Thursday, August 03, 2006

Last night, I was NOT drunk....

Despite what everyone thinks (my knitting friends, my husband, etc), I was NOT drunk last night. Okay, I have to admit...I felt a little seemed like everyone was saying funny things MUCH too quickly and I couldn't keep up....I felt words coming out of my mouth that I didn't mean to say (except for that moment of clarity where I calculated math perfectly, right Chris?)...and I couldn't stop giggling...which, in itself, is not shocking, since I do that normally...but, well, not as MUCH.

I've never been drunk either...the absolute MOST I've ever drunk in my life is one glass of Sprite mixed with some vodka. Usually, I can only drink half a glass of something. Last night, at Pizzeria Uno after knitting group, I had about half of a MARGARITA! That has tequila in it!!!

Holy shit.

I consume about 3 drinks per year and, like I said, a half at that. I couldn't believe how STRONG that Pomegranate margarita was. Crap....I'm sure I made a fool of myself and I ALWAYS say things I shouldn't (if you ever want to hear about my sex life, it's pretty much a normal topic at knitting...probably more so last the way...if you haven't's GREAT...oh, yeah...especially last night...ooops, TMI....sorry, Ian!) He gets embarassed easily.

Okay, where was I?

Oh, I drank, giggled, kissed and cuddled with Amanda (on the cheek, people!) and ate a delicious Rattlesnake Pasta (which was DELICIOUS!!!...not hot enough though...needed more jalapenos) friends (Chris, Ericka, Amanda and Sarah) decided I SHOULDN"T drive home. I thought I was fine, but...I guess not...since I had to keep stopping to bend over and laugh on the way out to the car...hard to drive that way, I guess.

Luckily, Chris and Ericka had come to knitting in one car, so she drove his car and he drove my car and took me home. Ian wasn't angry or upset....come to think of it, he was pretty blaze (sorry can't find the accent mark for the e) about the whole thing. Damn him.

But, it ended up being a night of giggling, saying "I'm NOT drunk!" and having AMAZING sex. This morning, I'm not at my head feels like cotton, I'm kinda dizzy and feel like a dried out prune...ugh. Not throwing up (thank GOD!), but I don't feel like me. At least I can pretty much type and think coherently, right?

Hey, isn't this supposed to be a knitting blog???

So, I will show you pictures and more pictures and hope you will be impressed, inspired and will leave me many comments, right?

1. The red silk, Lorna's Laces yarn...Lion and Lamb in Bold Red...this is for making my White Lies Designs lingerie.

2. My finished Trekking XXL socks on time on July 31!!! Woo-hoo! They fit perfectly and, now that they're done, I do like the pattern and yarn. I didn't think that this pattern and yarn coordinated well, but now I think they do.

3. Two finished "Notions in Motion" bags that I made for Rose and Lucille. These don't have the divider, but are a little bigger. Each had an outer embellishment, zipper charm and cute lining fabric.

4. And last, but certainly not least, my finished, ADORABLE Mr. SockFish bag!!! Isn't it great? It even has 2 outside pockets (which in the directions shows to sew them upside down, which would NOT work, so I just have to let Kimberly know, but besides that, the pattern was clear and easy)...perfect for carrying around your sock projects. What do ya think?

Here's a close up on the inside lining...OPEN UP, fishy!

So.....that was my night and what I've been doing that last few days. What's been up with YOU???


Nichole said...

OMG - what do I miss in ManchVegas on Wednesday nights?!?!?! lol I was pretty close to coming up last night too (there was no guild at Joanne's)... darn it!
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Mr. Fishy bag-- very cool! And that red for your lingerie is GORGEOUS - I can't wait to see how it knits up!

Jackie said...

WHY did i not go to Uno's with you guys after knitting?!?!?! OMG I'd pay money to see you drunk.

The bags are awesome and the fish is way cuter in person. You've inspired me, as usual.

Anonymous said...

I love the fishy bag!