Thursday, July 20, 2006

2 out of 3 ain't bad, right?

So, I have to admit, I didn't get all three things done on my list before the 24 hour deadline. BUT, I did finish 2...not too bad...considering I had laundry to fold, dishes to clean, beds to make, kids to feed, showers to take and dinner to prepare, right??? The first Cascade Fixation sock (Broad Ripple from Knitty) in "purple madness" came out great. I'm working on the other one now...I'm half done. Woo hoo for me!

I will have a pic of Donna's handspun yarn soon...probably tomorrow or's drying and not looking its very best....very droopy at the moment. But, it's done and I think she's going to love it. Just her colors...deep and spacious blues and royal purples. I've decided to call it "Donna of the Deep Sea"...

This is a pic of the yarn store on the way home from Ogunquit (spelling?), ME...where we went to the beach last Saturday. On the way there, it was open...

(Me, excited) "Oh, honey, look...a yarn store....The Yarn Seller!...can we stop, please? I really want to go!"

(Ian) "Uh...we probably should hurry and meet my parents at the beach...they're waiting for us and we're late as it is."

(Me, crestfallen) "Oh...well, I guess we can try to go on the way back....if it's open..."

(Ian) "Uh, yeah....maybe...."

(Me, bitter) myself...."yeah, right"

BUT, he did stop (actually we went by it and had to turn around...he says "You wanna go check?" and I said "Oh, yeah!") for me and it was closed. I had to be happy with the looked like a cool store, anyway.

These not-quite-matching skeins of yarn are called, "Summer Wine", which I dyed especially for Julie's friend, Carol. The colors were gorgeous when I first dyed them, but something not-right happened during the steaming process and the red dye ran over the one of them has a little bit of pine green and the other has practically none. Carol was an angel about it, still liked it and has asked me to dye two more skeins in a deep blue/dark gray...which I think will be FABULOUS! Talk about a sweetie...just like Julie!

This, lovely readers, is Jackie (the awesome, fun and super Jackie!) wearing her handknit sock knit out of none other own Sleepy Eyes self striping sock yarn in "Denim, Lilacs and Lemons"...a hand-dyed, superwash merino fingering weight yarn. I think it came out great!

Will post the Kitten Scarf pattern next...

Happy Knitting Night!

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Anonymous said...

OMG! That's my LYS! Too bad you missed it - it really is a wonderful store, full of fabulous yarns. Every week when I go for knit night there's something new and exciting.