Monday, July 31, 2006

Notions in Motion Bags

Introducing the new bags that I created (with my own wacky non-pattern) for bringing your knitting notions around with you in your knitting bag. Check these out:

"Pink Oriental" bag (large) with fish applique and the "Blue Hawaii" (medium) Bag with outside pocket and blue ribbon bow.

"Boo-Whoo Ghostly" bag (medium) with White Star Lining and Divider, "Friendly Farm" bag (medium) with denim outside and yellow check lining and divider inside, and "Kimono Hello Kitty" bag (large) with pink printed fabric and divider inside.

This pic (kinda fuzzy) shows a close up of the "Kimono Hello Kitty" zipper charm...4 links and a black glass and silver wrapped.

Here is the inside of the same bag showing the "divider", for organizing your notions.

Here's what's great about these bags:

*They are soft and flappy bags and not at all stiff.
*They will fit perfectly in your knitting bag.
*They are handsewn (I know, I'm crazy....just don't have a sewing machine!) with love.
*They have zipper openings, each with a cute zipper pull charm and exterior button/applique.
*Each made with 100% cotton fabric inside and outside with felt between (for sturdiness).
*The inside (or outside) divider on some gives more organization for your knitting notions.
*Great for sewing and crocheting notions as well.

Each "Notions in Motion" bag costs $15...custom bags (with specially chosen fabrics) will cost $18. (If I can manage to get a sewing machine at some point and cut the time on my sewing the bags, I will also lower the price as well!)

I will be making more in the next week or so...these are the 5 I have now. I'll be adding them to my Etsy shop in about a week or two. If you like any of the ones I have made already, let me know and you can buy it early.

Before I head off to finish my last Trekking sock (deadline tomorrow!!!!!), I wanted to show you a couple more pics:

Here are my finished Broad Ripple socks in purple Cascade Fixation (so super comfy and stretchy):


The newest sock bag I bought from Jackie...the cutest pink and green reversible bag!...along with the two skeins of my own handspun called "Candy Lipsticks", from the alpaca, silk and merino fiber I got from Lisa of Yarn Botanika. Deliciously soft...definitely a Cleavage Hugger!


The hand-dyed yarn I made for Carol in a colorway, "Winter Waters"....a medium gray and deep blue worsted weight merino wool.

About to lose my mind as I'm frantically trying to finish my last Trekking sock by tonight, so please send some extra nerves and brains my way if you can. Mail to:

Emergency Nerves and Brains
100 Can't Bear It Avenue
CurseAllDay, NH

(Could also use an extra bladder, hold all that extra booze I'm drinking...LOL!...only kidding)


Nichole said...

LOVE the bags! :) Let me know what doggy fabric you may have... ;-)

Btw, not sure if you're looking for a big sewing machine or something simple... but I picked up a "sew cute" machine at AC Moore a few weeks back (its on my blog). I think with the 40% coupon it ended up being around $25 or $30 I think... not bad. It runs off power cord or batteries you could sew by the pool!

trek said...

Hmmm - that is exactly the same fabric as my Retro Pinky bag - but smaller.

YarnB said...

A Cleavedge hugger?? LOL!!!!!!!! Hey we have a notions bag too so please don't think we took your idea!!!!!! HONEST!! We didn't!!! Why do people think everyone is stealing their stuff. GET OVER YOURSELVES EVERYONE!!! It is a craft!!

yarnophiliac said...

I love that Pink Fishy bag -- if it is still available next time I see you, I 'll have money in hand! (Don't hold onto it just for me tho, cause I don't know when I'll see you -- lots more camping going on!) Hubby has banned me from buying more bags, but maybe just this one....fmtyyaqp