Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Equation Explanation

Why haven't I blogged for almost a week? Well, here are my 10 reasons, in no particular order:

1. Tim back to school (and new Algebra class) + much homework = Busy and Frustrated Mommy

2. Working 3 part time jobs on the weekend + lots of driving to work + being a full time mom and wife = Busy and Tired Me

3. Having hubby's friends stay over our house for 3 days - hubby + screaming and utter insanity and HELL = New PINK ipod for Me, the "best wife who is a saint", says Ian.

4. Slow as molasses dial up internet + uploading pictures of any size for blog = HUGE pain in the ass and up to 2 hours of waiting time to finish blogging x no extra time to blog = NO blogging for a week

5. Whining about slow internet + home phone line always busy so friends and family can't call = Cable internet being installed TOMORROW!!!

6. Mountains of laundry, dirty dishes and crumb filled floors - any help from any other family members = Days of cleaning and no time to blog

7. Being stressed out and tired with little time for knitting + opportunity to visit the yarn store, Ewe'll Love It, with good friend Jackie = Gorgeous yarn stash enhancement (and money spent...whoops!)

8. Bringing finished first "Goody Gumdrops" sock using Heather's awesome handpainted superwash merino yarn to yarn store + asking owner about sock contest = MY SOCK entered in contest !!! (if you'd like to vote for me...I'm number 16)

9. Having adorable pink ipod in hand + almost dropping it on the tile floor + metallic finish very easily scratched + extra Knit Picks Sock Garden yarn in Star Gazer Lily = FINISHED (and felted) IPod holder that is super cool.

10. Cable internet - crappy dial up + lots of pictures to show you + time to do it on Thursday = "SUPER PICTURE BLOGGING FRIDAY!!!!!"

*By the way, the winner of the Giveaway was lovely Julie for her lightening fast and hilarious email. Thanks, Julie! Hope you're enjoying the yarn and goodies!*


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the sum of all the reasons for not blogging = some good things for you :)

Cable internet connection + freed up phone line + New pink i-pod + new yarn + sock entered in contest = Happy Gina (am I right?)

*You shouldn't be thanking me - I THANK YOU!

LMardenNH said...

huh? Is this the new math? I've been out of school for a while (a looooong while...)!!!

Nichole said...

You'll LOVE your cable modem connection = so much easier!
Congrats on the sock in the contest = very cool!