Thursday, July 27, 2006

Can 6 1/2 hours be too long?

Okay, I never thought that I could EVER spend too much time in Barnes and favorite store next to a yarn store. Alas, I think I have finally realized my limit....6 and a half hours.

Ian (aka The Make Mumbler) took the kids over to the beach to visit with his parents (here from TX for the month) and I had most of the rest of the afternoon (and night!!!!) to myself. For full time moms, you KNOW that this is literally a gift from heaven. Even though you love your kids to DEATH...their sticky fingers, their cute pudgy faces, their little toes and loving hugs....there is a moment (before screaming) that you just need SILENCE!

So, I enjoyed my silence from 2:30 until 3:30...ran my errands to the bank and CVS (got pics developed...of the kids, of course...bought some stuff, looked at the makeup, sprayed on some perfume...which I instantly regretted....gag....etc) I, then, decided to head right over to Barnes and Noble...thinking I was going to LOVE having extra time before my knitting group started to look at books, magazines, check out books for Tim (aka VideoGame Boy) and get a snack in the cafe.

Bad idea.

At about 6 pm, my bottom was asleep, my neck hurt from looking down at knitting and sewing books and I'd had so many bottles of water that I had to pee so BAD! Having 3 huge bags with me holding all my various knitting stuff, I REALLY didn't want to take all that into the not-so-clean bathrooms at B&N. Luckily, I saw a table with knitting women (a couple of them being aquaintances) and begged for them to watch my stuff while I ran over to the ladies room. Being wonderful as most knitting women are, they agreed happily and I could use the bathroom in peace...and sans bags.

When Lucille arrived a little after 6 pm, I was OVERJOYED! Someone to talk to!!!! Woohoo! Human conversation....something to say besides: "Need a new diapy?", "Did you clean your room?", "PLEASE pick up that yogurt lying on the floor!" or "More wa-wa?".

After that, things were GOOD....Ericka came, Marion, awesome "Jackie of the Sock Bags" and then later, Marion's daughter, Heather, Dan, Sara, Denise, Donna and Chris....pretty much the whole group...except Amanda, Rose (who has the stomach bug...hope you feel better!) and Lovely Laurin.

I drank coffee (oh, yes....bad idea), talked, knit on my Broad Ripple sock, showed off my handspun yarn for Donna (see below), talked and laughed...everything you hope for in a knitting group.

Oh, I also did a mini-knit-along with Jackie to make the Perdita knitted bracelets with bead from Knitty. Jackie did the Lilies of the Valley in a spring green with green beads and I made the Lilacs in white with clear beads (not a good idea...can't see the beads AT ALL) and the Bluebells in baby blue with bluish/purple beads....WITH diamond-like buttons...see?

Both came out a little too big...I did the second smallest, if I knit these again, I'd make the smallest size, I think.

Now, onto the Sleepy Eyes "Notions in Motion" Bags. I have a few pictures of them and I think they came out very well...soft, sturdy and cute. They're all made in a cotton fabric (with complementary lining) with a zipper and adorable zipper pull. Most of them have a divider inside the bag to separate your sewing, knitting or crochet notions. One of them has an outside pocket. I've got 5 made so far. Pics have been taken, but my camera's battery is dead at the moment, so they will have to be in my next blog. I'm asking $15 a piece for them and I'll be putting them in my Etsy Store soon. I may even take pics of the fabric if you want to order one special.

Before I head off to make lunch, I'll leave you with a pic of my boys...VideoGame Boy (Tim) and LighteningMcQueen Bwew (Ben...who says "blue" like "bwew")... in the pool.

(whoops...already posted this...but I just LOVE this one!)

One question, "How long do YOU think you could enjoy Barnes and Noble before insanity creeps in?"


Jackie said...

Yikes, that's a lot of time to spend at B&N. Those bracelets came out awesome, and I can't wait for you to post the pics of your bags. They are so unbelievably gorgeous in person.

Nichole said...

I can't wait to see your bags (any doggy fabric there??)!
You are on brave soul... 6 1/2 hours... YIKES.

GamecockDoc said...

Wow, I'm impressed. My max is probably 4 hours in one sitting. I've probably gone 6 hours in a day but in two sessions.

The bracelets came out awesome!

Bev said...

I think six hours is about right for me as well, though it depends on how recently I've been there and how much money I have to spend. Whe I have money I may browse a little but I mostly go in buy a few things and go out. 45 min to and hour max. When I don't have money I go to read stuff and that can take several hours.