Friday, October 20, 2006

The Return of Amanda

It's FO Friday once again...yippee! Unfortunately, I have only ONE FO for this Friday. My Haiku Flower Socks in the Blue Topaz colorway of the Black Pearl Yarns 100% dk cashmere. Oh, these socks were fun to knit and oh-so-soft. I'm kind of sorry I have to send it out today. It's also strange that I have knitted up 3 of these socks and none of them match...I have 3 singles...I guess I should start knitting the others, huh? But, after knitting up three of the SAME EXACT SOCK, I'm having a hard time getting motivated to knit 3 more!!

So, let's see...what's new since I blogged last? Well...went to knitting on Wed night and had a great time, as usual. Missed having Jackie there, but I got to see her the next day with kids at the play place, so that was good. She brought me the wonderful bag I asked her to make out of the fabric that Laurin brought a couple of weeks ago and it's SO NICE! (of course, I forgot to take a pic of it..will do that for next time) The bag is a tote with at least 5 pockets inside lined with an avocado green color microfiber that feels like suede. webbing for the straps! oooohhhhh.......

Laurin and I wore almost the EXACT SAME thing on Wed! Don't we look so cute...matching like that? It was spooky and strange (though, for some reason, no one else thought it was very interesting...Laurin even said, "You are SO weird!!") We both wore black blouses with black pants and black shoes (hers pumps, mine chunky heel clogs) Maybe we were in mourning together? Maybe we were mourning the absence of our beloved Amanda....for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!! (the nerve of her!!! LOL!)

Speaking of the Amazing Amanda.....she returned to us that night! Yea!!! Was it that she missed our fun, bantering conversations? Was it that she was having withdrawls from not being in our lovely presence? (Or...was she afraid NOT to come because of my guilt-ridden emails and barely veiled threats?) Who can tell? But, the important thing is that she did come back to us (as someone said she became, "the knitting group step-child" or, as I was thinking..."the Prodigal Daughter of the Knitting Group").

Amanda not only finished the Jaywalker socks (using Knit Picks Sock Garden yarn in Pansy) for her friend, Erik, but also began working on this brilliant pattern of using fabric scraps (of which I hear she has MILLIONS) tied at the ends for yarn and knitting it up using BIG needles. The pattern originally made a scarf but Amanda, being the creative person she is, decided she was going to adapt it to make herself a bag instead. Cool, huh? Here she is hiding behind the progress she's made so far. Doesn't it look fun?

Oh, another milestone that night was reached by Mike the Newbie. He's working on a gift for his neice-to-be...a pretty, yellow baby blanket. And, you know what? He knitted through his first ever ball of yarn!!! Yea for Mike! Doesn't he look proud? (He's a VERY independent knitter, by the way)

Rose also stopped by and I was happy to see her. She brought yarn for me, too.....2 balls of Rowan Luxe (merino/angora/nylon with sparkle yarn....drool) in pink and purple. I will using these to make the tea cozies from the Knit 2 Together book. Can't wait. Here's Rose with a needle in her hair...cute, huh?

Guess what I have a picture of??? Yes, you guessed it! Body Talk Guy! It's a little blurry, but THERE HE IS! He showed self restraint last week and, although he knew we were sitting at the table across the cafe, stayed where he was and didn't harass anyone...mainly me. Yippeee!

So, besides Wed night's fun, not much else has been going on. I'm working on something TOP SECRET right now (well, I guess it's only Top Secret from anyone besides Jackie and me...since I told her yesterday) and it's FAB-U-LOUS! I will show some pics on Monday.

My sis, Kim, is coming over this weekend so that should be fun.

I haven't had any time for spinning while I've been finishing up the three socks for Lis and Black Pearl Yarns and also working so much. But, at least I'm making some extra money to support my fiber/yarn habit with some left over to deposit in the bank, right?

Before I go (and leave you all crying for more...ha ha), I wanted to show you a picture of my handsome-as-all-hell 13 year old, Tim. He had school pics the other day and looked so nice in his clothes (that I picked out). I'm so lucky...he's such a great son!

Happy Knitting to all and to all a good night....I mean, day : P


Nichole said...

Aw man... I missed the wonderful Amanda AND Mike? Knew I should've trekked up there with Heather after guild at Joanne's... lol. Eventually I will meet everyone though... eventually! :) Love Mike's baby blanket - a very first project? Wow!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

What a great set of photos! Love it when I spy men who knit. We need more of them in the world.

sopranospinner said...

I must tell you that I splurged on some Lorna's Laces the other day and am saving it for the Haiku socks. They will be a perfect match, I think.

yarnophiliac said...

I'll get some picks of my Haiku sock-in-progress soon -- loving the pattern. One of these days I'm going to get to group early enough to see Mike, Laurin, Rose and everyone else! Can't WAIT to see your surprise project. (And you bet, that boy of yours is a cutie!) love ya!