Tuesday, October 31, 2006

In the Meantime....

Before my next podcast comes out this weekend, I wanted to thank EVERYONE who listened and commented on my first podcast. Can't tell you how much it meant to me!! I was so nervous and wanted the podcast to be interesting, funny and relaxing. Hope I got that across.

I'll be talking about the main things I'm doing in the podcast, so I'll just do a short update here:

1. Spun up Heather's "Bonfire" bfl fiber and the yarn came out AWESOME! I've only done half, but looking forward to doing the other half.

2. Stopped working on the Tote'M bag for now...must take a break from the garter stitch.

3. Went with Heather to the Acker's Acres angora farm on Sunday and we had a BLAST! Looked at (and bought) the most gorgeous fibers, yarns and bunnies imaginable...went around squeezing and petting everything...sounds kinda kinky, doesn't it? Heather brought a girl bunny home and is having a contest to name her...vote now! I'll be announcing the winner on the next podcast. Have had no luck uploading photos today, so it will have to wait until next time...darn!

4. You can check out my designer bio on the Black Pearl Yarns blog and many thanks to Lis for doing this for me!

5. I'm in the process of designing another pattern...this time for Yarn Botanika in her handpainted, fingering/sport weight yarns. This one is going to be amazing and I'm naming it the "Jacqueline" after my close friend (and super blogger), Jackie. Will show pics as time goes on. Promise.

So, if you've had trouble downloading my podcast, try these links: (It's only 20 minutes long and would love some comments on it!)...or search for "Sleepy Eyes Knits" podcast.


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Thank YOU for supporting me!

Happy Halloween and Happy Knitting!!!!

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Nichole said...

Can't wait for the next podcast! GREAT bio ... I enjoyed reading that (and LOVE those beautiful yarns!)...