Friday, August 04, 2006

Something that Really only interests ME!

This is what my horoscope said from Crazy Aunt Purl:

"GEMINI (May 21 - June 21)
No matter how many vacations you take, or adventures you have, there's always a desire in you to see more, do more, know more. Know-It-All-Ism is a real Gemini trait, but because you're so likable nobody really minds letting you pontificate and excitedly explain things. The problem comes when you get bored, and need new inspiration, and you're stuck without a vacation to plan or anyplace at all to roam. In these times, like, say... August, you have to get creative with your escapism and take a new look at your home, your own city, the people around you who might Know It All about something you'd find totally fascinating. Then of course you can pick their brain for info, and you'll Know It All. As it should be."

Okay, let me tell you that CAP must know me personally and is masquerading as either Ian or one of the cats or my knitting bag....she is eerily accurate.

Do you think I'm really "so likeable"? Dare I believe?????? (small giggle)...ah, hem....back to reality!

No pics today....will only report that I am 4 or so inches into my Nicole Camisole and that red silk/wool yarn is absolutely yummy to work's the STROKING kind!

Must practice yoga and get ready for my class tonight. I love yoga and I love my students, but sometimes I just DON'T want to be working on a Friday night, ya know? Darn that nasty Salem traffic, too. Ugh.

Impatiently waiting for the STR order to come in the mail....that red jeep that delivers my mail each day is beginning to become a target in my mind....everytime he doesn't bring the yarn related package and hang it on my mailbox, I get MAD!, I'm waiting with a water gun and will be aiming at his chin....though, I guess he won't feel it much since it's RAINING!!!!!


Does anyone else have this sort of animosity/love struggle with their mailman (or alternately the UPS guy...who is strangely ALWAYS more attractive than the those legs and slightly arrogant but aloof manner), hm?

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Nichole said...

Perhaps I was supposed to have been a Gemini... hhmm... (I'm a libra, but boy do those traits sound eerily familiar!)...

As for the mailman, we have a woman who's not at all sexy (lol) and nearly useless! We're lucky we get our OWN mail half of the days and the other half we're lucky if she decided to sort the mail that day! Thank god for po boxes! :)