Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Month-of-the-Sock-Contest Pic

Wow...it's me again already....it's a miracle! Ben is quietly playing upstairs, he used the potty (yippeee!), and there's only the soft ticking of my cuckoo clock...so, I figure, it's BLOGGIN' TIME! (similar to "Hammer Time", but much more fashionable.)

If you don't already know, Lolly of The Giving Flower is having a "Month of the Sock" contest. It's easy...just a take a pic of your handknit sock collection, put it on your blog, comment on her blog with your blog address and...you're in! I'm very excited to see all the other sock collections.

It's funny because, last night, Ian and I were just talking about this very thing. We didn't have the heat on in our bedroom (it was literally like 60 degrees) and my body was shaking with cold. So, since Ian doesn't like to "waste" money on turning on the heat for anything other than DIRE frostbite, he graciously offered to get me a pair of socks out of my drawer. (really...I couldn't have gotten them...even under the blankets, I was shivering like mad)

So, he pulls out the drawer and says, "Wow, you've got a nice collection of socks there." And, from Ian, that's a REAL compliment. I thought about it and realized how beautiful all those socks are...ones that I'd made. So, without further ado, here is a pic of all the handknit socks I have in the house at this time. Some of them are dirty (eeek!) and some were gifts, so they're living happily (I hope!) in that person's house or on their feet (which is preferable). What do ya think?

Description of socks (L to R), (T to B):

-Red Heart (yes, I have to come clean...this was my VERY first pair of heel-less socks that I knit) acrylic, Kids Knitting pattern
-Mountain Colors Barefoot in Ruby River, Barefoot pattern
-Socks that Rock in Sandstone, Classic socks pattern
-Celestial Merino ...Aquarius colorway, Classic socks pattern
-Rose Garden Fiber's Angora/wool handspun yarn in Rainbow, short row sock pattern from Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook
-Regia Ringel color...5048 colorway, Jaywalker pattern
-Trekking XXL, color 109, Moc Croc pattern
-Sleepy Eyesyarn in Easter colorway, my own pattern
-Cascade Fixation, purple varigated 9780, Knitty's Broad Ripple pattern
-Yarn Botanika's fingering sock yarn, Marigolds/Tiger Lily colorway, Jaywalker pattern
-Alchemy's Furry Kindness angora yarn in Boo's Garden colorway, my own pattern
-Sereknity's fingering weight sock yarn, Rainbow colorway, my own pattern

So....comment on my socks if you like and let me know your blog address if you do the same. I'd love to see YOUR socks!

Happy Socktober!


Nichole said...

Gorgeous socks!!!!!!! I'm jealous... but I am ALMOST finished with my very first pair and sooooooooo ready to move on to "softer and better" pairs! I can't decide to knit up Heather's Goody Gumdrops or one of my Trekking colors next... hhmm...

Anonymous said...

So pretty and I love the way you posted the pics.

Guess I'm gonna have to get my act together (and get my socks together) and have a little photo shoot of my own. I'm sure it won't be as clever as yours :)

Jackie said...

Wow woman, that's a lot of socks!

Anonymous said...

very nice display of socks! Sadly, I won't be joining in this contest -- my pile of finished socks is a bit thin, and only one pair for me! I have a killer stash, tho, and i plan to photo that for Socktoberfest.

kimberly said...

I love your socks!! Whoa you really have been busy. :) I love Ian's compliment-now that's a real compliment!