Thursday, June 22, 2006

Where Have All the Pictures Gone?

I promised pictures...and pictures are what you shall have!!! Grab your purses and follow me to the BBG! (not at all related to the BBC)

To start off the Bountiful Blogging Gallery, we have our own Julie, modeling super cute socks that she knit using my handpainted, varigated "Sleepy Sunrise" merino sock yarn. Can we have a round of applause here?

Next, we're featuring my absolutely awesome rainbow handspun singles yarn (1 ply) using a Blue Faced Leicester (BFL...not AT ALL in association with any big f***ing and your dirty minds!) batt that I bought from the amazing Shell at Rose Garden Fibers. Not only is this yarn sinfully soft, but it's also self striping! A close up, as well, to REALLY see the colors.

Let us proceed on the journey through my BBG and focus on some sexy, red hot yarn that I call "Luscious Lips". These are only two skeins in a set of 4 that I will be spinning up....they'll probably be put into my store within the next month, unless my knitting friend, Ericka, decides to scoop it all up. I'll include a scarf pattern to go with the 4 skeins (which will all be slightly different, but using the same fiber in some part of the yarn) and cute beads, as well. The handpainted fiber is one (of many) that I bought from our own Lisa of Yarn Botanika. If only I could kidnap her....and her fibers!

Here, we stop to have a quick laugh at the humorous display in my BB Gallery. I created a Mini Magnet Garden using new Interweave refrigerator magnets I bought last night from Joanne's shop, A Knitter's Garden...once she gets her website set up, I can link her name up for you!

Last, but very certainly not least, I present to wonderful audience...and dear knitting friends....


Yes, he is totally adorable. Yes, I created him using the Spin Off magazine "Estonian Hand Puppet" pattern that I saw in the latest, most interesting issue this year. And, oh, yes, I used only my own handspun yarn to make him....!!!!

The white is a merino/angora blend that I grabbed lustily from the NH Sheep and Wool and the purple/periwinkle is made of a bfl/tussah silk blend that I got as a gift from Lisa. Bless her heart!!!

He is SOOOO soft...oh, I wish you could feel him. He's like butt-ah.

Come close and give him a little kiss....mwwwah!

(now seriously)

Thank you all for visiting my Bountiful Blogging Gallery and I wish you all a very good day...feel free to linger and feel a bit of greediness towards the new yarns...but, please, don't drool on the carpet : P


Heide said...

Thank you for the gallery of pictures! And just how adorable is that puppet? Your knitting is amazing and I LOVE the fair isle pattern on the puppet, the blue and white together are strikingly beautiful. I'm needing to go check out your Etsy shop. I haven't any money currently, but looks are free! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

That rainbow yarn is fantastic! Are you keeping it or selling it? Kirby is adorable; I can almost feel how soft he is through my monitor :) And the Interweave magnets - I have to have some! What a fun post today (as always).

Nichole said...

Thanks for the eye candy... LOVE the puppet! I just returned from a trip to AC Moore (yea, I know... but I don't work close enough to any REAL yarn store to manage to get there and back on my lunch hour) and bought a small pattern book for 4 or 5 different stuffed animals.... and the yarn to do a cute little piggy. Nothing as gorgeous as your puppet of course though...

Jackie said...

Okay, when are you dyeing more of the Sleepy Sunrise yarn? That color is gorgeous and the socks look amazing. Kirby is even more adorable in person, I'm so glad you brought him on Wednesday to show him off. (Actually you're lucky he didn't "accidentally" fall into my knitting bag.) Great job on everything, as usual.

Laura said...

Oh MY!!! There's a chance (based only on what I've seen on here, not any experience of my own) that I may end up liking variegated better than self-striping! That is truly very cool. The puppet is absolutely ADORABLE and SO professional looking, you must be insanely proud!

Anonymous said...

I love the puppet!!!

YarnB said...

That turned out SO BEAUTIFULLY!! You are so talented. Look how fast you started doing all this and so well too. It is definitely your niche! I still can't get over the puppet!!