. Every day I have the need to knit for a half hour or else I cannot sleep. I feel that knitting is very theraputic and beneficial and can bring you to a zen like state.
So, my question to you is...do you think that knitting is yoga like? And if so, do you think the world would be a better place if every person on the planet knit?
I have to say that every knitter I have ever come across is a loving, caring, down to earth human being.

Heide said...

Do you knit looser after Yoga? Just curious because I know that when I'm tense my knitting is so tight that it could hold water. And transversely, if I knit after a bath I need to drop several needle sizes to avoid having big holes. Hope your email issues are solved soon. And what an awful time for this to be happening! Couldn't it crap out after the New Year?