Monday, July 10, 2006

Blugger Anyone?

Back from VT (more details in next entry) and have TONS of pics to share (and stories!), but have very little energy to do that today. Promise to be bloggerific tomorrow.

Anyway, I have a slight problem. I dyed a skein of sock yarn the other day and it came out...well, less than pretty and not at all what I was hoping for. Now, it's just sitting there and I've begun to have a smoldering hatred towards it. Here is where you guys (aka gals) come in...

Here is what I'm offering...the next person to email me (see link at very bottom of page)...not comment the blog (though you can still comment!)....but EMAIL me...with the conditions set below agreed to...will receive this skein FREE (even shipping is included).

What'd'ya think?


80% superwash merino 20% nylon
400 yards fingering weight
color: Blugger*
*This is a word describing how I feel towards this yarn*


1. You must really like the yarn or at least find it appealing in some way....I know, this is the most difficult part...if I don't like it, there might not be a lot of you who will....right?


2. You must agree to knit up at least 1 sock with the yarn within a 2 month period so that I can put the pic on my blog...for a before and after...yarn and sock. Pattern is completely up to you...though if you design your own pattern and want to "get the word out", I would be happy to link the picture and pattern of your sock from my blog to your blog or pattern address or email...whatever. (This is not required, though)

Here is a close up of the colors...fushia, blues, black, gray, cream....

The question is....which of you will be brave enough to be the Blugger Babe/Buddy? I DARE you! ; )


sopranospinner said...

Just sent you an email. Wonder if I was first!

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the yarn is pretty; but then I've seen what magic you do with colors. I'm willing to bet the socks that this yarn becomes will be beautiful (or at least interesting!)

Waiting anxiously for the picture show :)

YarnB said...

I think it is prettier than you are giving yourself credit for! Sometimes also things look very different knit up. I have been surprised. Try reskeining it although you probably already gave it away!!