Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Okay, I reread my last blog and thought there might be some misunderstanding about the fiber I bought from Fiberfly. Want to clear this up quickly...

-The ramboillet fiber, one I've always wanted to try, is also one I've never spun before, so the spinning was difficult mostly because of my skill...not because of the fiber.

-There were some spots of felting in the fiber, but that sometimes just occurs naturally when handpainting fibers, especially soft ones like ramboillet (am I spelling this right?).

-The colors of Fiberfly's fibers are amazing...deep, rich, bright and very original. They're also wrapped in a little cocoon with a pretty ribbon and cute card telling all the fiber information.

-The two sister team who created Fiberfly, Mary and Sarah, are beyond helpful and sweet....they quickly answered all my emails, sent my fiber fast as lightening and even combined shipping for me. Can't ask for more than that! : )

Feast your eyes upon my lastest order (sold some yarn on Etsy and over email, so wanted to try more ramboillet)...YUMMY!

Here are upclose pics of the fibers....Rainbow Pousse (LOVE that name!), Smeadow (you can't tell how great those greens are but, believe me, they are very cool...), the rest of the Grape Farm on a Windy Day (along with the yarn I spun with the first batch) and lastly, the most beautifully packaged stitch markers (you all know how addicted I am to sm's!) and a gift of Ylang Ylang soap....can't WAIT to take a bath!)

If you're a spinner, I'd recommend these three online stores for beautiful fiber, friendliness and quick delivery:

1. Yarn Botanika
2. Fiberfly
3. Spunky Eclectic

Wanna see how my pool is coming?? It's in the process of being completely redone...liner and older son, Tim, is dying to use it!!!

Stay cool!


GamecockDoc said...

What great fiber. Wonderful colors. Have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

OOOOH, lucky you, all that beautiful fiber AND a pool! I wanna jump right in!

Laura said...

Of course you KNOW I LOVE the green! How beautiful. If it's something you're going to spin, please let us see what it looks like spun up. The pool looks down right luxurious!

Heide said...

I just love seeing the before fiber and after yarn. The pool looks great.