Tuesday, November 28, 2006

2 Candy Houses for 2 Creative Houses

Wow...I'm finally back "geeking" (as Ian would say) and was debating whether or not to blog so close to when the new podcast is coming out (Friday morning). BUT, I have SO much to say, (some of which will be repeated on the podcast...some new) that I thought I'd better blog....some.

I don't know about you, but I was actually a little relieved and felt a little "freer" not having to blog or podcast...not that I dislike it...(I love both)...but it was such a nice, relaxing change from the usual. I breathed in fresh air, looked at the sky, took some walks, went to the playground with the kids and TALKED to people. I feel like the laptop begins to become a one way "blabbbing machine" and I almost forget that, when I'm having a conversation with someone, they will want to TALK BACK to me! LOL!

So, here are some new things I've done lately...I won't get into too much detail...I still want all of you to download the podcast and not be, like, "I already KNEW that!"

-Went to Laurin's Gingerbread House party and had a super time, as usual....this is a tradition every year that Tim and I look forward to. Here we are looking silly and/or happy with our candy houses.

-Spun some fiber (Ashford Corriedale plied with Merino/sparkle) into 2 ply sportweight yarn to make this: (you can't tell how gorgeous and sparkly this is...believe me...it's so awesome)

-Knitted up the bunny pattern from HERE for Tim...out of one skein of 100% white angora sportweight yarn. Isn't she cute???

and look at this face...

-I knit a scarf (using leftover avocado green Manos) for my ceramic sheep (I think I already told you this, but here's the pic).

-And lastly, the STR GIGANTO package arrived with yummy, yummy yarns...

and more...

Boy, I was lucky this week! I'm also almost done with the body of Tim's sweater, at the gusset of the last sock for my Grandma and finshed the dolly...Molly McArdle. I wanted to show pics here, but I'm going to make you all wait...heh heh heh. I need something to show for Friday! Fly, fingers, fly!

Heading out to A Knitter's Garden tomorrow night for knitting and bringing the winner of the "Sleepy Eyes Needs Wuv, too" Contest,


her mega yarn haul, magazines and chocolate. (Plus, she ordered the Rocktober STR and I guess I'll have to give that to her!)

Darn it.

Check out Friday's podcast!

(oh, and it's not too late to send in gift suggestions or jokes if you have them...Thursday morning will be the deadline)

Happy Knitting!


Jackie said...

I love that picture of you with the g-bread house, you're so cute!

I need to make that adorable bunny.

I can't wait to see (drool over?) all the STR you're bringing tonight!

Yay Wednesday!!!!!

Nichole said...

Love the ginger bread houses... and LOVE the bunny even more! How adorable!!! Can't wait for my winnings - so excited too! See you tonight.

Lora said...

oh boy look at that STR yarn!! *sigh*
Your gingerbread house is adorable!!