Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pictures Speak 999 Words...more or less.

Tired. Very tired. But, want to blog what I've been up to since Friday night. Short sentences. Nice pictures. Hoping for many nice, friendly comments. Yawn.....here we go!

1. Went Saturday night with Ian to Hampton Beach to see Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood (from Who's Line is it Anyway?). Each seat had literally 14 inches per person (with no wiggling room) and we were squashed in like sardines, but I've never laughed so hard in my life and it was worth it. They were even funnier in person...and kinda cute, too! My parents were up from RI and put the kids to bed for us...the best, most thoughtful gift ever. (they also gave us $100!...shhh!)

2. Received my Greenwood Fiberworks hot pink cotton/lycra sock yarn in the mail with pattern for socks with short row heel...just what I wanted! Color is great, yarn is soft and springy....added letter was very friendly and such a nice, personal touch.

3. Worked on my Nicole lingerie a bit more. Have 5 more inches to go before I start the "boob holders", also known as the "cups"...more like "bowls" in my case : P

4. Lovely Donna was kind enough ("friggin' awesome!) to send me the "Toe Socks" pattern from P.G. Roberts so I could start my toe-socks. Laurin bought me the Sockotta yarn (in pinks, oranges and yellows) for my birthday, so this was the perfect time to use it (also it's the yarn called for in the pattern....fate!). And Jackie made me this adorable pink/green sock bag that I've been using to hold it in...pretty nifty. (you should check out her blog and see her GORGEOUS hand made bags...she has an Etsy shop as well.)

5. Last, but not least, a very cute picture of my bunny, Little Miss Tubbsie, sitting near the bush in our backyard. She's still a bit dirty, but very cuddly....I think she gets more kissing action from Ian than I do, darn it! She loves to hop around the backyard and hide under bushes. I think she's contemplating hiding under this one...who knows?

Okay...that's it. Back to the world of "not-having-my-face-pressed-up-against-the-laptop" for a while. Happy Knitting out there! Interview with a special, international blogger next time! Keep checking!


trek said...

Oh, man! We couldn't get tickets when the Whose Line Guys came to town last year.

Jackie said...

Awesome pics! I love the flowers, the socks are coming out awesome, and the lingerie, oh my goodness it's gorgeous! I can't even imagine how soft and lux it's going to feel on. That lion and lamb is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I've been to the Hampton Beach Casino to see BB King (greatest musician alive!) a couple times and you are right about the seats! We are going next month to see Jeff Beck. It's gotta be someone I really, really love for me to put up with practically sitting on top of the person next to me.

Great pics! Love your bunny.

Anonymous said...

I just noticed that you have NETA Spa knit and spin at the top of your blog (like the new look by the way). Are you going? I will be there - I'm really excited about it!

Nichole said...

The lingerie is coming out so amazing!!! And how do you like to Sockatta yarn -- is that the Patterns stuff? I ordered some discounted sock yarn from Webs today and was debating a skein of that, but opted to wait since it wasn't on sale or anything.