Monday, November 06, 2006

Podcast 2: The Drinking Game

Woo-hoo! I've finally got the second podcast done...AND, if you notice to the right...underneath the Sleepy Eyes Podcast button, there are DIRECT links to listen to the podcasts...yea!! Actually, it was the easiest thing I've had to do so far....which is kinda weird. Scroll down to see pics, links, sponsors and music groups. Please visit my 3 awesome sponsors!!!


Podcast Alley

PodShow Podsafe Network

Podcast Pickle




Sereknity Boutique

One Planet Yarn and Fiber ...coming soon!

Yarn Botanika....current home of Black Pearl yarns.

Mystical Vibes Candles


1. Caroline (who flashed us and made us happy) and Lora (first podcast listener and first one who hugged me when I cried)!

2. Jackie...and more Jackie!

3. Ian's Sweater-to-Be (Barlett 100% wool yarn in Cornflower blue)

4. Mystical Vibes candles and MY candle!

5. Sarah (the awesomest driver in the world!)

6. Our ManchVegas Grand View 11/2006


Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Indoor Girl

Mystical Vibes

Armed with Pointy Sticks blog





Podshow Podsafe Network


John Maxfield with "Drinking Game"

Toni Kopra with "Secret Game"

The Usual Thing with "Game On"...(beginning music)

THANKS SOO much for listening and I will have the "Sleepy Eyes Needs WUV, too" Contest rules and prize pics up by Thursday, k? Hope you'll leave some comments : )

Happy Knitting!


Lora said...

OMG GINA!!! This podcast was great!!
OK For the drinking game I opted for a safe drink. Coffee! Come on!!! 1. I had enough alcohol over the weekend for an army!! and 2. It was 7:15 in the morning when I listened!! I'm not that hard core! LOL
I love the drinking song. I love that type of music. At least *I* didn't have to drink alone this past weekend!! Thanks girls!
OH Ian's sweater....I almost cried AGAIN over YOUR sweater!! And Caroline scores major cool points for her cheering up efforts!! SHE'S SO FUN!! Her momma should be proud! (and I know she probably is!! Miss you Marion...)
My Friggin' Knitting?.... Can you say Entrlac???
Finally, I could just die from the sweetness of Ben's little voice at the end. Precious. :o)

jackie said...

That was awesome! It was over too fast. Great job and I love the yoga voice!

Nichole said...

GREAT podcast! You totally have the flair for this. And thanks for the shout outs too!

GamecockDoc said...

I've finally caught up with the world and listened to your podcasts. They're great! I gotta say that I'm so jealous of you right now... a knitting group and a knitting retreat? How fun!