Monday, July 31, 2006

Do Dinosaurs Wear SOCKS???

(finally, finally, thank the B*tchin Bloggin' Gods, I was able to post this!)

Spent Saturday with the kiddies and Ian (and Ian's mom) at the Boston Museum of lost despite Jackie's clear least Ian (the Make Mumbler) let me go into the gas station and ask for the right way!

It was SO nice and COOL there....outside was scorching HOT!

Wanna see my Trekking socks being eaten by a dinosaur?

Okay, he's not ACTUALLY eating it, but he's looking at it VERY suspiciously!

Finally "trekked" with my Trekking sock....I feel so guilty for not taking it more places. Bad girl!

Oh, you HAVE to see this....Ben and I found a place in the BMS (not a good initial arrangement, huh?...could be "bosoms" or "bowel movements" or "bums" or something like that....ahhh, my brains are leaking!) where you could make your own museum...a lesson on catagorizing, etc.

I found a space here on the top left shelf that I thought would be perfect for my own museum...

So, I designed my own museum (while Ben happily stacked wooden blocks and plastic spiders)....

Ha! The "Museum of Pink"! Never thought you'd see THAT, did ya??? (snort)

We had lots of fun and then, of course, got really hungry, so we stopped to eat in the museum cafeteria. This was our view.

Extremely relaxing and gorgeous....oh, so nice to eat looking at this!

Of course, I was also looking at this:

and this:

Which, to me, can't compete at all with that beautiful boys are the hands down winner...even though Ben is grumpy. But, what do you expect....he's waiting for a hug while I'm taking pictures! : )

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