Friday, August 25, 2006

Let's Talk about Cups...

No, not these cups. Bra cups...bosoms...breasts and such and such. For everyone who was asking "What was in the Fredrick's of Hollywood package???", I can now answer.....DISAPPOINTMENT! I had ordered some sexy lingerie...panties and bras. The "everyday" bra I bought (plain microfiber) fit nicely, but the set that I REALLY wanted to fit (lacy pink bra and panties with matching camisole) all did NOT fit. The panties and camisole, strangely enough, were too big and I didn't actually like the style on me as much as I liked it on the "so-skinny-she-could-fit-through-a-crack-in-the-door" gal on the website. The bra, on the other hand, was like many, many other bras that I've encountered since the age of 10 1/2.

It was TOO small.

Not the circumference, but the damn CUP!!!

Shall I reveal what size cup didn't fit me? (now, keep in mind that the smallest I ever wore was a C cup as an adult and, since then, I've had...and nursed....two children?)....okay, take a deep breath!

DD! (which is actually an E). This did NOT fit me. (the "everyday" bra, though, was an F....dare I say it...I guess I already did...does fit perfectly.)

So, now look at the SUPPOSED "D" cup (which I modified to be bigger) for my Nicole lingerie that I knitted up....

Does this look like it will hold a size F breast? NO! (time to cry and make pathetic, whiny noises)

This is how the rest of the lingerie looked before adding the "cup" (snort)....

This part fits perfectly and, now that I've sewn both the cups and bodice together, it looks beautiful (finished picture next entry) and the Lion and Lamb yarn is even softer than I thought it would be. It was a dream to knit with!

So, now I'm working on trying to add the elastic under the cups and find some REALLY special buttons for the back. Any suggestions?

To cheer myself up, I dyed up some superwash merino and tencel yarn for me and Jackie. Jackie, a super friend and who is absolutely amazing at sewing (and I'm NOT just saying this so she'll make me that adorable bucket bag! LOL!), saved me a couple weeks ago by coming to the scrapbook party my sister was hosting at my house after everyone else bailed on us. Now, THAT is a true, she also made this beautiful photo card with her kiddies (Carter and Riley...I could eat them both up!) at the ocean.


Here is the yarn I dyed....hers is called "Good and Plenty", which Jackie thought up herself (perfect name!) and mine...which is more lamely called "Ghostly Sea"....gimme a break...I was stressed out after the "FOH Cup Incident".

(You can see a swatch of the "Good and Plenty" on Jackie's blog, here.)

Oh, you HAVE to see the SO CUTE needles that I bought from Heather the other night at knitting....

Froggies!!!! OH, I LOVE them! She also made me two copper and pink/crystal beaded hooks for my spinning wheel that are the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Will post those next time, too...just to keep you in suspense! (By the way, Heather is in the process of creating a NEW website, so keep an eye out for it....called "Sereknity"! Such a cool name. Her current website might not work now, but it may direct you to the new site.)

Finally, a pic of my baby boy, the new rabbit cage that Ian built (our angora bunny, Miss Tubbsie, is growing at an alarming rate...she's less than a year old!...and she needed a bigger cage.) Ben has decided that the cage is not hers, but HIS! And is spending a good deal of time in there.

I asked him, "Why didn't you ever want to go in the play-yard when you were little and I needed to take a shower?" and he looked at me very seriously and said "Cage, mommy." So, I took that to mean that the play-yard in pinks, blues and soft greens was MUCH too childish for him and needed a more manly play-yard, such as this chicken wire and wood with nails CAGE! (males!)

Knitting Update:

-Am 1/2 way done with Jaywalker Number 2 on pair number 2 in the Yarn Botanika "Marigolds" colorway, which I call "Tiger Lily".

-Am 3/4 done with the Nicole Lingerie...need to sew in buttons and elastic and knit the panty/thong (depending on how much yarn I have left!)

-Still have the Toe sock to finish (number 1) and many other UFOs.

-Just ordered some Finland fingering weight wool in a snowy white so I can either design my own shawl pattern or make one of the 100 lace shawl patterns I have in my "To DO" binder. (sigh...never enough time, is there?)

Spinning Update:

-Have not done any more on Rose's fiber....will work on it more next week....sorry, Rose!

On the last day of this month, I'm finally having my "Yarn Giveaway" will be a grab bag of all the rest of my hand-dyed yarns from the store (and my house), as well as a knitting book of your choice, from a list I'll give in a few days...with pics of the yarn. (I'm trying to clean out my Etsy store so I can start adding new yarns, which will be accompanied by Rose's stitch markers, as well.) Stay TUNED!


Jackie said...

OMG I love the cage! You might be onto something there. The yarn is gorgeous - the color are so awesome and it knits up wonderfully! You Rock!

Kimberly said...

gosh, when you say cup, you mean CUP. My best friend here in Germany has had that exact same problem with cup size. Two kids and they expanded to enclose Texas. I, on the other hand, had a C before kids and now we are looking at a just-over-the-line B. Now how is that for a swap???
Anyhow-that top or camisole is just sooo pretty. I don't have any advice but I know you'll get it right. I love the color. Good luck!

Nichole said...

LOVE the camisole top ... did you get it to fit "right"? I sure hope to - that's a lot of work to not fit (and fit comfortably)!