Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Sleepy Eyes Needs WUV, too" CONTEST!!!

So sorry for the delay in hearing the new podcast. Ugh...it's hard having your domain hosting company in Singapore! At least it's back up and working now. Woo-hoo! You can click on the right and listen to Episode #2: The Drinking Game. Also, check out Ericka's Blog for a new drink recipe that will go along with the podcasts. This week's is Sex on the Beach....yum!

Okay, you lovely, lovely knitters....here are the rules for the contest to win THIS STASH!!!

1. 1 Cherry Tree Hill Supersock: 100% superwash fingering merino, 370 yards, Green Mountain Madness colorway.

2. 1 Knit Picks Andean Treaure: 100% baby alpaca, 110 yards, Peach colorway.

3. 1 Knit Picks Palette: 100% Peruvian Wool, 231 yards, Fawn colorway.

4. 1 Plymouth Sockotta: 45% cotton, 40% superwash wool, 15% nylon, 414 yards, #5612 colorway.

5. 2 Classic Elite Tinsel: 93% nylon, 7% polyester, 70 yards, #7489 pink colorway.

6. 1 Schaefer Elaine: 100% merino bulky, 300 yards, lemonade colorway.

7. 1 Be Sweet Magic Ball: novelty yarn mix, 120 yards, Bollywood colorway.


1. Go to any of these listed podcasts and make a comment and/or vote for my podcast. Each comment and vote gets (2) entries.

PodShow Podsafe Network

PodCast Pickle

Podcast Alley


iTunes ...go to the bottom right to search for Sleepy Eyes Knits.

2. If you comment and/or vote (if available) on all 5 of the podcast websites, you get (10) entries!

3. Each comment on my blog from now until the day before the next podcast, gets (1) entry.

4. If you email me with a suggestion for a new website, yarn or some cool knitting or spinning tool, you get (2) entries.

5. If you come up with a poem or short essay or find a joke that you'd like me to read on the blog, you get (3) entries.

*Some of the podcast websites ask for you email address so that they can verify if you are a real person and not just placing an entry as a joke. In that case, they ask you to just check your email and click on the link that put in the email before the vote or comment goes through. Please make sure to do this. THANKS!*

Email me when you have done any of these things or when you've done all you want and I will keep track with my knitting notebook. The comments don't have to be long, so don't worry.

Winner will be picked on November 20th and announced on the 3rd Podcast: November Nights.

This yarn stash will be complemented with: some Knitting Magazines, Stitch Markers and Candy as well.

Good luck!! And, if you have some yarn or a gift you'd like to add to this STASH PRIZE, email me and you'll get a special gift from me and thanks on the next show.

Happy Knitting!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow, that's a lot of loot!!!!

I'm feeling lucky - November 20th is my 24th wedding anniversary - yes, I got married when I was 10 :)

Now, I gotta go do some looking and some writing and some voting.

Nichole said...

Cool contest! I'm listening to your 2nd podcast now and loving it!

Nichole said...

Cool contest! I'm listening to your 2nd podcast now and loving it!

kimberly said...

You know I'll do my best!

Lora said...

Let's see..voted twice on Podcast Alley because I found the VOTE button, :)
Commented on Pickle, he's so cute
and Commented here.
the other two I got confused on how to find the comments and vote.
Guess I'm pretty much pod cast challenged LOL!!! Anyway..that much should get me in the had a few couple times :) Love free stuff!!

Nichole said...

Cool contest and great podcast! Can't wait for the next one (and if this is the 10th post from me I'm sorry - not just trying for extra entries, lol - my computer is all messed up!)

Susan B. Anderson said...

I just listened to your podcasts. Congratulations! You are doing a great job so keep up the good work.

I don't need to be in the contest, I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying something new to listen to!

BTW-I have a 13 year old son, named Ben (not quite the same, but a little the same).

Good luck,
Susan B. Anderson

Laura said...

I am not having much luck listening to the podcasts (I blame my crappy dial up service) but I have listened to what I could and wanted to say congratulations on having your very own podcast and especially SPONSORS - how cool is that?!

I assume it's rather far for you to go, but I would feel bad not suggesting you first so wanted to ask: would you be interested in doing/leading yoga in Portland for 3 days next month?

Gigi said...

That second podcast sound more like you! Very entertaining...I have even downloaded the "Drinking Game" song I liked it so much!

I couldn't find any of the "vote" buttons but have left comments on three of the sites. :-D

Now I'm wondering what the next podcast will be like. Don't keep us in suspense too long.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gina, I had fun making the scarf! You've been busy! I should be by on wednesday the 15th. I need a fix ieth you guys!

Wacky Wonky Weirdo said...

Londonderry is the place where my packages get lost to! *laughs*
(Long story but none the less I avoid DHL now)
Thanks for the fun podcast.

One Planet Yarn And Fiber said...

I loved this week's podcast. You sound more relaxed and it is very improved! I can donate some yarn for you if you want from my stash for prizes? I will stick something in your weekly package.. I want to win some socks that rock.!

Laura said...

3rd time's supposed to be the charm right? I almost thought it was. After the irritating dial up not letting me listen to it off of your link and then also not letting me listen to it from the first link, it looked like the 2nd link "Podcast Pickle" was going to let me! I got through to the last 2 minutes and then it disappeared again! Argh! I just tried a 4th time and it went even further but died right after you said miles and miles of garter stitch - what did I miss after that?!!!

kimberly said...

I just listened to your podcast while running and I loved it!! You are so professional. You yarn pusher!! I love it!! I should be blogging about it today.

Heide said...

Fabulous! I voted for your on two sites, but I couldn't find you on PodPlanet, the only one I recognized was "Lime and Violet". I really enjoyed the "Sweet" cast. You are indeed a prolific knitter!