Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Happy Thanksknitting...or The List of Five!

Been very neglectful of my blog lately....and no new podcast until next week...boo hoo. Life has taken me on a whirlwind ride this past week:

1. husband away with friends all weekend.... (arrrghhh!)
2. much laundry and a couple of toilets to clean.... (ewww)
3. bills to pay... (ugh)
4. very little progress on Tim's "supposed" done-before-Thanksgiving sweater....(sniffle)
5. nasty sinus infection with headache that could kill the Terminator...(AHHHHHH!)

BUT, I did manage to get a few things done since last time I blogged: (with pictures next blog...sorry...I'm SO tired right now)

1. Knitted a scarf for the ceramic sheep, Norland, in my dining room in a beautiful deep green Manos...(pretty!)
2. Knitted that bunny out of one 6 inch square of stockinette, using white angora....(ooohhh!)
3. Knitted the adorable, fun-as-all-hell doll from Cottage Creations (more details to come) who named herself, Miss Molly McArdle.....(sooo cute!)
4. Did half of my Christmas shopping Monday night....(woo-hoo!)
5. Started one of my own new designs for Yarn Botanika and One Planet Yarn and Fiber

Soo.....I guess everything evens out right?

Before I go (heading out to VT and many, many hours of driving with the kiddies and hubby), I want to list five things I'm grateful for "in terms of knitting":

1. Knit Picks needles and yarn
2. Lovely soft angora yarn and fiber
3. Time to knit and spin
4. My new knitting and blogging friends and the ManchVegas group
5. The feeling of finishing a sweater and having my husband say to me, "I was starting to feel too hot in it at work, but I just couldn't take it off!"...and then wearing it even to bed at night. Now, THAT's something to be grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! (Next podcast will be next week....called Holiday Knit-Tastic!)


Nichole said...

I hope you feel better... sinus stuff just kills ya - I think its worse than the flu because people don't necessarily "see" the signs and think should be go-go-go and you just feel like you're ready to expload! Have a great turkey day - can't wait for the next podcast!

kimberly said...

I too am waiting for the next podcast and I certainly hope you're feeling better soon. The sinus thing has hit me as well, but I'm not talking about it, maybe it will go away if I ignore it. Happy Thanksgiving a bit late. :)

Jackie said...

Oooo I can't wait to see the doll!

Heide said...

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe journey. This seems to be a holiday wrought with illness from many corners of the knitting blogosphere. Soprano Knits' home and ours were both hit with the flu and you and many others have the sinus thing happening. Maybe this will mean a healthy and happy Christmas for all!