Monday, September 25, 2006

7 Songs...I've Been Tagged!

To the other Gina...I will accept your tagging me with gentle, good humor (and some excitement...since I just got my pink ipod and have loaded up some of my favs!).

1. "Crazy" by Gnarles Barkley...first off, didn't know that it was a group...thought it was a MAN...thank goodness Amanda let me in on the "secret".

2. "Dani California" by this song...the kind you can knit to easily and makes you feel good.

3. "Breathe (2am)" by Anna Nalick...oh, love that sweet...and great advice when you're "friggin" knitting!

4. "Walk Away" by Kelly soon as I got my ipod, I downloaded this song. This, I think, is good for boosting a woman's self's a "you go girl" song.

5. "Pretty Vegas" by lead song...what not to like?

6. "L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole..okay, yes, this is a old fashioned, corny song but, hey, it makes me happy : )

7. "Ruffneck" by Freestylers...freaky, weird song, but so, so addictive.

Before I go, a pic of "Our Amanda", in her hand knitted, awesome sweater that she finished:


A pic of the rockin' "Mike the Newbie" wearing my Smocked Gauntlets in Heather's "What else, Watermelon?" yarn...



1. Yankee Candle's "White Chocolate Mint" candle...oh, god...yum.I
2. Rose's (finished!!!) merino handspun from Ashland is a beautiful yarn, if I say so myself.
3. Chocolate fudge that I made I have to be good...back on track for WW.
4. The look of my 3 year old in the morning with huge, tossled, curly hair who says sleepily, "I SAID good morning, Mommy!"
5. Going to my 13 year old's Parent/Teacher night and knowing that my son has gotten between a 95 and 102 on all his recent tests....I know, I know...I'll try not to brag, but he's awesome and oh, so smart! I kept poking Ian and saying during the conferences..."Tim's doing awesome in this class, you know!" and he kept telling me " quiet. The other parents might hear you." I can be proud, right? As long as I'm not TOO obnoxious.....

Congrats to Jackie for finishing her Sock Wars sock in, like 2 seconds, and to Gaye for winning the Boston Knit Out/Crochet 's FASTEST CROCHETER award! Oh, and last, but not least, to Heather for having her Smocked Gauntlets pattern on the Knitting Central website!!! Woo-hoo!

Oh, one last thing...something funny Ben said...(I know...I must say this ALL the time...sorry)...he gets up in the morning, sniffs and says, "What's that smewll? You know.." and then, after thinking for a bit, says "Woodpecker!".

Now, I don't know what's more disturbing...the fact that he's actually smelled a woodpecker up close or that he THINKS he smells a woodpecker...weird!

Okay...tagging Jackie, Gaye, Heather, Lora, Laurin and Kimberly. 7 Up!


Jackie said...

That Ben, what an imagination. What does a woodpecker smell like?

LMardenNH said...

huh? what's this tagging thing? And as for what a woodpecker smells like, hmmm....that is such a dangerous question!

Nichole said...

Wow - I must get to Manch Vegas knitting SOON... wow... :)