Thursday, June 29, 2006

Visit with the ManchVegas Knitters!

Welcome to a little peak into my knitting group. We're the ManchVegas Knitters....who get together EVERY Wed (rain or shine, snow or sleet, frisky or wounded...) at the Barnes and Noble cafe in Manchester, NH from 5:30 pm or so "until we can't knit no more". Yes, sometimes we meet in the front of the store (squished and huddled behind the magazines) for the Knot of Knitters group hosted by the store (and accompanied by the lovely Martha) and other times, we might meet at Joanne's store, A Knitter's Garden, but otherwise we're as regular as clockwork.

First, I'll introduce, the two lovebirds...our newly engaged couple...Chris and Ericka....Ericka created our online yahoo group and is our resident Links Master, Group Moderator, and Sock Mentor...if there's anything you need or can't find, ask Ericka. Here's she's working on two socks at once using the Magic Loop method and KnitPicks sock yarn. Chris is our Computer Guru, Metalworker, Working with Wood Guy (who REALLY follows through with projects), and overall Good Guy of the group. He's working on his very first sock!

Next, we have the EXPERTS of the group....when you're in any kind of knitting trouble (dropped stitches, extra stitches, what the H*LL did I DO??? situations), you find Donna and Denise. Donna is here on the left, seen hiding behind her beautiful basket weave knitted project...she is the Fixing Angel and, besides being super sweet, caring and talented, is a WHIZ with patterns helping you when you're ready to give up. Denise is the Master Knitter of the group and that's not just me talking....she's got her certificate! Not only that...she's a tough ass lawyer who is not only hilarious, friendly and extraordinarily talented, but you could just kill her for the gorgeous knitted items she churns out. Look at the Dale of Norway baby dress she knitted here....with lace, intarsia AND steeking!!!! EEEK!

Lucille is the only one besides me from our original group that started at B&N about 4 years ago this November. She quilts and crochets, as well as knits and makes some wonderful things for her grandson, her church and other charities. She's knitting a hat out of cool sock yarn at the moment. On the right is Sarah, who is training to be a massage therapist (oooh!) and has made some great knitted items (and crochet, too!) as well. Look at that beautiful pink baby blanket!

Here is one of our newer members, Rose, and her daughter Sara, who is just learning to knit. Rose is not only a super knitter and oh- so friendly, but has her own skincare business called Remembrance Botanicals. She makes the most AMAZING lotions, bath salts, sprays, soaps and lip balms. She made me a coconut lip balm that is so delicious smelling, I've almost eaten it (twice!)....she also offers scents like Raspberry Chocolate lotion, Island Breeze bath salts, Almond Joy soap and lots of Lavender as well : )

This is the ADORABLE Amanda who is wonderfully funny and super sweet. She brings the "sugar" and "spice" into our group. You always know when Amanda has arrived by the sound of her sexy heels clicking! In this pic, she's wearing the sweater that her grandmother made for her mother over 20 years ago. It's beyond awesome. You have to see it up close to appreciate the beauty of it. Lucky Amanda! Next to her is Melissa, who is knitting her very first Jaywalker sock. It's coming out terrific! You can always count on Melissa for a bright, friendly smile and a compliment on your knitting.

Finally, we have the two SPITFIRES of the group. On the left is Dan, who recently joined our group with his partner, Matt. He's just finishing the second sock of his very first pair! He's also knitting an Irish Clan sweater for his grandmother...can't wait to see how it comes out. Dan supplies us with hilarity (spelling?) and with the perfect comeback lines you wish you had said! And last, but most certainly not least, is our very own Lovely Laurin ....confidante, resident Speed Frogger of Knitting, "I-say-what-I-want-and-to-hell-with-everyone-else", super awesome Scrapbook Chick and "couldn't have the group without her" gal. She's seen (or not seen) here holding up her newly designed lace scarf using none other than my own hand-dyed 100% Duke silk yarn. Isn't that gorgeous??

And, to close, a picture of my modest little sample sock using my newest dyeing experiment...."Wild Watermelon" self striping sock yarn (which Laurin bought immediately and now I have to make MORE!). I used Trek's Little Rune free sock pattern, which was totally fun to knit and I very much recommend for your next sock. What'd ya think?

If you're ever in the area, there's no better knitting group to visit than ours...we're friendly, fun, loud, hilarious, and we SO ROCK with our knitting. Every one of us is special and interesting and I'm so lucky to be a part of this group : ) (Please help me wipe the tears away.....)


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great group of knitters. Sounds like you always have a great time.

As for the watermellon sock - me thinks you need to make more, much, much, more. You are going to have MANY requests for that now that you've posted it (you can count me as the first!)

Nichole said...

Love the post - and being able to put faces to some of the familar names! :) I hope to see you all at Joanne's soon... and I promise (I really will!) to drive my butt up to Manchester sooner than later!
After all, I just HAVE to get me some of that coconut lip balm! YUM!

Karen said...

I am really hoping to visit sometime this summer. Of course, there is work and the kids and all that... I will try and remember to check ahead and be sure I know where the meeting is so I don't miss you! - karen

trek said...

Our Borders just remodeled - we meet there every week and the barristas all know us!

YarnB said...

Your group looks SO MUCH fun...I wish I could come and visit with all of you!!

LMardenNH said...

Spitfire? I don't know about that but the pics came out great! And of course, your comments are just begging for retaliation - so here goes - Gina is also one of the experts in the group - I can't count how many times she has helped me when I don't even know how it all went so horribly wrong. I honestly don't know how she gets so much done because she is always helping the remedial class on Wednesday nights!

I have been showing off the watermelon yarn to everyone - can't wait to start a pair of wristwarmers so I can wear a little piece of summer when the office gets chilly. Thanks Gina!